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Audubon Center of the North Woods News from the North Woods Fall 2011 Volume 37, Issue 3 A proud leader in environmental education and renewable energy In This Issue Focusing Our Energy 1 Giving Memories 1 Osprey Tower 2 Raptor Hearing 2 Focusing Our Energy on Reducing Our Energy Dinners at the Lake 3 by Bryan Wood, Co-Director Sweetening the Center 3 Winter Family Escape 4 Wish Lists 4 Lowry Lodge Makeover 5 Spotlight on Schools 7 Annual Fall Open House 7 Renewable Trail Race 7 Canoe Raffle 8 Give to the Max 8 Welcome Helen 9 Alumni News 9 Volunteer Spotlight 9 The last several months have seen a bevy of construction activity at the Audubon Center of the North Woods. Thanks to grants from the Legislative Citizens’ Commission for Minnesota’s Resources, and the U.S. Department of Energy, we have been able to put into action many steps that are reducing the Audubon Center’s energy usage, while increasing onsite production through renewable technologies. These measures not only lower our fossil fuel usage and emissions, but reduce our dependence to an energy system that continues to get more costly environmentally and economically. In addition to the these energy improvements, we also have more than two dozen new energy education lessons, as well as interpretive signs describing each renewable technology present at the Audubon Center. The progress we are making towards these ends is truly exciting and there are many ways we are achieving these goals. Legacy Gifts 9 New Interns 10 Thank You 11 Upcoming Events Women’s Wellness Weekend October 1-3 Autumn at the Audubon October 9 Renewable Trail Run October 9 Dinner at the Lake October 22 Winter Family Escape December 27-30 Dinner at the Lake December 31 January Interim: Wolves & Other Large Predators January 2-20 Dinner at the Lake February 18 Becoming an Outdoor Woman February 24-26 Dinner at the Lake April 21 A large energy area we have been tackling at the Audubon Center has been envelope improvements. This includes better insulation and air barriers in our buildings to keep in heat during the winter, and cool air during the summer. The Dining Hall and Crosby Dormitory received significant envelope upgrades when ZeroDraft of Madison, WI sprayed in 16” of cellulose insulation in the attics, crawl spaces and eves of the buildings. They also sealed numerous outside air penetrations and installed weather stripping around the exterior doors of both buildings. These measures will make both Crosby Dormitory and the Dining Hall more — continued on page 6 — Giving Memories by Melonie Shipman, Co-Director Almost from the time we graduated from college, my best friend, Karen, and I agreed to not give each other gifts for Christmases, birthdays or other celebrations. We purposefully decided to give each other memories instead. And so we did, each year something came off one of our bucket lists; touch a gray whale, rapel a rock face, hike New Zealand. When she suddenly and unexpectedly passed on, I was left not with dustables but a rich and endless bank of memories to draw from. The practice of giving memories and not things extended long ago to others. The memories that I have made for learners and that have reflected back to me are bottomless after 30 plus years in education. It happens continuously here at the Audubon Center. Almost every K12 student has a breakthrough moment on the high ropes course, or climbing wall, or survivor. They will never forget the time they conquered their fears and completed the activity, most often to the steadfast cheers of classmates, some of whom may not even have acknowledged them before. As staff we are fortunate to have many memorable moments made for us in working with you: l students so moved by seeing a wild bird that they encourage their family and sometimes their entire class or school to adopt one our non-releasable birds. l stressed chaperones finding out that the cell phone not working here brings peace to all l a magic moment when an intern from Africa, during his performance at Winter Family Escape, had each child go to each parent and tell them thank you and “I love you” in the soft glow from the fireplace. — continued on page 8 —

Fall 2011 ACNW Newsletter

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