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SEPTEMBER 2013 World Languages and Cultures Contents  Up and B R O A D E N Y O U R S E L F coming Activities  Study abroad!  Find adventure Help available for the language learner  Compare Cultures INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Calendar 2 Upcoming Movies 3 Study Abroad Experience 4 Financial Aid Ideas for Studying 5 Benefits of being bi-lingual 6 Career Services Events Conversation Tables 7 Costa Rica 89 BE COMPETITIVE Globally, nationwide, statewide, and locally, the ability to communicate in more than one language is providing college graduates an increasingly stronger competitive edge in the job market. The decision to become multilingual opens your door to an infinite array of possibilities. Learn about the world and cultures through discovering many different perspectives. Uncover connections with other people. Expand your ability to talk to others and gain knowledge beyond the world of English. Possibly even study abroad. Discover yourself Challenge yourself as never before. Study abroad not only to see the world first hand, but to view yourself anew and how you can succeed despite obstacles. Learn new customs, make friends and find yourself in the process. The Mission Statement The Department of World Languages and Cultures seeks to facilitate the communication skills, knowledge and appreciation of diverse languages and cultures that are necessary for students to achieve a successful professional career in today's global society.

WLC Newsletter, October 2013

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