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Arkansas State University Multicultural Center Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 4 December 2013 “Not just a Space, but a Place for ALL!” MC to hold 2013 Graduation Reception E very semester, the Multicultural Center honors A-State’s minority, international, and non-traditional student graduates. On Thursday, December 12th at 4:00 p.m., we will recognize December 2013 graduates. All honorees present will receive an A-State lapel pin. Representatives from the A-State Alumni Association and Strong-Turner Alumni Chapter will speak. Immediately following the program is a small reception for the graduates and their families. 2013 Non-Traditional Student Recognition Program Award Recipients School Pride Award - Yaoska "Angie" Abaunza Leadership Award - Annie Everett Volunteerism Award - Grover Welch Above and Beyond - Barbara Barnett Non-Traditional Student Studies Abroad 2013 Non-Traditional Student Appreciation Week was held November 4—8. Jonathan Carmichael, a non-traditional student and recipient of the Gilman Scholarship, presented an information session on his study abroad experience. Read below as Jonathan shares his inspirations and gives advice to other non-traditional students. Jonathan Carmichael Classification: Senior Major: Sociology & Criminology Jonathan Carmichael and international student at information session Hometown: Black Oak, Arkansas Background: I have been married to my wife, Laura, for twenty-two years, and we have three children, Daniel, Alan, and Jona. I earned my associates of arts degree from Arkansas Northeastern College. Who inspires me: Jillian Hartley, History / Political Science Instructor at Arkansas Northeastern College inspires me. As long as I have known her and been associated with Mrs. Hartley, she always has a smile, had been willing to assist others with their academic ambitions, and maintains the balance necessary for being successful in her roles as a wife, mother, and instructor. Simply stated, she is a wonderful example of the added value to life by means of higher education. Advice for other non-traditional students: Stay focused. Non-traditional students experience many distractions while attempting to earn their degrees, and the key to academic success for non-traditional students is focus, for the benefits of education are worth every sacrifice made. 1

MC Connection Dec 2013

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