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INSIDE THIS ISSUE ASHFORD CONNECTIONS AU Alumni Magazine 3/ SISTER WILLIAM MCCUE Ashford’s longest-standing faculty member welcomes readers to the issue. 16/ BRINGING LITERACY ALIVE A faculty member inspires her online student to volunteer promoting literacy. 18/ ALUMNI VIDEO STORIES The inspiring stories of several alumni are brought to life in videos. 22/ CAMPUS SPOTLIGHT An alum earns his pro golf card, and a campus group provides Hurricane Sandy relief. ISSUE 07 / Fall 2013 ASHFORD THEN & NOW 8/ From its beginnings as a small campus in 1918 to the global classroom it is today, the rich history, present, and future of Ashford are explored. 5/ CHANGE AGENT Ashford Associate Faculty member Lisa Betczynski discusses being chosen for Al Gore’s climate change committee. 6/ FRENDSHIP IN THE AIR A chance reunion en route to Ashford’s commencement ceremony results in friendships forged across generations. 24/ ALUMNI ACCOLADES & CAREER MOVES Anna Mejia is one of many impressive alumni featured in our expanded Class Notes section.

Ashford Connections : issue 07

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