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HARD ARMOR PLATES H.A.R.D. BAL A plate carrier designed to provide added protection against threats from a centerfire rifle: ARIES ARIES III 10”x12” - 2.5 lbs Polyethylene Triple Curve ARIES III+ 10”x12” - 3.2 lbs Polyethylene Triple Curve ARIES IV 10”x12” - 5.7 lbs Silicon Carbide/Polyethylene hybrid SAPI DELTA DELTA III 10”x12” - 4.4 lbs 8”x10” - 2.7 lbs Ceramic/Aramid hybrid SAPI DELTA III+ 10”x12” - 5 lbs 8”x10” - 3.1 lbs Ceramic/Aramid hybrid SAPI • Overt wear • 10”x12” or 8”x10” hard armor plates • Front and back protection • Constructed of foam-backed heavy duty fabric • Adjustable 2” wide webbing shoulder straps • Adjustable 6” wide elastic hook and loop side closure Options: Removable ID tags DELTA IV 10”x12” - 7 lbs 8”x10” - 4.4 lbs Ceramic/Aramid hybrid SAPI HARD ARMOR PLATES TRITON III = NIJ Certified level III conjunction III+ = NIJ Certified Level III Stand Alone IV = NIJ Certified Level IV Stand Alone Conjunction: Plate that meets designated NIJ Threat Level when used in conjunction with Level IIIA ballistic armor. TRITON III 10”x12” - 5.2 lbs Steel/Aramid hybrid TRITON III+ 10”x12” - 7.5 lbs Steel TRITON IV 10”x12” - 7.84 lbs TPC and Ceramic Stand Alone: Plate that meets designated NIJ Threat Level without additional ballistic armor. visit us at: 36

2010 - Armor Express Product Catalog

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