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YLS Young Lawyers Section In Brief A Periodic Newsletter of the Young Lawyers Section of the Arkansas Bar Association Hats Off 2 In the news 3 In this issue Leadership 4 YLS Report Brian M. Clary 6 Tech Tip 7 Did You Go to Law School to Change the World? Now There’s an App for That! Arkansas Access to Justice changes made to the YLS List serv The YLS list serv was originally designed to be a valuable member benefit, allowing members of the section to communicate with one another about pressing issues or questions, as well as leadership of the section to reach out to members with important news. This has worked very well with the Association’s 28 other sections. We realized on Monday that changes are needed for the current set up of the YLS list serv. We have now added a moderator that will not allow any email to be sent without prior approval. This filter will keep unnecessary emails out of your Inbox. 7 Arkansas Bar Association Annual Meeting 8 CLE Calendar 10 Getting Paid... Faster then a Speeding Bullet Law Firm Merchant Account Vol. 16 #1 11 Arkansas Traveler 13 Damia Rolfe Lawyer-2-Lawyer Mentor Program 14 We ask that you will give the list serv a second chance to function as the benefit it was designed to be. The emails sent with “remove list serv” were unable to actually remove you from the list serv. We hope you reconsider removing yourself, but if you would still like to be removed, below are the proper instructions to do so via email. 1) Create a new e-mail to 2) Leave the subject line blank. 3) In the body of the e-mail, put “unsubscribe YOUNG_LAWYERS_ SECTION” (without quotation marks) 4) Send the e-mail

YLS In Brief March 2012

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