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YLS In brief A Periodic Newsletter of the Young Lawyers Section of the Arkansas Bar Association Vol. 14 #2 Editor of Inbrief Tasha Sossamon Taylor Graphic Design Anna Hubbard Young Lawyers Section Chair:  Anthony W. Juneau Chair-Elect: Brandon K. Moffitt Sec-Treas: Courtney Crouch Immediate Past Chair: Gwendolyn L. Rucker Executive Council: Central: Tasha Sossamon Taylor (2010) Brandon K. Moffitt (2011) Grant M. Cox (2012) South and East: J. Edward (“Eddy”) Doman (2010) John Houseal (2011) Brian M. Clary (2012) in this issue YLS News 2 Social Media: A Friend or Foe to Your Practice by Mandy Thomas 5 Lightening Round Practice Tips: 3 Qualities of a Good Criminal Defense Attorney 7 by Justin Eisele Arkansas Bar Association Annual Meeting 8 YLS Column by Anthony W. Juneau 11 Northwestern: Vicki S. Vasser (2010) L. Matt Davis (2011) Brian R. Lester (2012) At Large Representatives: Brendan T. Monaghan (2010) Cliff McKinney (2011) Melissa N. Sawyer (2012) Law Student Representatives: University of Arkansas at Fayetteville School of Law: Malcolm Means UALR William H. Bowen School of Law: Kimberly Eden Become a fan! Join the Group! Arkbar Young Lawyers Section

YLS Inbrief 2010 Vol. 2

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