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THE DAILY WILDCAT Printing the news, sounding the alarm, and raising hell since 1899 DAILYWILDCAT.COM TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014 Regents to review student fees, bills VOLUME 107 • ISSUE 148 ON A MISSION SPORTS - 8 Q&A WITH ZONAZOO’S NEW DIRECTOR BY ADRIANA ESPINOSA The Daily Wildcat The Arizona Board of Regents announced it will examine how student fees are charged at the three state universities. The look into student fees will help determine the future of the UA, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University, said Eileen Klein, president of the board of regents. “This is an effort [to] increase transparency around the fee-setting process,” Klein said, “and to make sure the fees are being used to keep up academic quality.” This is also an effort to make students’ bills more transparent, Klein said. This fall, the UA is going to introduce a new way for students to view the online statements for their bursar’s accounts. This new format will allow every student accessing their statement online to click on a charge and see why the fee was added. “It can be hard to comprehend what the different charges are for and why, so we are trying to make the billing statements understandable,” Klein said. “I was really happy to see [UA] make that advancement, because we are trying to enhance the transparency FEES, 3 SPORTS - 8 ARIZONA HOCKEY DUO TO PLAY FOR ELITE TEAM ARTS & LIFE - 12 SAVANNAH DOUGLAS/THE DAILY WILDCAT JENNIFER INGRAM LEFT, an architecture freshman, and Kelsey Yonnie (right), a pre-public health freshman, converse during a fundraising event put on by the Arizona Navigators Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall bible study group. The fundraising centered around biblical principles of giving and the proceeds will go to send people from the Bible study on mission trips. DANTE PLAY TAKES STAGE THIS WEEKEND English may move to SBS BY STEPHANIE CASANOVA The Daily Wildcat The Department of English could move to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences this summer. Faculty Senate approved a proposal from the department to move from the College of Humanities to SBS on Monday, with six senate members choosing to abstain. The department now has to wait for approval from UA President Ann Weaver Hart. If Hart approves the proposal, it will move to the Arizona Board of Regents for consideration. While the university’s most recent guidelines for reorganizations and mergers of academic units states that a proposal to reorganize should go through a 30-day consultation process, the department expedited the process in order for the proposal to be on the agenda for the last Faculty Senate meeting of the semester . The proposal was brought to the senate early because the guidelines define the Department of English as STEPHANIE CASANOVA/THE DAILY WILDCAT LYNN NADEL, the UA chair of the Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee, and UA Provost Andrew Comrie answer Faculty Senate members’ questions about the proposal to move the Department of English to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The senate approved the proposal during its meeting on Monday. the only affected unit and a majority of the department approved the proposal, UA provost Andrew Comrie said. “The timeline is purely procedural at this point,” Comrie said, “and if we did wait it would be four and a half months.” The guidelines also specify that no important decisions regarding mergers and reorganizations are to be made during the summer and winter breaks. The senate first approved the department’s decision to present the proposal before the 30-day period, then approved the proposal itself. If the regents pass the proposal, it will go into effect July 1, the beginning of the fiscal year, to avoid confusion in budgeting for the two colleges, said Lee Medovoi, head of the Department of English. Comrie said the proposal isn’t about adding or subtracting units, but rather about moving the department’s reporting line from Humanities to SBS, along with the department’s budget and resources. The provost will look at the department’s budget so the move doesn’t harm the colleges of SBS or Humanities or the Department of English, he added. “There are thousands of transactions coming in at one time,” FIND US ONLINE ‘Like’ us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Find us on Tumblr ON OUR WEBSITE For breaking news and multimedia coverage check out FACULTY SENATE, 3 DAILYWILDCAT.COM Institute looks on 3 years after shooting BY LAUREN NIDAY The Daily Wildcat A tragedy in Tucson turned into an opportunity to improve national discourse. The National Institute for Civil Discourse was established to promote the role civil discourse has played in democracy and bring it back to the national dialogue, Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at a Safeway at Ina Road and Oracle Road on Jan. 8, 2011. Giffords survived the attack; 18 other victims were injured or killed in the shooting. The National Institute for Civil Discourse was founded at the UA in the aftermath of the shooting. A memorial was held for the victims of the shooting, and both the UA and Tucson communities were dedicated to making something good come out of the tragedy, said Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, executive DISCOURSE, 2 UA first in nation to offer law BA BY HANNAH PLOTKIN The Daily Wildcat COURTESY OF NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CIVIL DISCOURSE THE OFFICIAL GRAND opening of the National Institute for Civil Discourse featured a musical performance. The Institute is approaching the third anniversary of its founding, which came after the 2011 shooting in Tucson. The UA will now offer a Bachelor of Arts in Law program, the only undergraduate law degree offered in the country, as it was approved by Faculty Senate on Monday. A bachelor’s degree in law has not been offered by an American college since Yale University eliminated the degree in 1971. The UA, which will begin offering the degree in the fall of 2014, is the first major research university to offer this degree. The James E. Rogers College LAW, 3 MAY 07 MAY 15 ON OUR WEBSITE HI 87 55 SUNNY LOW Squirrel Town, Canada 47 /37 Squirrel Depot, Canada 56/ 32 Squirrel Cove, Canada 60 / 45 QUOTE TO NOTE “ It’s time ... to recognize that guns aren’t toys or fashion accessories. I can’t kill someone with a pair of Jordan Flights.” OPINIONS — 4


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