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THE DAILY WILDCAT Printing the news, sounding the alarm, and raising hell since 1899 DAILYWILDCAT.COM THURSDAY, MAY 1, 2014 VOLUME 107 • ISSUE 145 Task force addresses concerns over student safety on campus BY JORDAN FOWLER The Daily Wildcat The UA Student Safety Task Force held a public meeting Wednesday to hear questions and concerns regarding student safety. The audience, which included members of the task force and the UA community in addition to students, were invited to share any thoughts or questions they had about student safety issues. The meeting was led by Melissa M. Vito, the senior vice president for student affairs and enrollment management, Kaitlin Thompson, a student regent on the Arizona Board of Regents, Brian Seastone, the Chief of Police for the University of Arizona Police Department, and Kendal Washington White, dean of students and the assistant vice president for student affairs. The task force itself includes representatives from many different groups, including Nurses take on larger roles SAFETY, 2 DEVIN MEANS/THE DAILY WILDCAT UA STUDENT SAFETY TASK FORCE held a public meeting in Gallagher Theater on Wednesday. The meeting was designed to get public feedback from student and parents alike. It was broadcast live for viewers across the state to email in questions for the board. HOW AND WHY UA COACHES ENDED UP HERE AND WE DANCED SCIENCE - 8 UAMC SURGEONS PERFORM RARE PROCEDURE The Daily Wildcat NURSING, 7 ARIZONA SOFTBALL DIGS THE LONGBALL SPORTS - 12 BY LAUREN NIDAY As the need for efficient healthcare increases daily, nurse practitioners are in high demand and physicians are learning to share their territory. Although physicians have around four times more training than nurse practitioners, nurse practitioners are fully capable of treating patients in primary care and clinical settings, said Dr. Conrad Clemens, associate dean for graduate medical education program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. “Historically, physicians have felt as if no one can do our job, no one is as good as we are,” Clemens said. Clemens said that nurse practitioners have much more time to spend with patients and there is a good chance you can see a nurse practitioner more quickly than a physician. Nurse practitioners are SPORTS - 12 OPINIONS - 4 BUNDY’S RACISM TYPICAL OF GOP FOLK HEROES STEPHANIE CASANOVA/THE DAILY WILDCAT FIND US ONLINE MELINDA BURKE, president of the UA Alumni Association, dances with Wilbur at Grad Bash on Wednesday. The association hosted the tailgate party outside the Jim Click Hall of Champions for graduating seniors. ‘Like’ us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Students rally to save Pell BY ADRIANA ESPINOSA The Daily Wildcat The Arizona Student’s Association rallied on the UA Mall on Wednesday in an effort to save the Federal Pell Grant. Shouts of “you deserve Pell” and “raise Pell” could be heard on the Mall as UA students, ASA representatives and Tucson community members and political figures rallied against Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin’s proposed budget. Ryan’s budget proposal would eliminate Federal Pell Grants for college students attending less than half-time, and would severely limit the grants for all other students. “Paul Ryan’s budget would take Pell Grants away from 32,800 students in Arizona,” said Jose Guadalupe, ASA speaker of the house and political science senior. “Students will see a reduction of almost $159 million in Pell Grant funding.” State Sen. David Bradley (D10) was in attendance at the event and said it’s extremely important to invest in the future. Bradley said that cutting off Pell Grants means cutting resources available to the students and public here at the UA, as well as to the other state universities. Jessica Rech, a pre-business junior, shared her own account of financial struggles while attending the UA. When Rech graduated high school, she received the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards scholarship. ASUA Senate finishes term Find us on Tumblr ON OUR WEBSITE For breaking news and multimedia coverage check out BY ELIZABETH EATON The Daily Wildcat SHANE BEKIAN/THE DAILY WILDCAT CHULA ROBERTSON, a global studies senior and an advocate of the Pell Grant, expresses her concern about a lack of financial aid for college students on the UA Mall on Wednesday. “I thought I had everything paid for — I just needed to buy my books — but that wasn’t the case,” Rech said. “I find out I’m going to have to pay $2,000 each semester out-of-pocket because the university decided to raise their tuition.” Rech said that although she fully supports scholarships, grants and low-interest student loans, she also feels that universities are increasing tuition rates and that students see no direct effect of that in classrooms or research. The proposed Ryan budget would also freeze Pell Grants for the next 10 years, Guadalupe said. “Ryan’s plan would keep the maximum Pell Grant award at $5,370 for the next decade — a PELL, 3 DAILYWILDCAT.COM Amidst tears and laughter, the final ASUA Senate meeting of the semester came to a close Wednesday night. With no new business to discuss besides the appointments made by President-elect Issac Ortega, Executive Vice President-elect Jordan Allison and Administrative Vice President-elect Daniel Douglas, the members of the senate took this last meeting to thank each other. Sen. Diego Alvarez opened by reminiscing about where he was last year and where the Associated Students of the University of Arizona has taken him. “Last year I didn’t do anything with my life really, but this year I ran as senator, and I got in,” Alvarez said. “But now, working with you guys as a senate, we’ve empowered students, represented them, let them know of ASUA, 2 WEATHER HI 96 73 WINDY LOW Windy, Canada 60 / 32 Windy, South Africa 74 / 47 Windy, Australia 66 / 43 QUOTE TO NOTE “ It’s true, they weren’t the same. They were changed for the better, because they were immunized against illnesses that have plagued generations before us.” OPINIONS — 4


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