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W ILDCAT EEKEND IT’S WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014 • VOL. 107, ISSUE 146 • DAILYWILDCAT.COM/WEEKEND WHAT NOT TO WEAR Cosmo and Godfrey left class one day and stared into the horizon. “Shall we dance?” Cosmo said. “We have no moves,” answered Godfrey. “We’ll have tea instead,” Cosmo said. “In an alleyway,” Godfrey answered. “With no clothes,” said Zelda. We recreated an iconic Daily Wildcat photo shoot from the ’70s — see the full, groovy story behind the controversial cover inside FASHION — 12 INSIDE FASHION SERVES GREATER GOOD AT ‘FED BY THREADS’ FASHION - 16 RENEE FLEMING BRINGS OPERA TO UA MUSIC - 3 ARIZONA FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL MAKE FASHION STATEMENTS GAME DAY - 20 SAVANNAH DOUGLAS/THE DAILY WILDCAT UA STUDENTS LUKE DELLA and Joey Callahan re-enact a photograph taken by Tim Fuller, the Daily Wildcat’s 1973 photo editor, for the fashion edition.


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