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THE DAILY WILDCAT Printing the news, sounding the alarm, and raising hell since 1899 DAILYWILDCAT.COM MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014 VOLUME 107 • ISSUE 142 English Department may move to College of SBS BY STEPHANIE CASANOVA The Daily Wildcat A proposal to move the Department of English to a new college has raised questions about the financial and academic future of both the department and the College of Humanities. Department faculty and staff are voting this week on a proposal to relocate to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. If a majority of the department approves the proposal, it will move to Faculty Senate in time for its last meeting of the semester on May 5. The proposal, which was presented to the department’s governing body on April 4, stems from a conversation earlier in the semester exploring the possibility of combining the two colleges. After a weekend workshop-style retreat in February, talk of merging the two colleges ended, but members of the Department of English were still interested in becoming part of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Citing academic synergies as the main reason the department SPORTS - 7 XX UA SALVAGES JOEY NAMED #1 SPORTS WIN IN SUN GALDEVIL AT UA SERIES wants to move, the proposal highlights some already existing collaborations and possibilities for more collaboration with the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The proposal also states that the department would MERGE, 3 SPORTS - 7 XX Hours cut for student workers PROM: TAKE TWO BY HANNAH PLOTKIN SOFTBALL JOEY NAMED #1 SPORTSITGAL MAKES RAIN AT UA RUNS HOME ARTS & LIFE - 12 XX The Daily Wildcat The policy regarding the number of hours students employed by the UA can work is changing in order to comply with standards of the Affordable Care Act. The changes in policy officially go into effect at the beginning of the next academic year, but some student workers have already started to see changes to their work schedules. Students who work at UA offices, labs, businesses and other institutions are coded as “student employees.” The Student Employment Manual specifies that a student employee is a part-time employee who is concurrently enrolled at the UA, with the primary goal of achieving a degree. The current work hours policy allows student employees to work 30 hours a week while classes are in session and 40 hours a week during school vacations. Helena Rodrigues, director of Human Resources Strategy and Planning, said that those numbers will be lowered under the new policies. “[ACA] requires all large employers, like the UA, to provide health insurance benefits to employees who are full-time,” Rodrigues said. “And STUDENT WORKERS, 3 POLITICAL ARTS & LIFE SHOWS RENAMED TAKE OVER FARTS THE& LIFE SCREEN SMALL OPINIONS - 4 XX NORMCORE QUOTE HEREFAD OR TEASER DOESN’T SHOW FOR OPINIONS XXXX INDIVIDUALITY FIND US ONLINE ‘Like’ us on Facebook REBECCA NOBLE/THE DAILY WILDCAT JANEE STARR, host of the Pride Alliance’s Second Chance Prom and local drag star, performs a dance routine on Saturday in the Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom. The prom is held annually for students who did not get to take their preferred partner to prom in high school. Follow us on Twitter Find us on Tumblr Past presidents 5K run honors of ASUA reunite deceased UA student athlete ON OUR WEBSITE For breaking news and multimedia coverage check out BY ELIZABETH EATON The Daily Wildcat Fourteen former ASUA presidents, including current ASUA President Morgan Abraham, gathered at Pasco Kitchen & Lounge on Friday to welcome president-elect Issac Ortega. According to Ben Graff, Associated Students of the University of Arizona President from 2000-2001, having dinner with former ASUA presidents to welcome the president-elect was a tradition in the late ’70s, but grew less common in the early ’90s. However, Graff and two other former presidents felt that something was missing, and worked to bring the tradition back. “A few of us, Cisco Aguilar and Alistair Chapman … and myself said, ‘Well, that was a great tradition,’” Graff said. “We wanted to get the newly elected BY KEVIN REAGAN The Daily Wildcat GRACE PIERSON/THE DAILY WILDCAT JAMES ALLEN, 2011-2012 ASUA president, and Benjamin Graff, 2000-2001 ASUA president, meet with Isaac Ortega, 2014-2015 ASUA president-elect, during the ASUA President Reunion at Pasco Kitchen & Lounge on Friday evening. president to know about the history, know about all the people involved, so we decided to reinitiate this about five years ago. We’re just here to support him [Ortega] if he needs anything.” Many of the attendees, such as Doug Ehrenkranz, who was ASUA President from 19781979, reminisced about their terms as president, and compared the current issues to problems they dealt with as president. “We were, I think, much more radical, because it was still ASUA, 3 Goofy, sweet, genuine and loving: These are a few words the friends and family of Lezo Urreiztieta used to describe him. Positive words like these were written across the backs of nearly 400 people as they participated in a charity 5K run on Sunday to honor Lezo Urreiztieta’s memory. The Arizona hurdler died on Dec. 20, 2013, following complications from brain surgery. “His death is very prevalent on campus,” said Ben Malisewski, a business senior who helped organize Sunday’s event. Malisewski is a friend of Urreiztieta’s older brother, Gaizka Urreiztieta, and said he wanted to help raise money for the scholarship the Urreiztieta family is creating in Lezo Urreiztieta’s honor. The 365 participants had already signed up online before Sunday’s event, which required a $15 donation to the family’s scholarship fund. Participants received a free T-shirt, bracelet and button with a picture of Lezo Urreiztieta stamped on the front. At the time of registration, participants were asked to submit a few words they would use to describe Lezo Urreiztieta. The submissions were conglomerated together into a word cloud and then printed on the back of the T-shirts. “If I was going to see him, I knew I was going to laugh that day,” said Kayleigh Orozco, a physiology senior. Orozco works with the Arizona track and field team, of which Lezo Urreiztieta was a prominent member. “They’re a family; they’re a unit,” said Orozco, wiping away a tear, “so they [the track team] are going to help each other through this.” The Lezo Urreiztieta Scholarship Fund will be awarded to a student-athlete who displays a commitment to their studies in the same spirit as Lezo Urreiztieta, who had ambitions of becoming a reconstructive plastic surgeon. Sunday’s event hoped to raise about $3,500 for the scholarship. The crop of runners and walkers were a mix of people who knew Lezo Urreiztieta, as well as many current and former students of Canyon Del Oro High School, where Lezo Urreiztieta graduated from in 2011. All were present to pay tribute to the former UA student. 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