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THE DAILY WILDCAT Printing the news, sounding the alarm, and raising hell since 1899 DAILYWILDCAT.COM THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 2014 Lawmaker draws fire for college comments VOLUME 107 • ISSUE 80 STRIKING A CHORD SCIENCE - 3 UA STUDY TURNS UP THE HEAT ON DEPRESSION BY BRITTNY MEJIA The Daily Wildcat Attending a research university isn’t for everyone, according to a state representative who roiled educational waters when he suggested Arizona should reconsider how it funds universities “if somebody’s going to end up in a sales position or someone’s going to be a real estate agent.” “The university redistributes a tremendous amount of tuition money so that almost anybody can go to the university,” Rep. John Kavanagh, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, said recently in an interview with Capitol Media Services. He added that the state subsidy for students who go to college but don’t need to takes limited funding “and dilutes it so we can’t concentrate on having some of our science areas and engineering areas being really stellar.” In an interview with Arizona Sonora News Service on Tuesday, Kavanagh said he believes fouryear research universities should become more selective, not only to raise their reputation and standing in the nation, but also so students who graduate will be more competitive with graduates from KAVANAGH, 2 SCIENCE - 3 VIDEO GAMES TO HELP TYPE 2 DIABETICS SPORTS - 8 SHANE BEKIAN/THE DAILY WILDCAT ZACHARY MILLER, a senior enrolled in the Bolton Guitar Studies program, performs in Rovshan Mamedjuliev’s Masterclass at the Slonaker House on Tuesday. New budget proposal skimps on UA funds Influenza season in full swing NO. 1 MEN’S BASKETBALL HOSTS BUFFS FIND US ONLINE ‘Like’ us on Facebook BY KATYA MENDOZA BY STEPHANIE CASANOVA The Daily Wildcat The UA is taking the biggest hit in Gov. Jan Brewer’s budget proposal, Arizona Board of Regents chairman Rick Myers said Tuesday. Last Friday, Brewer released the state’s Executive Budget proposal outlining the state’s intended expenses for fiscal year 2015. The proposal includes a two-page summary of higher education funding that suggests a $27.5 million allocation to Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University to help even out per-student funding throughout the three state universities. While there is some funding for the UA in the proposal, it is roughly 10 percent of the $34.8 million the university requested. The $3.5 million would be available only for use for Cooperative Extension, a statewide network through the UA’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences that links university research to Arizona’s community, environment and economy, according to its website. The UA’s funding request was mirrored by the funding recommendation of the Arizona Board of Regents, the state’s higher education governing board. The board’s recommendations for all three universities totaled $107.6 million. “I don’t want to imply anyone is out to get the University of Arizona, but I think we also need to be pragmatic and the students at the University of Arizona need to look and say, ‘We need the state to be committed to our university also so that our tuition can stay affordable and that we can have a quality experience,’” Myers said. “And the current proposal, I think, doesn’t support the University of Arizona enough.” Myers said the regents are committed to their initial proposal and will continue to work with the Legislature and the governor’s office The Daily Wildcat FILE PHOTO/THE DAILY WILDCAT ARIZONA GOV. Jan Brewer speaks for The State of The State Address at The Westin La Paloma Resort on Jan. 15. Brewer released the state’s Executive Budget proposal last Friday. to modify the budget to include more realists, knowing that not everything happens all the time,” Comrie said. funding for higher education. UA leaders are taking a wait- “On the other hand, I think we make and-see approach to the governor’s a really good case that if you really proposal, knowing that the funding want this university to succeed and they requested wasn’t guaranteed be put on the map, then I think it’d be great if everyone and they may could pitch in to have to make The current the best that they some adjustments proposal ... possibly can.” according to the doesn’t support The strategic final budget. plan is supported Andrew Comrie, the University by a budget plan UA provost, said of Arizona that suggests the it was good to see enough. state provide $15 some funding — Rick Myers, million. The $15 proposed for Regents’ Chairman million, along with Cooperative a requested $11.8 Extension; however, the university will have to make million for performance funding, some changes to the funding model were left out of the executive office for its strategic plan and to the plan’s proposal. The UA also requested $8 goals if the state is unable to fund million for the veterinary medicine part of it. The Never Settle Strategic degree and Cooperative Extension. State university funding in the Academic and Business Plan focuses on innovation, student engagement, governor’s budget proposal totals $31 million, with an additional partnership and synergy. “We set out a plan that has very $15 million recommended for the ambitious goals in it, that has a full BUDGET, 2 suite of funding needs, and we’re Shop online with promo code “beardown”! “ “ 25 OFF % As the 2014 flu season approaches its peak, UA Campus Health Service officials prepare for the influx of students they will be seeing in their reception area. Campus Health typically sees the most patients during flu season, which runs from October to January, said Terri West, administrative associate at Campus Health. Common flu symptoms include headache, fever, fatigue, sore throat, cough, runny nose and body aches, said Ashley Colyer, a pharmacist at CVS. Students feeling any of these symptoms can visit Campus Health for a health assessment from medical staff on standby. “Students have the opportunity to be seen by nurse practitioners, doctors or a wide variety of licensed physicians here at Campus Health,” West said. “We are a primary care facility that offers the highest quality of care for students when they walk into our center.” Flu shots are currently available Monday through Friday from Campus Health for $17 without insurance and at the CVS on University Boulevard. Sam Mitchell, a freshman pre-business student, said he wasn’t feeling well, but wasn’t concerned about having the flu. “I’ve been feeling some severe cold symptoms,” Mitchell said. The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus, and it ranges from being a mild illness Follow us on Twitter Find us on Tumblr ON OUR WEBSITE For breaking news and multimedia coverage check out DAILYWILDCAT.COM WEATHER HI MOSTLY SUNNY LOW Red Rock, Okla. Blue, Ariz. 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