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S prin g 2 0 1 2 P r o g r a m P l a n n e r : P u l l o u t c a l e n d a r Stroke knows no age limit Page 3 Run away from the couch Step Step by Page 2 i n s i d e Health News & Information for Healthy Living Foundation unveils new endowment program ‘It takes a village…’ Page 7 The following interventional cardiologists (from left) perform invasive heart catheterization procedures: V. Janakiraman, M.D., Mukul Bahtnagar, M.D., George Jabbour, M.D., Haitham Hreibe, M.D., Hany Shanoudy, M.D., Mario Poon, M.D., and Alan Ford, M.D. New orthopedic practice offers total patient focus Pages 4 & 5

Altoona Regional's Healthy Living Magazine

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