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Support local coffee| 4 In Case of Emergency... Aquinas’ favorite troupe of improv-ers are hitting the stage once again after a successful college showcase page 2 theSaint Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Volume 33, Issue 11 Read us... but first, let’s take a #SELFIE. >>NEWS Pamela Dail Whiting | 2 Saint Reporter Chucky Blackmore has the scoop on the English professor’s goals and ambitions. Human Trafficking | 3 Staff Writer Cait Hilton has all you need to know about Acton Institute’s upcoming information seminar. >>CULTURE Charli XCX | 5 Editor-in-Chief Paris Close spotlights the British electronica singer’s latest music endeavors. GIRL | 6 Saint Reporter Yasmeen Ahmed reviews Pharrell’s most recent release. >>SPORTS Detroit Tigers pre-season | 7 Saint Reporter Veronica Burns covers the team’s spring training. Alisa Skluzacek Men’s tennis keeps on winning | 7 | 8 Sports Editor Alyssa Frese profiles the senior lacrosse cocaptain. Equality for all... almost U.S District Judge Bernard Friedman rules Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional By Mayra Monroy News Editor A monumental decision was recently made for the future of samesex marriage in the state of Michigan. On Friday, March 21 Michigan citizens caught ear of the historical decision made by U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman to strike down the Michigan ban on same-sex marriage that prevented couples from legally marrying in the state. Same-sex couples waited patiently but were anxious for the moment when the judge would overturn the 2004 amendment that took away their right to marriage. The Michigan amendment, passed by 59 percent of voters in 2004, prevented same-sex couples from not only marriage but also from adopting each other’s children. This caused several obstacles for couples such as April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, the Michigan couple who challenged the amendment COURTESY MSNBC back in January 2012. The couple For better or for worse: April Deboer (left) and Jayne Rowse (right), with their children seek reform that allows them to get was seeking security when they married and legally adopt each other’s children, went to court back in 2012 challenged the amendment, wanting to protect their children if one of them family and families like ours…we are This means that same-sex couples do. It was just the first court ruling, were to pass. The couple claimed just so happy...We got our day in court must wait to at least Wednesday, there is a chance for appeal. Those March 26, before moving any further who don’t support it will make their that the denial of their marriage and we won.” C o u p l e s we r e p r e p a r i n g f o r and for a decision regarding the voices heard—it will take time.” was a direct violation of the Equal weddings impromptu and Muskegon appeal. Despite this, the news is still a Protection Clause. Then, the ruling was stayed. This movement towards a changing future D e s p i t e t h i s a n d t h e f i e r y County had its first same sex wedding means that same-sex couples must with endless possibilities swirled into movement that followed, U.S District the next day, Saturday March 22. Friedman struck down the ban, wait until Wednesday, March 26, the mix. Judge Bernard Friedman chose to put “ [ I t ’ s ] a g o o d s t e p t o wa r d s off this hearing until earlier this year: claiming that it was unconstitutional before moving any further and for a acceptance,” adds Aquinas’ Gay “[The plaintiffs] are entitled to their and violated same-sex couples right decision regarding the appeal. “ E v e n t h o u g h t h e b a n wa s Straight Alliance secretary Addison day in court,” said Friedman. “And to equality. Then, news broke on they will have it.” And had it they did, Friday, March 21 just as the courts overturned, I feel like it won’t stick,” Busec. were closing down for the day. Almost said junior Troy Dildine, Aquinas’ Despite the appeal, supporters despite years of waiting. “It’s just amazing,” said DeBoer. immediately, an appeal was put in Gay Straight Alliance President. “It is are remaining positive and will “This is what we’ve wanted for our Saturday and the ruling was stayed. a good step, but there is more work to continue to move forward. Divergent stays true to Roth’s dystopian classic Anti Gay Bills continue to pop up around the U.S By Emily Elias The Saint Reporter COURTESY SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT The divergent: Shailene Woodley portrays Roth’s strong female lead. By Chelsey McNees The Saint Reporter For those who aren’t familiar with the book series, Divergent is set in futuristic Chicago and there is an alternative government that fears what they cannot control. For those turning 16, an aptitude test is given to determine which of the five factions they are to be placed. And after years of waiting, Veronica Roth’s Best Seller finally saw the silverscreen this past weekend, as Shaliene Woodley portrayed the “divergent“ Tris Prior in the proverbial film adaptation. To put it frank, the Divergent was absolutely awesome. As an avid follower of the series, I was especially excited to see how Director Neil Burger would translate the series on the big screen. As for my fellow Divergent readers, you can rest assured that the movie stays entirely true to the book which is a rare find in the cinematic world. While there were a few scenes gone overlooked or changed, it did not take away from the brilliance of Burger’s latest work. Nothing in the film felt at all rushed, which proved to make it an even greater cinematic experience for everyone who went to see the film. As for Shailene Woodley, the girl will certainly earn some respect for her performance in the film. Woodley stays true and embodies Tris wonderfully. Her fear, stubbornness, strength and pain resonate well with Roth’s novel character. Theo James, plays the supporting male role of Four, and also does an excellent job portraying the attractive, tough-yet-sensitive member of Dauntless, making me all the more anxious to see how he does with the following films. Keep in mind, this is still an action film, despite the love story that develops, so be expecting a ton of epic fight scenes. Although some of the hand-to-hand combat fights with a few of the actresses looked pretty awkward to watch, their use of fire arms in the film was definitely cool to watch. Even though Divergent could make for a good family flick, with the movie seeming less brutal than the book, it is still very violent so be wary of bringing youngsters along. Meade to CNN. Arizona is another state that has also been participating in similar activities. This month, senate will be deciding factor over t h i s r e l i g i o u s c o n t r o ve r s y f o r a couple states. Other states are dealing with similar legislation, including: Ohio, Mississippi, I d a h o , S o u t h D a k o t a , Te n n e s s e e and Oklahoma. Photographer Elaine Huguenin said to The Washington Post, “She could take a portrait of a gay couple but not participate in their same-sex ceremony because it would violate her religious beliefs.” This is an example of what these bills could allow. T h e K a n s a s b i l l , h o we ve r , i s much more specific and allows people to deny services to gays or lesbians, while the Arizona l a w i s b r o a d e r . “A r i z o n a a l r e a d y has a state Religious Freedom Restoration Act that protects a person’s free exercise of religion, similar to legislation in about 15 or so other states. The new law is simply strengthening the earlier one” said Charles Haynes, a senior scholar at the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center. Gay rights and religious v i e w s a r e t w o s u b j e c t s t h a t h a ve been controversial issues all over the world and for quite a long time and continues to become a problem in this nation. In light of these bills, the LGBT groups across the nation have joined forces to fight the discriminatory bills. Southern states are still living in the past and still possess discriminatory views. It has been years since the majority of the south has discriminated against people who are not white. Now some states are trying to pass bills that would allow businesses to discriminate against people w h o a r e b e l i e ve d t o b e l e s b i a n or gay. “These laws, by making this issue front and center, will encourage more efforts to pass a federal anti-discrimination law,” said ULCA Law Professor Adam Wi n k l e r t o T h e Wa s h i n g t o n P o s t . In many states, gay marriage has been legalized but those states that have not have been showing their true beliefs on matters in regards to the touchy subject. J u s t l a s t February, the state of Kansas passed a house bill that protects religious individuals and businesses to refuse to service same sex couples. This bill then moved to senate for a vote. “ K a n s a n s across the state are rightly appalled that legislators are spending their efforts to pass yet another piece of legislation that seeks to enshrine discrimination COURTESY WIKIPEDIA against gay and lesbian Fight for your rights: The anti-gay discrimination bill in Kansas is pushing its way through people into law,” said legislation and caused a heated response from Kansans and people around the nation. Chairwoman Sandra

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