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Gray wolf hunt | 3 AQ basketball | 7 Thor: The Dark World Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Giluk reviews the latest superhero installment. page 5 theSaint Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Volume 33, Issue 6 We’re hungry like the wolf in your backyard. Speaking up >>NEWS LLC Spotlight | 2 Staff Writer Mayra Monroy takes a look at the LLC Woodcock Hall, whose theme is empowerment. Harry Potter | 3 A little magic will hit campus this spring in the form of the highly anticipated class. >>CULTURE Avril Lavigne | 5 Take a look at the Canadian rocker’s latest self-titled album. 12 Years a Slave | 6 Staff Writer Nathan Gimby reviews Steve McQueen’s Oscar contender. >>SPORTS Fall sports recap | 7 The Saint has everything you need to know about the end of the season. Carly Bardwell | 8 Sports Editor Alyssa Frese interviews the senior basketball player about her time at Aquinas. AQ senior Jessie McCormick advocates for homeless student aid and the community responds By Laura Farrell News Editor College is not easy. Imagine how much more difficult it would be without a place to call home. Senior Jessie McCormick has managed to successfully navigate through her three and a half years of college even without a place to call home. Wi t h n o c o n s i s t e n t p l a c e t o go to on different breaks and her on campus housing unavailable, McCormick decided to do something about it, not only for her but also for other students who lack permanent housing. Through the website, McCormick started a petition during this fall break. In her petition, McCormick called for Aquinas College to “provide safe housing for foster and homeless students during break periods, especially during the cold winter months.” McCormick described how s h e wa s a h o m e l e s s y o u t h a n d successfully finished high school and was accepted into college, but her struggles with housing have been serious cause for concern. In her petition, McCormick noted that “Aquinas College provides opportunities to rent on-campus apartments during the summer months, and allows international students and in-season athletes to maintain their housing over fall and spring breaks.” She notes that students without stable homes are “left without options” during some of those breaks. McCormick started the petition October 20, and by October 31, her petition had reached 100,000 signatures. In supporting McCormick’s cause, many people Healthcare hiccups Frustration over Affordable Care Act divides Democratic Party By Nathan Gimby Staff Writer President Obama’s popularity has been sliding amidst unforeseen flaws in the Affordable Care Act’s implementation. Frustration over the ACA has divided the Democratic Pa r t y , a s l a s t F r i d a y 3 9 H o u s e Democrats broke ranks and voted in favor of a Republican-sponsored bill that would curtail key portions of the health care legislation. The bill, which passed in a 261-157 vote, would allow health insurance companies to keep selling policies that do not meet ACA requirements. Dubbed the “Keep Your Health Plan Act,” the proposal is a response to a slew of insurance companies cancelling health plans that fail to meet the standards despite promises by the Obama administration that citizens would be able to keep their old insurance plans. The bill is not expected to pass in the Democratically-controlled Senate “but it is seen as the most significant legislative rebuke yet to the law,” according to BBC News. Most Democrats claim the bill will “gut” the ACA and have rallied behind the president who has proposed “administrative fixes” that will likely include a year-long extension on plans that do not meet ACA minimum requirements, the Washington Post reports. At a p r e s s c o n f e r e n c e l a s t Thursday, Obama addressed concerns about the ACA, namely the botched roll-out of the online healthcare exchange in October and the policy cancellations. Technical issues with the federal exchange site,, have prevented thousands of Americans from enrolling in healthcare policies. Since the site went live on Oct. 1, roughly 27,000 have been able to enroll with an additional 79,000 enrolling through sites run by individual states, according to BBC News. “The problems of the website have prevented too many Americans from completing the enrollment process, and that’s on us, not on them. But there’s no question that there’s real demand for quality, affordable health insurance,” Obama said at the Oct. 14 conference. But it is unclear when the site will become fully operational. Initial estimates by the administration promised a fully functional website by the end of the month but Obama’s comments at press time seemed to indicate lower expectations than previously stated, according to CNN. “The website will work much better on November 30, December 1, than it worked certainly on October 1,” Obama said before noting, “That’s a pretty low bar.” stated their reasons for supporting the petition. Although many supporters were affiliated with Aquinas College, McCormick’s petition quickly gained support around the country. Many people noted their awareness of homeless students, but seemed to be startled by the lack of housing support during breaks. On Monday, November 18, a common read panel was held in the Cook Carriage House. The panel was sponsored by the Inquiry and Expression Program in honor of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. McCormick served on the panel alongside Administrator of Covenant House Academy Doreen Mangrum and National Higher Education Liaison LAURA FARRELL / THE SAINT for Homeless Youth Cyekeia Lee phoned in to round out Speaking up: Covenant House Academy administrator Doreen Mangrum sits alongside Aquinas senior Jessie McCormick at the common read panel on November 18. the panel. The panel focused helps 16-22-year-olds gain their high h o m e l e s s n e s s i s a r e a l p r o b l e m on the obstacles that homeless school diplomas and prepare for life affecting even the most successful teenagers face, especially during the after high school. Mangrum stressed s t u d e n t s . M c C o r m i c k , w h o process of college. During the panel, how vital it is for homeless students i s m a j o r i n g i n S o c i o l o g y a n d McCormick discussed her lack of a Community Leadership, hopes to to “prioritize survival.” home from a very young age and S h e a l s o n o t e d t h a t e v e n have started an awareness that will captivated the audience with her students who have “a roof over aide future AQ students. honesty. their heads still might not have a “If I could leave something here She explained how she finished home.” Lee emphasized the need that could make it so that students high school and got to Aquinas with f o r m o r e e m p a t h y f o r h o m e l e s s who have experienced similar things the help of her vice principals at students and a centralized way for could have it that much easier, I’d be West Catholic High School in Grand homeless students to seek assistance so happy,” said McCormick. Rapids and the organization Arbor on campus. Circle. The panel left the audience Mangrum heads Covenant with the stark realization that House Academy, a program that World news By Yashowanto Ghosh The Saint Reporter INDONESIA – A volcano in northern Sumatra has become active again after over 400 years, spewing stone and ashes for longer than two months now, with a column of ash shooting 7000 meters into the sky on Thursday, November 14. More than 5,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, but there have been no casualties so far. The volcano, Sinabung, is 1.5 miles high, and is one of about 500 volcanoes on the island nation. J A PA N – J a p a n lowered its Kyoto Protocol goals of reducing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions to 25 percent b e l o w 1 9 9 0 l e ve l s b y 2020, it announced on COURTESY TOM CASADEVALL Friday, November 15. The new goal would be Fiery eruption: Sinabung, a volcano in Indonesia, has become active once again after a 400 year a three percent increase standstill. from 1990 levels. The r e a s o n w h y t h e o r i g i n a l g o a l i s to dismiss chairs of city committees killed over 5,000 in the Philippines no longer viable is the Fukushima or the Deputy Mayor, as well as his in 1991. nuclear disaster of 2011, after which power to govern the city in a state of CHINA – President Xi Jinping new security measures forced cut emergency. announced reforms, including downs on nuclear energy, increasing THE PHILIPPINES – A category repealing of the country’s one-child the country’s dependence on fossil 5 t y p h o o n , T y p h o o n H a i y a n , policy and the abolition of its labor fuel. devastated the central Philippines camps, on Friday, November 15. A CANADA – Toronto mayor Rob with six landfalls for half a week, Chinese couple may now have two Ford admitted having used crack k i l l i n g o v e r 3 , 0 0 0 p e o p l e a n d children if at least one of the parents cocaine after months of persistent affecting over 10 million others. is an only child. The one-child and highly publicized allegations. Some estimates put the death toll at policy had been in force since 1979. Cell phone videos of Ford smoking over 10,000. International aid has The labor camps were set up in the cocaine, rumored since May to be been slow in translating into relief early 1950s by Mao Zedong for “rein existence, were acknowledged by b e c a u s e o f e x t e n s i ve d a m a g e t o education” through labor of “class Toronto police. The Toronto City infrastructure, allegedly resulting in enemies” numbering in millions. Council voted on Friday, November widespread looting for survival in 15, to remove Ford’s mayoral powers the affected regions. A tropical storm

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