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State of the Saint recap | 2 Homecoming sports Four Aquinas teams hit the turf last weekend. We have all the details. page 8 theSaint Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Volume 32, Issue 3 We’re still recovering from homecoming festivities >>NEWS The final countdown | 3 With barely a month left before the elections, reporter Nathan Gimby takes a look at how the candidates stand. A night of honor ArtPrize update | 6 AQ Homecoming 2012 a hit |2 Aquinas’ Hall of Fame Gala saw some of Aquinas’ most significant alums recognized by their peers for their achievements. >>CULTURE Amadeus at AQ | 6 Aquinas’ theater department brings the raunchy tale of master composer Mozart to the stage. Speaking in tongues | 6 Mumford and Sons’ latest album has been generating plenty of buzz. News Editor Laura Farrell gives it a spin. >>SPORTS Men’s Soccer MIRIAM PRANSCHKE / THE SAINT | 7 Aquinas’ men’s soccer team has played relentlessly holding an impressive record of 7-3-1. Grant Gunneson |8 Junior Grant Gunneson continues to boost the cross country team at Aquinas Fulton Street construction set to continue until mid-October By Matt Kuczynski Editor-In-Chief Pedestrians and motorists headed west down Fulton Street from Baynton Avenue may continue to encounter some difficulty getting around because of a multiple-week gas main replacement project. One lane of Fulton has been closed from the Aquinas College campus to the Fulton Street Family Fare since the project began three weeks ago. In addition, work crews have torn out sidewalks to facilitate installing the new mains. Ernie Hileman, DTE Energy construction coordinator, stated that the lane closures will remain in place until the project is completed on October 12. “The crew installing the new gas main is filling the sidewalk with temporary gravel, so it’s safe for pedestrians,” Hileman said. Although Fulton has remained open during the construction, the different flow of pedestrian and automobile traffic has been a minor nuisance for some. “It was kind of a pain when it first started,” said Aquinas student Chuck Hyde. “I have [gotten used to it], though I’ve had a few close calls with cars driving too close to my lane. It also makes leaving the Family Fare parking lot difficult. “Well, other than some really annoying moments when I realized I prematurely crossed the street and had to cross back to get around it, [the construction has] not really [affected me],” said Erin Sprague-Rice, an Aquinas senior who lives off-campus in the area. According to Hileman, sidewalk reconstruction may take up to a week after the project is completed. Local Royalty: Homecoming Queen Stephanie Beld hugs King Chris Skurka after the announcement of their selection Saturday as the rest of the nominees look on. By George VanDenDreissche Staff Writer and Matt Kuczynski Editor-In-Chief Whether you were attracted to the athletic events, the Aquinas Run Thru, the main stage tent, or any of the countless other Homecoming events from this weekend, one fact remains: Aquinas was alive with the excitement of reuniting with old and new friends. The Homecoming 2012 events on campus started off with students enjoying s’mores by the Cook Carriage House on Sept. 25. Attendance to the event was boosted by the State of the Saint event taking place at the same time. Hypnotist Tom DeLuca also performed his feats on students Thursday night in the Wege Ballroom. According to Aquinas College Programming Board Campus Traditions Coordinator Kay Borst, turnout for this new tradition has always been exceptional. This year was no exception. “The entire Ballroom was filled up and people were even standing on the sides. I cannot wait to have him back next year!” she said. Events for Aquinas students and alumni continued throughout the weekend, featuring attractions of all kinds from bean bag toss contests, sightseeing tours, and carnival games to an inflatable village for Saints young and old, the fourth annual AQ Run Thru 5k and 2k races through campus, and of course the Main Stage Tent which featured acts from Aquinas and beyond. Although the Volley Rock and Foam Dance Party events planned for homecoming were postponed due to less-than-desireable weather last week, students can expect these events to still take place before summer break, according to Borst. For senior Lauren Cichon, learning about the history of Aquinas from alumni on Saturday was a fascinating experience. Chichon said that one of the best moments at homecoming was “Seeing alumni and talking with people that graduated over 50 years ago and learning about all the changes AQ has gone through—the first two years there was no men’s dorm so they all lived off campus and the gym used to be in the chapel!” The lacrosse and soccer games throughout the day were a great rush for sports fans, with multiple wins for the Aquinas teams that participated. While the games were thrilling and heartbreaking, the experience of being on the Homecoming Court was the real rush for several Aquinas students last weekend. Nominees included senior Chris Skurka, senior Jake Bergman, and junior Sean Briggs for king. Seniors Stephanie Beld, Robin Brown, Brianna Scott, and Kristen Heinrich competed for queen. Sturr said, “It was exciting, being nominated for Homecoming Court and campaigning against everyone else for king.” Sturr would not win the crown— Skurka and Beld were voted this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. Others were attracted to the legendary main stage tent, whether by the allure of the bands’ multiple performances throughout the day, the beer or the crowds of alumni and students celebrating together. Performers included the Aquinas College Jazz Band (with guest performer and Aquinas alum Justin Dore), violinist Natalie Stoval, and classic cover band Three’s a Crowd. Aquinas alumni are drawn to homecoming for a greater reason than just the week’s festivities. Aquinas alum Paul Wizniuk said, “My favorite part of homecoming was being in a place where people I knew and loved came together from many different places just to be together, reconnect with old friends and continue to foster our Aquinas community and share an appreciation of drinking beer while doing it.” For Borst, her involvement in the planning and organization of Homecoming 2012 provides a different angle for appreciation. “Homecoming events take quite a bit of time and planning. There are a lot of parts that have to come together to make a great event,” she said. “It is an intense but rewarding process.” “On the day of the event, committee members spend a great deal of time helping during event set-up, execution, and take-down. Events would be impossible without their dedication and support,” Borst continued. World News Update: China ousts top official, Senaku unrest continues By Nathan Gimby The Saint Reporter Sudan – Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and President of South Sudan Salva Kiir reached security and oil agreements on Sept. 26. The breakthrough deal included $3 billion in compensation to Sudan for lost oil fields and set up a demilitarized buffer zone on the border. Both countries are also able to resume economically vital oil exports. No agreements were reached on some contested border areas but officials worldwide see the deal as a vital first step toward lasting peace in the region. Iran – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Iran’s nuclear program at the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 27. Netanyahu called for the UN to establish a “clear red line” where Iran’s nuclear program would be cut off, theatrically demonstrating this line with a cartoonish drawing of a bomb with a lit fuse. Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, Eshagh al-Habib, dismissed claims that Iran was using its nuclear program for anything other than peaceful means. China – China’s Communist Party ousted formerly powerful Party chief Bo Xilai, charging him on Sept. 28 with a number of transgressions including accepting bribes, “improper relationships with a number of women”, and involvement in his wife, Gu Kailai’s, murder of British businessman Neil Heywood in Jan. 2007. The Chinese government released a statement that said, “Bo Xilai’s actions created grave repercussions and did massive harm to the reputation of the party and state, producing an extremely malign effect at home and abroad.” Somalia – Somalian Islamists abandoned the port city of Kismayo after an African Union attack by Kenyan and Somali forces on Sept. 28. As Somalia’s second largest port, Kismayo was an important source of revenue and arms for the Islamist regime. While militant Islamist activity is still present in the countryside around the city, the AU sees this as an important victory for progovernment forces of the fragmented state of Somalia. Japan – Japan’s recent purchase of the Senkaku Islands have sparked a heated dispute with China over claims of territorial sovereignty over the islands. Anti-Japanese protests erupted in China as a result of the acquisition. At the UN General Assembly on Sept. 27, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said, “China strongly urges Japan to immediately stop all activities that violate China’s territorial sovereignty.” Japan’s Deputy Ambassador Kazuo Kodama responded saying, “There is no doubt that the Senakaku islands are clearly an inherent territory of Japan based on historical facts and international law.” While Japan’s constitution prohibits aggressive war, officials in Tokyo are poised to defend the islands by force if necessary and commentators fear the dispute could lead to a Sino-Japanese war. COURTESY WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Bomberman: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu found himself at the center of controversy after illustrating his ideas about Iranian threats with a cartoon drawing of a bomb at a recent United Nations General Assembly meeting.

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