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FinePrint Summer 2012 Volume 1 | Issue 2 Appleton Public Library Friends of Appleton Public Library 225 N Oneida | Summer Reading Programs Tech Connect Socialize with the library PAGE 2 Kid’s Link Read On Wisconsin PAGE 3 Teen Scene Summer Buzz PAGE 4 Volunteer Corner Volunteers of the year PAGE 5 More than just fun and games Starting June 11 we kick off one of the busiest and most exciting programs of the year – the Summer Reading Program (SRP). Libraries all across the country have offered these programs for over a century. APL’s dates back to the 1930s. As in recent years we will offer programs for children, teens and adults – and this year we offer a new family program to encourage the entire family to participate. SRPs are more than just fun and games. Studies have shown that these programs keep students from suffering from summer “brain drain” – a regression in reading skills that can occur when reading skills aren’t kept up between school years. Students who participated in public library summer reading program score higher on reading achievement tests at the beginning of the next school year than those students who do not participate. These same students arrive the next school year more motivated to read, more confident in participating in classroom reading activities, reading beyond what is required in their free time, and perceive reading to be important. Summer is the perfect time to give children more freedom to select reading material that especially interests them. For middle and high school students it’s important to motivate struggling readers through programs like SRPs that give them the chance to self-select reading material. When you think of your own reading habits, it’s not surprising that young people will read more when they can choose material based on their interest. SRPs are just one of the ways libraries play an important role in closing the achievement gap. Last year thousands of children participated. This year we hope to see you and your family! Colleen Rortvedt Library Director

Summer 2012 Newsletter

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