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FinePrint Spring 2012 Volume 1 | Issue 1 Tech Connect eBOOKmania PAGE 2 Kid’s Link Planning for the future PAGE 3 Friends Corner ILML 2012 PAGE 4 Funny Pages Radio Daze PAGE 6 Appleton Public Library Friends of Appleton Public Library 225 N Oneida | COMMUNITY partnerships one of our biggest priorities This month’s Fine Print focuses on one of Appleton Public Library’s biggest priorities, our community partnerships. Libraries have a long history of cooperation and partnership and increasingly we find ourselves at the center of important initiatives due to our role as a central hub of gathering and information sharing. While some of these initiatives may not come as a surprise, I am sure that many will - as most people understand the parts of the library that they use on a regular basis but don’t realize the scope of other work we accomplish. Appleton is full of wonderful individuals and organizations dedicated to making our community better and APL is committed to developing these relationships and working together to create positive outcomes for the community. Throughout 2012 you will hear about our collaborations and in this newsletter you will learn more about just a couple of these endeavors! Colleen Rortvedt Library Director

Spring 2012 Newsletter

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