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FinePrint Fall 2012 Volume 1 | Issue 3 Appleton Public Library Friends of Appleton Public Library 225 N Oneida | Crossing the Divide The startup of APL’s Digital Branch Tech Connect Glossy Screens PAGE 2 Kid’s Link Summer School PAGE 4 Teen Scene College State of Mind PAGE 5 Friends Corner Test Drive Technology PAGE 6 L ately you may have noticed changes to Appleton Public Library’s digital resources. We have focused on expanding our electronic resources and have added some great new tools like Zinio Magazines and Mango Languages. These changes will culminate in a migration to our new website in September, which you can currently see in its beta-version from the library’s home page. Our new site is the biggest digital shift since the beginning of APL’s web presence and it will truly serve as APL’s Digital Branch providing services like those you find at the library anytime, anywhere. Technology often gets a bad rap for isolating people and one of the best things about APL is our fantastic staff. Therefore we wanted our digital branch to provide an experience similar to that when you visit the library in person. You will notice more of our staff posting information to the website, and many of them will be blogging in their areas of interest or expertise. We’ll feature blogs on local history, technology, creativity, library experiences and paper-less reading resources (called Pulp-less Fiction, the greatest name for a blog). As we move into the start of a new school year we hope you turn to us – whether you are a student (or parent of a student) that realizes at midnight you have a research assignment due the next day, or someone that never wants to stop learning new things – APL’s Digital Branch allows us to connect with you anytime, anywhere. Colleen Rortvedt Library Director

Fall 2012 Newsletter

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