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BOE: Move done deal Get our FREE Johns Creek Herald TABLET APP Call 770-442-3278 x100 for help Apple Android Won't reconsider HQ shift to Sandy Springs ►►PAGE 8 Charges dropped UNDEFEATED on city manager PISGAH Alleged victim satisfied with results ►►PAGE 6 Rolls into playoffs ►►PAGE 26 November 21, 2013 | | 73,500 circulation Revue & News, Johns Creek Herald, Milton Herald & Forsyth Herald combined | 50¢ | Volume 13, No. 47 Coyote attacks teen jogger 15-year-old’s dog fights off coyote in Sugar Mill By HATCHER HURD See COYOTE, Page 15 Council asks builder, residents to work out agreement Residents worry density to worsen traffic By HATCHER HURD JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – The City Council was in a quandary at its Nov. 18 meeting over the proposed mixed-use development at Bell Road and McGinnis Ferry Road. So they have asked the community and the developer to negotiate a settlement and come back Dec. 2. The residents argue that there are far too many houses and townhouses on the 52-acre tract. And the City Council would have liked to oblige them, but using the density as calculated under the zoning formula is not out of line with regulations. To make matters worse, the property owners are already in litigation with the city over the attempt to rezone the property in 2012. That case was put in abeyance pending a successful rezoning with a new builder, The Providence Group, owned by Warren Jolly. As part of the McGinnis Ferry Character Area, the McGinnis side calls for Mixed Use of office, commercial See COUNCIL, Page 4 Mc ad Gi Bell R o JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – A 15-year-old girl jogging in her Sugar Mill neighborhood barely escaped injury when a coyote chased her and her black Labrador-mix Calvin. The dog and the coyote fought, and Sarah Demartino hit the animal with her cellphone. The attack came last week after Sarah had decided to go for a run around 10 p.m. “I told Sarah to take the dog with her,” said her father Bill Demartino. She started out walking and soon sensed someone or something was following her. “I could hear leaves rustling behind me, so I speeded up. Then I heard it speed up too,” Sarah said. “Then I looked around and saw what looked like a German shepherd following us.” She began to run, which unfortunately is exactly the wrong thing to do when confronted by a coyote. That triggers its attack instinct. (See box on page 15.) “I was running into the yard of a neighbor’s house, and my dog and the coyote were fighting. I hit it with my phone and got blood on it. I think it was the coyote’s, because Calvin didn’t have any injuries,” Sarah said. She ran and knocked on the neighbor’s door and once inside called her dad. “I got in the car and picked Sarah up. We then drove down BELL ROAD MIXED-USE DEFERRED » HATCHER HURD/STAFF Bill Demartino plays with his black Lab-mix Calvin that fought off the coyote that attacked his daughter Sarah while jogging in the Sugar Mill community. nn is Fe rr yR oa d

Johns Creek Herald, November 21, 2013

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