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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hole in boy’s thigh from stingray attack David Haxton Otaihanga boy Angus Welsh is recovering well after a stingray’s double-pronged attack left a gaping wound in his leg. On the last Sunday in January Angus was enjoying a midday surfboarding lesson with others, near the Otaki Surf Lifesaving Club. He was waist-deep, and walking his surfboard out, when he felt a sharp stabbing pain in his left thigh. “It felt like a crab pinched right in and starting shaking around a bit,” he recalled. “And after that it starting burning.” For some reason a stingray had jabbed him twice in the thigh, through wetsuit padding, and created a deep flesh wound. Angus’ screams had his surf instructor come to his aid and help him out of the water. Surf lifesavers applied a bandage to stem the bleeding, put him on a stretcher and took him to the clubrooms as the pain increased. “It was like someone was holding a hot poker on my leg.” A St John ambulance officer

administered extra treatment before taking the 12-year-old to Palmerston North Hospital. “I used a whole cylinder of laughing gas.” His parents, Gavin and Kat Welsh, who had been watching the first part of the surfboarding lesson before going to a supermarket, received a phone call from the surfing instructor about the incident. Kat accompanied Angus to hospital while Gavin collected their daughter Phoebe from a camp. During the ambulance trip, an IV line was inserted, due to increased pain when the ambulance went over bumps or turned corners. Angus, who spent three days in hospital, was given antibiotics to fight infection, as well as painkillers. But when he came off the antibiotics a few days later, on the Thursday, pain started to increase, as the stingray’s barb had gone deeper than first thought, and had created a haematoma deep in the back of his thigh. He had surgery through the back of his thigh to drain the clotted blood. Overall Angus had 10 stitches

FLESH WOUND: The injury in Angus Welsh’s thigh after a stingray attack. PHOTO: KAP040216SPLWOUND

in his leg — six on the front, where the attack happened, and four in the back, where surgery accessed the haematoma. The Raumati South School pupil, who is recovering well, says the incident hasn’t put him off the sea. His father Gavin, who is a district councillor, said the family felt fortunate all was well and Angus was on the mend. “I don’t think people should be scared of going into the water, but certainly be aware. That’s the message out of all of this.”

RECUPERATION: Angus Welsh recovering at home after a stingray attack. PHOTO: DAVID HAXTON / KAP030216DHANGUS

P houses cost vendors

David Haxton

Investment property owners stand to lose a lot of money if renters are manufacturing or smoking the drug methamphetamine in their properties, two local real estate agents warn. Doug and Jan Palmer recently took over a listing from another company when they soon had the unfortunate duty to advise the vendors that

their house was contaminated by the drug, commonly known as P. The Paraparaumu Beach house had been a treasured family home that had been rented for about 12 years until the owners decided to sell it to strengthen their retirement savings and hopefully go on a cruise when the property sold. The Palmer’s suspicions were raised when agents and home attendees had problems with itchy eyes and irritable tongue so they advised the

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owners to test the house for P. “We had also heard that one of the flatmates had lost a baby which also raised questions,” Jan said. The first test, costing about $200, confirmed the presence of P, and the second test, costing about $2000 and carried out in a lab, proved very high levels of P in the house. It was established that the house, which was closed down, had been used to smoke P, not manufacture it. The owners, who were

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shocked at the news, had quotes ranging from $30,000 to $50,000 to repair the damage and make the house habitable again. “These results and quotes were disclosed to buyers who either ran for cover or took this into consideration when bidding at auction,” Doug said. “As a result the property sold for about $50,000 below fair market value and that was the end of the owners retirement fund.” Although the owners lost a

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lot of money on the house sale, they were “thrilled to be free of the problem,” Jan said. The property was bought by a builder who was able to do the majority of repairs himself which cut down the costs. Jan said a bulldozer would have been the best solution, had the house been used to manufacture the drug. The couple now know more about the drug and have some strong advice for property investors which they would gladly share, Doug said.


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Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Incredible family fun


Blue Coconut Cooking Oil is one of the most versatile and healthy cooking ingredients on the market. It is cholesterol free, with no additives or contaminants and contains no unhealthy trans-fats. Pure, fresh and clean tasting, Blue Coconut Cooking Oil has a very high smoke point of 232°C and can be used to sauté, pan-fry, deep fry and roast. It’s a great substitute for butter or margarine in most recipes. It boasts anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic properties, which extends its use beyond the kitchen. Visit

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FILMS, KITES, MUSIC Council’s environment and community development committee has approved one-off funding to three significant events in the district this year. The Otaki Kite Festival got $8000 for promoting the yearly event, held on March 5 and 6, and for providing bus services from Waikanae Railway Station. The Maoriland Film Festival, in Otaki at Easter, which is the largest indigenous film festival in the Southern Hemisphere and attracts film makers from around the world, got $32,000. And the Coastella International Music Festival, to be held at Southward Car Museum on March 26, got $10,000. In December, the Kapiti Events Plan 2015-2018 was adopted as an action plan for supporting and leading major events that bring economic benefits to the district.


The Visitor Attraction Plan 2016-18, part of the district’s economic development strategy, has been adopted by council’s environment and community development committee. The plan aims to guide council’s decision making and investment in activities that will enable the district to become a successful visitor destination centre.

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SHARP FOCUS: The Incredibles, aka the Sharp family from Peka Peka, on the costume catwalk during day two of the Wellington Sevens. Pictured from left Tansy, Hal, 8, Logan, 9, and Tony. PHOTO: MURRAY SHORT / KAP020216SPLSHARP Corner Te Roto Drive and Kapiti Rd

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A 47-year-old woman was airlifted to Wellington Hospital in a serious condition after her car veered off Mazengarb Rd, Paraparaumu, just before the Waterstone Ave intersection, and crashed into a power transformer, about 11pm on Thursday.


An alarm was activated at Cycletech, Milne Drive, Paraparaumu, at 4.30am on Friday. A rear door appeared to be forced by a crow bar. It was unknown if anything was taken but police inquiries were continuing.


An man was disturbed at Boat City, Main Rd North, Paraparaumu, when an alarm was activated at 4.40am on Friday. A van seen nearby was stopped by police near Pauatahanui and a 30-year-old Porirua man arrested. He was released pending further inquiries.



phone Westside Plaza, Coastlands Mall, Rimu Road

is very pleased to welcome back

Dr Louisa Dempster to our practice team.

After 4 years away in the UK, Louisa is looking forward to returning to the Kapiti Coast

New Patients Welcome Dentists Dr Stephen Booth Dr Anne-Marie Booth Dr Louisa Dempster Dr Laura Ichim Dr James English


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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News

Delays for planned new carpark David Haxton Construction of an extensive new carpark on the former Waikanae Hotel is going to take longer than first thought. The hotel, on the corner of Te Moana Rd and State Highway 1, has been demolished but work on the carpark won’t kick into gear until the Wellington

Regional Council knows the outcome of a cultural impact assessment on the land, rail operations manager Angus Gabara said. “This is being done by Whakarongotai Marae trustees. “We can’t begin construction until this process has been completed.” The carpark is next to the Whakarongotai Marae. A cultural impact assessment

identifies cultural values, interests and associations with an area, how a proposal might affect those matters and what mitigation may be sought. The regional council hoped the carpark would be completed in April but it would now be May or June at the earliest, Mr Gabara said. “However, until the construction begins, up to about 40 carparks are available onsite

now for people to use.” The budgeted cost of the carpark was just over $1 million. “The new carpark will contain about 250 parking places, and like all our park and rides it will have high quality lighting and CCTV cameras. “The regional council is also working with the Waikanae Community Board which is paying for additional trees to be added and with the Kapiti Coast

Protesters let feelings known in the capital Cloe Willetts Kapiti locals were part of the stir that swept the country on Thursday, as New Zealand signed the controversial TransPacific Partnership (TPP) deal at Auckland’s Sky City. Hailed the largest trade deal in a generation, the TTP was signed by trade ministers from 12 Pacific Rim countries, before protests unfolded outside Auckland’s Aotea Square, Christchurch City Council and Parliament. Tens of thousands of protestors took to the pavements including more than 400 at Wellington’s Cenotaph. Kapiti TPP Concern members were among the Wellington protestors, including Rob McCann, who was Labour’s candidate for the Otaki electorate in the last election. He said the demonstration was peaceful. “It saw a really mixed group of people including lots of workers who had come down in their lunch break.

“The speeches were all short, passionate and packed with information, and the hour long event ended with a group haka facing parliament.” Organised by Wellington TPP Free, the protest included guest speakers from the Labour, Green, NZ First and Maori parties. “This agreement was negotiated behind closed doors, where multinationals were given privileged access, resulting in a deal that is less about free trade and more about them being able to protect their profits at all costs,” Mr McCann said. “The TPP may have passed another hurdle, but around the world protests are occurring as more information is reported back to the public and opposition continues to grow.” Kapiti TPP Concern’s Amanda Vickers said the gathering of protestors at the Cenotaph was significant. “Soldiers died for our democracy. “They’d turn in their graves if they knew our government was just giving it away. “I’m passionate about


District Council to add power and water connections for potential use at community events. “Most importantly the new park and ride will enable Waikanae commuters to get to and from the station safely using the crossing at the traffic lights, rather than crossing further along State Highway 1, and it will free up parking around Waikanae village.”

HISTORICAL: Anti-TPP protestors, from left, Paul Baggott, Vicki Bunch, Rob McCann and Amanda Vickers at Wellington’s Cenotaph on Thursday. PHOTO: KAP040216SPLTPPWELLINGTON

defending New Zealand’s sovereignty and there is no bigger threat to it than the corporate takeover known as TPP.” But Otaki MP and Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy said the TPP was great news for New Zealand and meant more exports and jobs. “In simple terms, it removes most of the tariffs and quotas other countries impose on our exports. “It means our farmers, growers, fishers and foresters will have much better access into 11 major countries with 800 million consumers. “It’s expected to add an extra $2.7 billion a year to our economy by 2030, but I think this is a conservative estimate given the success of the China Free Trade Agreement.” He said from the start of the

China FTA agreement in 2008, trade between New Zealand and China had doubled. “Horowhenua and Kapiti rural businesses will benefit from this. “Red meat producers are expected to save $72 million in tariffs a year, giving these farmers and producers a major competitive advantage.” He said dairy farmers would also experience a boost, with $102 million estimated to be saved nationwide. “Vegetable growers in Horowhenua and Otaki will be able to expand their exports and grow their business; especially local asparagus, squash and onion growers who will have much easier access to the third biggest economy in the world, Japan.” Last week, Kapiti Coast

District Council resolved to request that Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) undertake an independent analysis of the implications for local government of the proposed TPP. Council considered the matter at the request of the Paekakariki Community Board. According to New Zealand’s Action Station, which received more than 51,000 signatures in opposition of the signing, the deal was “designed to serve the interests of large corporations and powerful states”. One of its biggest concerns was the removal of democratic rights for New Zealand to decide its own laws and policies, with “foreign companies being allowed to sue New Zealand for taking measures to protect the environment or public health, in ways that damage their profits”.


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Using experience to guide youth Cloe Willetts Pulling apart the engine of a 1984 Mazda 323, its dusty parts overtaking the garage of his father’s Paraparaumu Beach home, a then-15-year-old David Orchard decided “I loved working with my hands from that moment on”. Uprooted from the model he’d purchased for $100, the engine was brought back to life; David quickly mastering the practical challenges and dexterities. “At school I wasn’t the good kid and I wasn’t the bad kid,” said David, manager of Zeal Kapiti, who is set to run apprentice-style youth workshops at the Rimu Road site in Paraparaumu. “School wasn’t a time where I felt very good about myself because although I passed, I didn’t do very well.” Despite ongoing illness and not knowing he was slightly dyslexic, David scraped through his last year at Reikorangi Christian College, before falling into his first apprenticeship upon graduating. “I did an electrical apprenticeship for a year but realised I didn’t really enjoy it; I was more creative and enjoyed working with timber.” Going on to join his father’s Orchard Joinery business as an apprentice in the Paraparaumu factory, he changed paths soon after, buying an old house bus with his wife Emma. The pair headed to Auckland’s Snell’s Beach, where David completed his joinery apprenticeship and picked up various labour hire jobs, thanks to the Class two licence he’d acquired for driving the 11 tonne bus. Two years later the pair returned to Kapiti, where Emma gained placement in Levin for her study as a counsellor and, boasting a fresh shoulder injury from work in Auckland, David put away the tools and re-joined Orchard Joinery in the office. There he learnt to manage the

office side of the business, as well as design kitchens and manage production, and later, work alongside business coaches in strengthening the business. “There came a time when I realised I wasn’t getting complete job fulfillment,” said David, who sold his beloved motorbike, bought plane tickets and headed to Papua New Guinea with Emma and their then-two-year-old son Callum. “Underneath, what drives me is doing something that’s making a difference.” Having both spent time in Papua New Guinea, David as a child with his family and Emma as a fresh college graduate, the pair visited Kapuna Hospital, located in the Gulf Province. “It’s the least developed province in PG. “There’s no water, power, or infrastructure and the mail system has pretty much broken down. “It was really rewarding but also a very challenging place to be, in terms of the things I saw.” On the ground for four and a half months as part of the European Union’s Healthy Village Project, David trained a group of young men in carpentry, teaching them to install water tanks in remote villages and schools. “I hadn’t necessarily known I was making a difference, until one of the local guys sat me down and said the boys were getting something from me they’d never usually have, and that it was setting them up to get jobs in different places. “That was pretty cool and PG is definitely a place that’s close to my heart still.” Towards the end of their trip, news of the killings of Kapiti teens Izak Millanta and Sean Strongman-Lintern had made its way over. “It was shocking to hear it’d happened in New Zealand — let alone in Kapiti. “I’d already been looking at doing something in youth work after working with the boys in PG, and it made me realise I wanted to build connections with

It was the first time I’d got to study something I really enjoyed, and found a way to learn that suited me.

David Orchard

HANDS ON: Zeal Kapiti manager David Orchard is using his career experience to help develop work ethic among youth in the community. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP050216CWORCHARD

young people in my own community.” And so he did. Upon returning, David enrolled in youth training organisation Praxis Learning in Action, where he studied a diploma in Youth and Community Studies and received the highest distinction to date. “It was the first time I’d got to study something I really enjoyed, and found a way to learn that

suited me.” A year after graduating, Zeal founder Brook Turner offered him the manager’s role in Kapiti. “Before then, I’d been offered a couple of jobs that I turned down because I wanted to stay local and make some changes in my community through the established support I already had. “I knew it was a risk.” A big believer in on-the-job

training, David said good work ethic essentially comes from being taught by the generation above. “My father and grandfather were always ‘do it yourself’ men, and they passed that onto me. “I’m a firm believer that if you want to change something in your life, there’s usually a sacrifice to make to get there. “It’s not always going to be easy, but it can be done.”

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News

Pub in hardware store unlikely David Haxton Any hope a pub will open in the Waikanae Hardware store is now very remote. The Waikanae Hotel has been demolished and the Greater Wellington Council is now creating about 250 carparks on the land located on the corner of State Highway 1 and Te Moana Rd. There had been speculation that with the closure of hotel, a new bar might open in the Waikanae Hardware store, which is only four shops away

from the new carparking site. Waikanae Hardware owner John Skilton said Trinity Group Holdings, who had been managing the Waikanae Hotel, was keen to open a bar/pokies and TAB in the hardware store but the deal didn’t eventuate. And a Palmerston North man expressed keen interest in opening a bar in the store. “He had tonnes of money and he was going to do it. “But the council told him it would take at least nine months to get resource consent, and even then they couldn’t guarantee he would get it, so he walked away.” Council regulatory services

group manager Kevin Currie said he would be concerned if anyone had received information from the council that a resource consent application would take nine months to resolve. “That time frame is excessive, except in extremely complex cases,” he said. “I can confirm council did assist a potential developer early last year with regards to the possibility of a bar and offlicence in a shop in the Waikanae area and I am told those involved appeared very happy with the advice and assistance provided, however chose to not pursue that

project. “With both resource and building consents there are statutory timeframes council is required to meet, but we regularly exceed those. “Depending on what is proposed, a venture might involve resource consents and building consents, as well as food and alcohol licences. “These can be largely addressed at the same time but there is a logical sequence. We would welcome the opportunity to work with anyone proposing to develop commercial premises, as mentioned, to help guide them through the process.”


Mr Skilton said the store was the biggest shop in Waikanae and would work perfectly for a bar. However, he said, someone else had put an offer in to buy the store and do something else with it. “But it’s not for a pub.” He couldn’t elaborate further, as the deal was confidential and still being worked through. Mr Skilton, who has owned the hardware store for about eight years, said the closure of the Waikanae Hotel had taken away business from the shops. “But what can you do about it?”

Prisoners make beds for animals Margaret Irvine Animals at Otaki’s Helping You Help Animals (Huha) animal shelter are sleeping in luxurious comfort thanks to a collaborative project with Rimutaka Prison. Three prisoners from Rimutaka have been repurposing donated material and clothing into pet blankets for animal charities. The material, which includes second hand clothing not suitable for retail sale, is donated by Upper Hutt second hand clothing store and recycler SaveMart. The prisoners are using industrial sewing machines and an industrial overlocker to turn the material into pet blankets that are filled with old duvet inners. “Initial blanket designs were basic squares and rectangles, however the more blankets the men make, the more they are using their creative energies to design and sew the blankets in

different shapes,” Corrections principal officer Cheryl Chandler said. “They’re using a variety of textiles and sewing techniques,” she said. The men are also working towards a L2 sewing and L2 health and safety qualification while preparing the blankets. SaveMart Upper Hutt manager Chris Bates, who donates the used clothing, supports the project. “I thought it was a good idea. It’s a win-win for them and us.” A large number of pet blankets have been donated to Huha and will also be donated to the SPCA. Huha founder Carolyn PressMcKenzie said the blankets were being put to good use by Huha’s resident pets including dogs, piglets and chickens. “We are so impressed with the quality of the work, imagination and passion put into the blankets, “ she said. “We’re proud to work with Rimutaka Prison to help make animal lives better.”

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Corrections principal officer Julie McRae, left, with Huha founder Carolyn Press-McKenzie and a collection of blankets made in Rimutaka Prison. PHOTO: MARGARET IRVINE / KAP050216MVHUHA



At BEST PRACTICE LAW in Waikanae, Trish Amor–Davy and her team are always looking for ways to help make their clients’ lives easier. They know that buying a property can be a stressful time, so their helpful approach makes the whole process so much simpler.They have good networks set up with finance brokers, the banks and the real estate agents so can liaise

on behalf of their clients if and as required.

“Lots of first home buyers don’t realise what financial assistance is available to them. They may be able to access their Kiwisaver contributions and they may also be eligible to access Housing New Zealand’s First Home Deposit Subsidy to help them come up with the money needed to be able to purchase their

When it comes to Property Law the BEST team nail it.

first home.” said Trish. They are delighted to be continuing their monthly ‘Make a Difference’ scheme which they initiated last year where anyone can nominate a deserving resident on the Kapiti Coast who is going through a rough patch to receive a $100 grocery voucher. See their facebook page or call them for more details.

3 Omahi St, Waikanae 293 4469 |


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

MacKays to Peka Peka Wellington Northern Corridor


Construction news from the MacKays to Peka Peka Expressway, also at or call the team on 0508 M2PP INFO (0508 627 746) if you’re concerned.

Northern Zone - Peka Peka to Te Moana Road Earthworks on both sides of Peka Peka Road continue. Over the next few weeks we’ll be carrying out driven piling just south of Peka Peka Road. 168 H-Piles will be driven into the ground using a vibrating hammer and will sound like a hammer hitting steel. Trucks continue to use Te Moana Road and Ngarara Road, and the Ngarara Road traffic lights remain in place. For two weeks at Ngarara Road there will be stop/ go traffic management in place as we trench and install storm water piles and subsoil drains. From 9 February the pavements team will start construction of the new Ngarara Road alignment. Over the next five weeks on the northern side of Te Moana Road we’ll be carrying out concrete lattice works. This involves many small interlocking concrete piles repeated in a grid pattern that looks similar to a bee hive. This makes the ground stronger and will protect the bridge abutments in the event of an earthquake. Work at the Waikanae River Bridge site will increase from mid-February as we begin river channel works, followed by bridge beam placement and an extensive winter planting programme. The channel works will include removing vegetation and widening the channel near the bridge, stabilising the river channel under the bridge, and armouring the bridge piers and banks with rock to protect against flood damage. It will be unsafe for river users to float or paddle through the constructions area after Waitangi Weekend 2016, until the works are completed in April 2016. Staff will monitor the river upstream while machinery is working. Flags will be strung across the river channel to mark the boundary of the works site. Anyone floating towards the work site will be asked to leave the water, for their own safety.

Central Zone - Te Moana Road to K¯apiti Road Works continue throughout this area to complete concrete barriers and noise walls. Works on the foundations for the new Makarini footbridge are well underway. Paving between K¯apiti Road and Mazengarb Road continues, as well as work on the Mazengarb Bridge tie-ins. This work sometimes involves rollers that can cause vibration if you’re in the area. Works also continue on Otaihanga Road to finish kerbing and cycleway entry and exits points on both sides of Otaihanga Bridge. We’re ramping up works on the Makarini footbridge and over the next two weeks we’ll be constructing the MSE (Mechanically Stabilised Earth) walls which will form the abutments for the footbridge. The MSE walls are made up of sand and reinforcing material, and is designed to withstand a very large earthquake. There’ll also be two column pours with the first one on Friday 12 February on the eastern side, and the second one a couple of weeks later.

Southern Zone - K¯apiti Road to MacKays Crossing Works continue on K¯apiti Road to prepare sections of the pavement for the expressway interchange. This means the road layout will change at times, so please take care in this area pay attention to any signage and traffic management in place. We’re still using Ihakara Street to move materials and machinery to site for the construction of the Wharemauku Bridge. There are a lot of truck and trailer movements here, so please take extra care in this area. Residents between Poplar Avenue, Raumati Road and the Wharemauku Stream will continue to notice a lot of activity as we form the main alignment and build a flood storage area on either side of the expressway. We have temporary walkway diversions in place and the walking track remains open at all times. The Raumati Straights Upgrade on State Highway 1 between Paraparaumu and Paekakariki is well underway. This week crews will reopen the left-hand northbound lane and move works to the right-hand northbound lane. This gives the left-hand northbound lane foundations time to settle so work can be completed in a later stage. One northbound and two southbound lanes will be open to traffic and this stage of work should take around four weeks. The speed limit has been reduced to 70kph to keep everyone safe while we carry out these works. Please take care in this area and observe lower legal speed limits. The upgrade will smooth out the bumpy section of the highway between Mackays Crossing and Poplar Avenue, to ensure a safe, seamless, high-quality connection between the M2PP Expressway and Transmission Gully. For more information on the upgrade, visit and click on the Raumati Straights Upgrade tab. For more information, contact 0508 M2PP INFO (0508 627 746) or email or visit our information centre in the Coastlands Mall.


The vision for the year ahead of us It has become something of a tradition for me to give an annual “state of the nation” address to the Waikanae Men’s Probus Club at the start of February. I love doing it and last week I set out my vision for the year ahead. The many questions I received from the audience indicated a high level of interest in the council’s work. I began by explaining my vision of leadership and what I wanted to achieve when I first stood for election more than five years ago. As a councillor, I wanted to be part of a council which “did things” for Ka¯piti — and we did. We built the Coastlands Aquatic Centre, a new civic building, we bought the land which became Otaraua Park and we invested in significant works to protect our district from floods. When I became mayor, we began to slow down our “big ticket” spending and bring our finances into balance, keeping a lid on rates rises. We recognised we needed to build better relationships between community and council. My vision was to be more open, transparent and inclusive with our community. Although some minority groups still look to take on council at every opportunity, the vast majority of people have recognised this change in attitude and have responded to it. Council’s culture change was embraced in our “Open for Business” initiative. Council deals with people faceto-face in many “front line” areas where staff have to apply Government law and

regulations. There is no choice in that for areas such as LIMs, animal control and alcohol and health licensing. It’s a difficult task but we are working hard to change our culture. We are actively seeking improvements in our regulatory processes, recognising areas where we need to improve and being prepared to take action when we need to. Change takes time but we’re making progress. We have put in place quality assurance systems for our teams in areas such as building consents, animal control and alcohol licensing, and more will be done this year in other business areas. It is part of wider efforts by your council to be caring, dynamic and effective and my belief is we are getting results from this culture change, bringing community and council closer together. As our district evolves, with the expressway bringing us opportunities for growth, we will continue to focus on getting it right for Ka¯piti. People should be able to concentrate on living their lives, confident that council is performing its tasks well. That is where I want to see further progress this year.

Waikanae couple win 13 year council battle Waikanae couple Trevor and Nanette Wright have won their 13-year battle against council bureaucracy. Victory is bitter sweet. There’s been a toll on their finances, health and may even have crushed their dream of a lifestyle retirement home on their 5.4 hectare block. Purchased in the mid-1990s, the couple spent several years of back-breaking work restoring the barren, over-grazed hillside into native bush and gardens. A nationally known potter, Trevor observed the landscape, felt the seasonal pulse of the land and settled on the ideal site to build. The nightmare arrived in 2003. A notification from Kapiti Coast District Council, claiming a GNS report on earthquake faults had located an earthquake trace on their land. It placed a building constraint along a 50-metre wide stretch. I first wrote about their struggle in The Observer 10 December 2007. The Wrights were then astounded that KCDC could place this constraint based on a mere desktop study, with no evidence from earthworks or site visit. What astounded me was this so-called trace had a risk profile of rupturing once between now and 1300 to 3800 years! Worse for the Wrights, council claimed a legal obligation to put the quake risk on their LIM report, immediately impacting their property value. The Wrights put up a fight. KCDC commissioned a second report from GNS in 2007. While more specific, the second was also a desktop review. The Wrights continued arguing that the decision to tag this risk on their LIM had no scientific basis. They forced KCDC to get an independent report. The 2008 Brown Report reviewed the two GNS reports and undertook a site inspection and geomorphic mapping. Brown concluded there was no fault trace and what GNS had identified was a debris flow deposit.

‘The nightmare arrived in 2003. A notification from Kapiti Coast District Council.’ KCDC claimed it was still legally obliged to include all the conflicting reports in the LIM. By the time Kapiti Observer journalist Joel Maxwell wrote an update on the Wright’s situation (13 May 2013) the issue of whether hazard lines can legally be imposed on LIM reports, based on false or contested information, had become a raging debate with coastal property owners challenging KCDC’s imposition of coastal hazard lines. The success of their challenge renewed the Wrights’ hope over their case. But KCDC refused to concede and the fight continued until an independent legal report last week found the two GNS reports did not cross the threshold of credibility or robustness. The Brown Report did. KCDC was advised to remove the risk tag from the LIM. “From day one I had pointed out to council the GNS report had no scientific basis. Someone in council had made a mistake. Instead of admitting that, they have used their bureaucratic machine to steamroll us, the little people, into submission. We have fought a bitter 13-year battle for truth and justice at a huge cost to us. Others facing this same systemic culture should take heart. With support from good people in the community you can win,” say the Wrights.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Kapiti News






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Nutribullet 600 Watt 12 Piece Set High torque power base. Includes extractor blade and milling blade. Includes Pocket Nutritionist. Pro 900 Watt 9 Piece Set $199 #269405* / 269414*


Hills yd day Rotary Everyday C Hoist Clothesline 37m off line space. 3.2m diameter. Ground socket included. Ready to assemble. #170452*





Stream Talento Sink Mixer Suitable for all pressures. Chrome. 5 year warranty.

Orbit LED Downlights Warm white (3000k). 35 degree beam angle. Estimated life of 15000 hours. White or brushed aluminium. 4 - 10 Watt.


#236797* Each






Valspar Kitchen & Bathroom Ceiling A mould, mildew and moisture resistant paint ideal for rooms exposed to high humidity. White. 4 litre. #277527*



Cabot’s Aquadeck Decking Oil Low odour decking oil. Dirt and mould resistant. Fast recoat. Water repellent. Kwila. 8 litre. #247303*








Raid DIY Expert Advanced Insect Control System Dispenser, cover, 305g commercial strength refill, mounting bracket and battery. 305g. #174019*



#246152* or $5.10 bag




Hozelock Hose cart Hose cart with 25m hose. Accessories include hose nozzle and fitting kit, 5-way spray gun and 8 pattern sprinkler. #283349*






Fixing GIB plasterboard using screws and glue is the best practice method. It is, however, important that screws are not overdriven.



Remington Direct Drive Compressor mp pressor p ressor 40 litre tank capacity. Ideal Id l for f operating a tyre inflator, airbrush, air wrench and nail or staple gun. 2.5hp. #179487*

SAVE $100


$ 01

Number 8 Wheelbarrow Painted tray. Ready to assemble. 72 litre.





SAVE $40

Black + Decker er Workmate Workbench Dual height. 244mm jaw capacity. acity. 2 year warranty.

Werner 6 Step Dual Purpose Ladder Meets New Zealand industrial 150kg standards. 1.8 - 3.2m.

#-77172* Sheet

Number 8 Compost A mixture of organic ingredients ideal for improving soil structure. 40 litres.

#148933* or $4.77 each ach






GIB Patch Board Standard taper edge plasterboard for any repair job. 590 x 1200mm, 10mm thick.


Swan Plantss Plant now and feed the Monarch arch butterflies. Great for Kids to watch. 100mm pot.


Number 8 Garden Bed Strong and durable galvanised steel. Ready to assemble. H: 300mm, W: 1200mm, D: 900mm



SAVE $40



18 Volt Li-ion on D Drill Driver 10 torque settings. tting gs. Variable speed. ed. Anti-slip soft gri grip. ip. 1.5Ah. 2 yearr wa warranty. arranty.


SAVE $13




Rite 3 Garden Shed d High-tensile steel with aluzinc coating. Tools and assembly required. Floor sold separately. H: 1980mm at front, W: 1830mm, D: 1530mm. 15 year warranty. Made in New Zealand.




Drymix Quick To Set Concrete Sets is approximately 15 minutes. Simply add water. 25kg. #431136* Bag


Jobmate 50 Watt Cement Mixer 650 Wheel tipping for barrow filling and pouring. Single axle wheels for on-site moving. 160 litre. 2 year warranty. #273937*

Mitre 10 MEGA Kapiti

*If you find a lower price on an identical stocked product locally we will beat it by 15%. If you find the same product cheaper from another Mitre 10 website we’ll match that price. Excludes trade and special quotes, stock liquidations and commercial quantities. The in-store price may be lower than that advertised.

Available until Monday 15th February 2016. While stocks last. * Limited quantities apply. Props not included.

SAVE $100


#270078* Kit









NOUVEAU AU Chest Freezer White. 139 litre.



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135 Kapiti Rd, Paraparaumu Phone: 04 296 6440 Opening Hours Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 6pm



Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TPPA will benefit our local economy


The tiny grey warbler is common throughout the whole country, frequenting native and exotic forests and bush areas. Grey warblers can often be found moving about in pairs, and in family groups during the breeding seasons. While they are hard to see, being so small and so active, they can often be heard singing in the branches with a wonderful melodious warbling song. They are constantly on the move looking for small insects and caterpillars, so attempting to photograph them can be a frustrating experience. A favourite ploy is to download the song of the warbler on to a phone and play it loudly in the vicinity of

feeding birds. The warblers are attracted by the recorded calls and can approach very closely, providing good photo opportunities. The grey warblers’ nests are targeted by shining cuckoos during early summer, looking for hosts for their eggs. The cuckoos remove the warbler’s eggs or babies from the nest, so the warblers have to feed the baby cuckoos instead. The juvenile cuckoos grow to four of five times the size of their foster parents, which are kept very busy feeding their voracious youngsters! - Roger Smith

Valid at participating stores





42B Main Street, Otaki






local communities. We are a small export nation and trade is our lifeblood. Every region in New Zealand relies on trade, including Horowhenua and Kapiti. More than 40 per cent of New Zealand’s exports are sold to the 12 TPPA countries. Former Prime Minister Helen Clark said it would be unthinkable for New Zealand not to be in the agreement as an exporter and small trading nation. The whole process and agreement are very similar to the China Free Trade Agreement which has been far more successful than most people estimated. The 6000 page text of the TPPA and the National Interest Statement are both publicly available, and the signing last week means the Government progresses to a parliamentary process which includes public submissions. More information is available at Free Trade Agreements help create more jobs and ultimately higher incomes for Kiwis.

Water leaks a costly problem for council The current spell of warm dry weather is a reminder the months of February/ March are generally the driest period for our district. A recent flight to Queenstown revealed exactly what extremely dry means, with panoramic views of a totally parched countryside, devoid of any greenery or livestock. With most the hill country farmers in that southern region not having the ability to irrigate, and some of those that can being on restrictions, it was again another reminder that unlike our southern neighbours in the Wellington and Hutt Valley, who have been on water restrictions since October last year, we in Kapiti have no current restrictions on the water we use. Paekakariki residents however have voluntarily agreed to the year-round use of hand-held hoses at any time. In acknowledging that there are some people still opposed to water metering (who will probably not read this anyway) my take is that there is some very interesting statistics regarding our district water consumption, as we can now compare a definitive a period with and without water meters. Between the period August 2012 and January 2014 council identified 443 leaks on private property. As a result of the leaks on these properties being fixed by January 2015 the water use statistic for the period January 2015 to January 2016 shows a combined reduction in use of 90 percent from these properties. This to me is an alarming result. Not only an indication of how severe leakage was, but an indication that people had realised (through the trial water meter readings) how much it was

going to cost them if leaks were not fixed. This is a significant reason for the reduced demand that has resulted throughout the district. What about the council leaks, you say? Well we have a network of 460 kilometres of water pipe infrastructure. Sure there will be some leakage, no different than any other water system network in any other council, however our network system is monitored and any major leak is easily identifiable. On average council attends and repairs two minor water leaks per day, generally notified by the public. Total water use for our district is the sum of water pumped from the Otaki bores, the Kakariki reservoir outflow, the Riwai reservoir outflow and the Paekakariki reservoir outflow. The average daily water use demand for the district has dropped alarmingly and can be compared; 2012/2013 (1907m3/day), 2013/2014 (18438m3/day), 2014/2015 (15724m3/day). While this is a 21 per cent reduction in average annual water use during this period it includes a reduction of 26 percent in peak day water use. It will be interesting to compare our water consumption over the next two months and if we have to use the River Charge Scheme for more than the 12 hours that it operated last year.


Ph: (06) 364 8511

* The Bottle-O supports the responsible service of alcohol. Specials valid until 21/02/16 or while stocks last. Retail quantities only. No trade supplied. Cash & Carry only. All prices include GST where applicable.Tobacco & Alcohol not sold to under 18’s. Prices exclude reserve or premium varieties unless specified. E. & O. E. Images for advertising purposes only.

I believe the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, or TPPA, will have many benefits for us locally. The ground-breaking free trade agreement includes 12 Pacific countries that represent 36 per cent of the global economy and 800 million customers. It’s a massive step forward for Kiwis, with successive New Zealand governments having sought free trade agreements with USA and Japan for around 25 years. In simple terms, the agreement removes most of the tariffs and quotas other countries impose on our exports. Not only is it set to provide a massive boost for New Zealand’s economy, the agreement will be good for many local businesses. Horowhenua and Kapiti have a strong primary sector so local businesses such as red meat producers, dairy farmers, foresters and vegetable growers will benefit which will ultimately grow the local economy and attract more jobs. Vegetable growers such as asparagus, squash and onion growers are based in Horowhenua and Kapiti. They are in for a major boost and will be given much easier access to the third biggest economy in the world, Japan. New Zealand farmers, growers, fishers and foresters are set to save $272 million in tariff savings which will flow into our

IN BRIEF ■ Leading New Zealand baking brand Nature’s Fresh is hosting a fun filled day of free outdoor activities, games and enjoyment at Queen Elizabeth Park on Sunday, via MacKays Crossing entrance, between 11am to 3pm.There will be gumboot throwing, giant jenga, threelegged and egg and spoon races and a sausage sizzle. ■ Today is the national Go By Bike Day, and Kiwis across New Zealand are leaving their cars at home to cycle to

work or school. Events will be taking place around the country to celebrate Go By Bike Day, including free breakfasts in many regions for the dedicated bike riders. February is Bike Wise Month and NZ Transport Agency is encouraging Kiwis to dust off their bikes and get cycling this summer. Events are taking place throughout the month, visit to check out what’s happening in your area.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News



Life in retirement’s fast lane

“’re never too old to exercise – you’ve just got to choose the right way to do it”

If you’ve always imagined that life in a retirement village is all about slowing down, you may want to think again.


or thousands of residents at Ryman Healthcare’s 30 villages in New Zealand and Australia, life is more busy and active than it was before. That pace of life is largely down to the hard work of Nicki Brown, who developed Ryman’s first circuit classes for residents eight years ago. Today more than 2,500 residents follow her Triple A fitness regime each week. Triple A – which stands for Ageless, Active, Aware – is a key part of Ryman’s

04 293 1390

Engage activities programme. Nicki has a background in exercise physiology, and has completed a research project on physical activity in older adults. Her conclusion was that residents were more physically active after they moved into a Ryman village than they were before. Residents have also recorded significant improvements in their strength and balance as a result of attending Triple A classes. Triple A classes are optional and come at no extra cost to Ryman residents – they can take it or leave it if they like – but if demand for Nicki’s classes is anything to go by, the majority are taking it. Nicki’s mantra is that the more active you are – at any age or stage – the healthier you will be in the years ahead.

“Having such a good take up of the programme is significant because there’s a wealth of evidence that shows the more you exercise the healthier and more independent you will be in the long term,’’ Nicki says. “The truth is that you’re never too old to exercise – you’ve just got to choose the right way to do it.’’ When you have Triple A, a pool and regular exercise classes on tap at a Ryman village, it is harder to come up with excuses not to exercise, she says. Ryman’s Engage programme caters to the intellectual as well as the physical. Other activities include quizzes, music and art classes, resident choir, skiffle bands and men’s club.


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Negative letters I enjoy our community newspapers and the positive stories run each week about our local amenities and peoples’ achievement. But now and again I am surprised at the negative tone of some letters such as that from Murray Eggers (Kapiti News Jan 27). Murray strongly questioned the benefit of the new cycling/ walking track from Raumati to Paekakariki. He “couldn’t imagine it appealing to walkers any more that walking down an expressway”. He has a very different perception to me of what I and many others see as a great facility for both walkers and bikers. Over the last 20 years I’ve run, biked and walked through QE2 Park and enjoyed the environment so much, we retired here from the Hutt. I’m too old to run now, but my wife and I still walk or ride the many tracks most days. We have really enjoyed the new track and have not found the slightest conflict between walkers and cyclists. We enjoy the increased use of it and seeing the many individuals and family groups traversing it and sticking to the left. A cheery wave and a kind word or greeting comes to and from most of them, be they riding, walking or running. There are still very many walking tracks with few cyclists, if that’s Murray’s preference, There’s the Whareroa stream track that goes south to the McKays Crossing stables, then the track beside the road from the ranger’s office there to the coastal carpark from. There’s the Marine’s track from the memorial through to Paekakariki, there’s the beach itself, the beach track beside it and the inland track from the Esplanade all the way to

Paekakariki. The suggestion that “someone has gaffed mightily” in building the new combined track is unfair. While I concede there’s always the possibility of a rogue cyclist, for all the sensible users and the enjoyment most people are getting from its establishment, those who funded, designed and built the new cycle/walkway deserve only high praise and thanks. JOE FRANKLIN RAUMATI SOUTH

SuperGold issues

Nigel Wilson in his column criticising the Governments proposed changes to the SuperGold Card has it absolutely right. A change to bulk funding goes counter to what National stands for — accountability. When I go by bus, the driver records it. On the train they give me a ticket. Thus each usage is recorded. To say this can only be done by a new system is rubbish. The trouble seems to stem from Aucklanders having no afternoon time limit. In Wellington, after 3pm you pay. No such limit in Auckland. Also there is apparently a huge blowout with people in Auckland going on $15 each way ferry trips to Waiheke. The simple solution, bring in the limits imposed on those who live outside the city of extravagant waste. Mr Wilson mentions our MP, Nathan Guy. I say have a chat to him, man to man, put him in the real picture. Our MP loves to have common sense prevail. And users should write expressing your concerns. CHRISTOPHER RUTHE PARAPARAUMU

Local vandalism

Re local vandalism (Kapiti News Feb 3 ‘Tackle local vandalism”). Keep Waikanae Beautiful has been tackling ‘graffiti vandalism’, which includes ‘poster tagging’, for many years and will continue to address this ongoing problem. When tagging occurs, however small, we ask the business owners /residents if they will please remove it — and mostly they generously do so. Lately we have had tagging outbreaks on Vodaphone and Electra control boxes and both organisations have expressed support and given us contacts for their Wellington-based Maintenance Teams. We also have close liaison with Kapiti District Council staff who are very helpful and remove

tagging from their buildings Waikanae library, Mahara Gallery and the public toilets, as soon as they are able. We have suggested that service centre staff check council buildings weekly and ensure the removal of such tagging. Tagging does indeed cost communities, but by using the ‘Broken Windows’ approach — fixing as soon as possible — taggers are discouraged. It is up to every community to do what they can — we depend on the people of Waikanae and they generally support us. There are ‘Adopt a Spot’ anti-graffiti boxes, supplied by Keep New Zealand Beautiful, in each service centre on the Kapiti Coast including Waikanae. They can be borrowed, used to remove tagging and returned- KCDC does the top up of materials. NORMA MCCALLUM KEEP WAIKANAE BEAUTIFUL

Power to change

When the people of this land work out that they have the power to change New Zealand for the better, that will be when we save our fragile democracy. But we will only win if it is done in a nonviolent way. We will be provoked many times. The power will write us off, they will degenerate our efforts. This will only make us stronger. We will take New Zealand back no matter what Johnny Padlock (the key to nothing unless you’re rich) does to us. We are the country, him and his

kind are only installed via elections. Not to rule like emperors but as representative of our will. When that sacred trust has been betrayed, we are quite within our rights to rebel. As Thomas Jefferson stated many many years ago, “If a law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it he is obligated to do so”. Let the call go out to those with the ears to hear, we will not bow to the corporations, we will not be minions of the evil empire. We will fight non violently for our rights. We will not be turned away from what is our birthright, to live peaceful happy lives, to raise our children as fine human beings and not slaves of the super wealthy. We Will Not Bend Our Knee To The Might Of Tyrannical Government Or Their Masters The Corporations. CHRIS WALKER OTAKI BEACH

Supporting mums

I refer to the article (Jan 20) by Cloe Willets who writes from a mothers perspective on what a working mum offers to her employer. She notes in the article that it is the same essential skills that a Mum uses to balance the commitments to her children that are the skills also so sought after by employers. She talks about the need for a mother to negotiate, multi task, have superior communication skills to name a few while at the same time being a great role model to her children. The Soroptimist Club of Kapiti would like to add their support to the points raised in Cloe’s article. We are an organisation committed to a world where women achieve their individual and collective potential and endorse all the points in this article. MARIAN MARSHALL SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL KAPITI COAST

Come and meet our new Village Manager!

Meet Linda and let her show you around our beautiful village. OP E N D DAAYY SSuunnddaayy1147tthhFJa ebnruuaarry 1 1 m -- 44ppm 11aam m.

AVAILABLE NOW! 2-BED VILLA WITH GARAGE $195,000 www.milife All occupation licences for units at the village are secured by a first-ranking mortgage over the village land in favour of the Statutory Supervisor.

Independent retirement living at its best.

78 Queenwood Road, Levin Call Linda on (06) 368 1850

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News


Poetry star performs for Kapiti College students Students at Kapiti College were treated to a half-day with international Spoken Word poetry star Harry Baker last Friday. Fresh from two gigs in Wellington as part of his Haztralasia tour, Baker performed a one-hour show to 600 delighted staff and students. In between well-known poems

GUEST SPEAKER: Harry Baker talks to Kapiti College students. PHOTO: KAP090216SPLHARRY

like The Sunshine Kid, Real Men and Paper People, Baker discussed many humorous anecdotes about his maths raps and his newspaper round, how he nearly went to medical school, and when he wrote his first “stereotypical love poem” but added dinosaurs to make it cool. Students and staff were riveted by his performance, which included a mix of bittersweet and laugh-out-loud material. Baker also ran two workshops for beginning and experienced writers and performers.

During these workshops, the students were encouraged to be unapologetically themselves, and he used a range of exercises to help them tap into their creativity in a fun and safe way. Baker was a complete inspiration and having this opportunity to meet him was a dream come true for many — and certainly, an experience they will never forget. — Written by Patricia Simmons, Year 11, who won the Wellington Youth Slam last year.

Focus on efficient energy this year Stay local,

study on the coast

+ Certificate in Beauty and Hairdressing + New Zealand Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) (Level 5) + New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 4) + New Zealand Certificate in Hospitality (Level 2) + New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3) + Certificate in Office Administration and Computing (Introductory) + Diploma in Outdoor Adventure + Certificate in Outdoor Adventure + Certificate in Advanced Photography* + Certificate in Practical Photography* *Offered in partnership with The Photo School, Raumati

>> BECOME PART OF OUR JOURNEY IN 2016 >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >


The Otaki Energy Co-operative is encouraging people to focus on energy efficiency and sustainability this year. Some quick tips include: ■ Switch off lights when you are not in a room and replace your iridescent lights with LEDs. ■ Don’t use standby for your PC, audio system or TV but switch them off at either the wall or use a power bank which switches several appliances off at once. ■ Unplug phone chargers after the phone is charged (only 5 per cent of the power is used to recharge the phone battery). ■ Heat only as much water as you really need to prepare a hot drink. ■ When replacing appliances, such as a refrigerator or washing machine or office equipment, such as a computer or printer, choose an energy-efficient model and save. Calculate your possible savings using the Energywise website running-costs-calculator/#/ “Every kilowatt you save helps to reduce your power bill, more money in the bank, and also reduces the carbon footprint,” the group says. “To give you an idea what can you do with 1 kWh, here are some comparisons: prepare a dinner for four people, watch seven hours of TV, brew nine litres of tea, spend five hours on your PC or 50 hours on the laptop, toast 133 slices of bread. “To reduce your power bill even further, consider installing solar panels on your roof and start saving straight away. An array of 500 kW (two panels) in most cases covers the basic house load. “By using solar power directly you are eliminating the need to buy power from the grid, which is approximately 30c per kWh. If you were to export excess power to the grid you will only get around 8c per kWh for your power, which is not as economic as using the power yourself. So don’t generate more than you can use. The co-op helps households in their move towards energy efficiency. Their advice on power use includes an assessment with specialist auditing tools, and whether installing solar power panels is a viable investment. Energy efficient products like LED lights, heaters and other electrical equipment are also on offer to co-op members. Benefits for members include discounts on purchases, rebates on transactions and dividends on shares. Trading under Coastal Energy, the co-op aims to empower communities to influence, manage and implement renewable electrical supply.

ENROL NOW Whitireia and WelTec are strategic partners delivering more choice to students


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Leading Edge Pelvic Floor Clinic Opens in Kapiti Pelvic floor dysfunction is one of the most common, yet one of the least talked about, medical issues we face. But while pelvic floor dysfunction is very common, it’s not ‘normal’. It’s also unlikely to get better by itself. The good news is, for many people, it’s a problem that can be quickly and easily improved. And in many cases, cured completely.

“If you’re experiencing ‘leaking’ when you cough, sneeze, laugh or lift heavy objects, you’re not alone – it’s estimated that 1.1 million New Zealanders suffer from incontinence.”

A Holisitic Approach

inflammation, which can cause many pelvic pain conditions. It’s also proven that correcting chronic constipation and reducing weight can help people suffering from conditions such as pelvic prolapse.”

Thankfully a new clinic is providing hope g to many people who are experiencing problems relating to poor pelviic floor function.

The Coregood Institute uses a holistic approach to treat issues with the pelvic floor, groin and lower back. “We don’t just ymptoms of pelvic dysfunction, stop the sy we target th he issues ca ausing the symptoms in the first pllace,”” says Nathan.

Founded by local physsiotherapist, Nathan Scott, the Coreg good d Institute specialises in the assessm men nt and treatment of injuries to, and dysfunction in th he pellvic region, inc clud ding the pelvic fl floo or, groin and lowe er back.

gnosstical In many cases the clinic uses diag ultrasound (through the abdomen) to o aiid with the assessment of pelvic issues and d ensure the corrrect diagnosis is made and the most approprriate course of treatment identified.

Alongside this more traditional approach to pelvic floor treatment, the Coregood Institute is the first clinic in New Zealand to offer the latest technological advancement fro om Europe – the PelviCenter.

es of the pelv vic region have a “Issue masssive impact on n your lifestyle, and we understand d that talking about these issu ues with a health professional is not ea asy y,” says Nathan.

As well as traditional physioth hera apy treatment and advice on pelvic fl floo or strengthening, the clinic also offerss effective natural solutions and nutritiion nal advice to treat and better manage som me of the underlying chronic conditions tha at can lead to pelvic dysfunction.

“We’re extremely proud to be the first people to bring this leading edge technology to New Zealand.”

“Bailey, our in-house Nutritionist, can advise you on reducing risk through correct dietary habits,” explains Nathan. “For example, gut digestion, balance and health is foundational to reducing

“Widely ussed d throughout Europe, medical research ha as proven the PelviCenter to be the most effe ective non surgical solution fo or addresssin ng many pelvic floor issues, in ncluding strress urinary incontinence,”

The Coregood Institute

“Att the Coregood Institute we offer a saffe env virronment where you can discuss your isssues openly and without fear. You do on’t have to worry – we’ve heard it all before and we’re happy to talk co onfid dentially about anything at all. You’ll proba ably be pleasantly surprised to find that most issues can be resolved quickly and d eassily.” Ourr methods are non invasive and “O ofte en mean you can avoid higher risk optiion ns such as surgery or prescription mediicin ne. Even if you still require surgery, our me et od ds are complimentary and will assist in n o timising your outcomes and speeding g y ur recovery.”

“If you’re experiencing pelvic floor problems, please seek advice from an expert in pelvic floor health. These problems are unlikely to get better by themselves but there’s absolutely no need to simply ‘put up’ with it – there’s a good chance they can be successfully treated.”

Leading Edge Solution

Nathan has been providing physiotherapy services on the Kapiti Coast since 2002 and is New Zealand’s only male qualified pelvic floor physiotherapist.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pelvic floor performance can be affected by a number of factors, including: pregnancy and childbirth; constipation; ageing; obesity; menopause; high impact sports; heavy lifting; genetic factors; and pelvic surgery.

Why do I need a strong pelvic floor? Made up of a broad sling of muscles and connective tissue stretching between your pubic bone and tailbone, your pelvic floor acts like a mini trampoline, naturally stretching and bouncing back up whenever pressure is put on it from above. It performs several functions, including: • supporting your pelvic organs (bladder and bowel, as well as the uterus and vagina in women)

A Leading Edge Solution to Pelvic Floor Issues The PelviCenter is a revolutionary German engineered technology that uses a magnetic field to contract and train your pelvic floor muscles automatically, leading to rapid improvement in pelvic floor function, coordination and strength.

Kapiti News

• controlling the muscle contractions that assist in urinary and faecal continence • contributing to sexual function and pleasure • forming a vital connection with other muscles of the spine, hip and abdomen to create a strong, stable and coordinated core.

“Issues like incontinence and erectile dysfunction may be common, but they’re not normal. The good news is that they can often be successfully treated, quickly and easily.”

Common symptoms associated with weak pelvic floor muscles include: • accidentally leaking urine when laughing, coughing or exercising •needing to rush to the toilet, or not being able to get there in time •reduced control or leaking from the bowel •(women) feeling heaviness, dragging, pulling or bulging inside the vagina (often worse with exercise) •(men) feeling a bulge in the rectum, or feeling a need to use the bowels but not being able to pass anything •(women) decreased vaginal sensation, sexual arousal and ability to orgasm •(men) erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation •urinary frequency – more than once for every two hours awake and more than once in the night •pain in your pelvic, groin or buttock area.

Did you know? •1 in 2 women will experience urinary leakage at one time or another (and 1 in 4 will avoid activities such as sports, going to the gym or even walking because of it) •Almost 1 in 5 teenage girls will also experience urinary leakage •1 in 2 women who give birth experience Pelvic Organ Prolapse •1 in 3 women will have difficulty achieving orgasm •1 in 4 men will experience erectile dysfunction •1 in 4 men will have trouble achieving orgasm •Just over 1 in 10 men will develop urinary incontinence •Almost 9 in 10 men who undergo radical prostatectomy surgery will experience incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

A standard treatment plan involves 16 x 25 minute treatments, preferably 2-3 times per week, with initial results typically noticeable after 2-3 treatments.

It is at the leading edge of pelvic floor treatment and the Coregood Institute is the only clinic in New Zealand to offer this treatment option. Medically proven to be the world’s most effective non surgical solution for addressing stress urinary incontinence, it can also successfully treat a wide range of lower urinary tract and pelvic floor disorders.

“The PelviCenter is a game changer in the treatment of pelvic floor conditions such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.” Advantages of treatment: •remain fully clothed at all times •fully automated – simply sit on the chair •comfortable and easy •100% safe, pain free with no negative side effects •no drugs, no injections, no probes, no electrodes, no surgery •proven to produce similar results to surgery (but without the risks) •can also strongly improve sexual function and performance. For more information about the Coregood Clinic, and pelvic floor health in general, please visit us at:

Shop 12A Coastlands Shopping Mall Paraparaumu email: phone: (04) 297 0304 website: When it comes to core health, we can help you here: Pelvic Pain | Back Pain & Strengthening | Continence | Bladder Health Sexual Function & Performance | Postpartum Rehabilitation (women) Prostate Health (males) | Digestive Health | Optimal Nutrition Preconception Health & Preparation | Athletic Performance | Cellulite Removal



Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Council tests algae after dog death Following the death of a dog last week, Greater Wellington Regional Council are warning river users with dogs to avoid the Otaki river mouth and estuary. The exact cause of the dog death is still being investigated, but poisoning from toxic algae is suspected. “We’ve been in contact with the dog owner to express our concern over this incident and have visited the site today to

sample the algae present,” regional council senior environmental scientist Summer Greenfield said. “There was a small amount of the toxic algae that grow as black or brown mats at the site but not an amount that would normally trigger a warning. “We are currently having samples tested for other types of toxic algae. “We’ve expressed our sympathy to the family at the

loss of their family pet and we’ll continue to monitor this river. “If anything changes we will update information on the summer check website. “Our weekly monitoring further upstream at the State Highway One Bridge shows levels of toxic algae are within safe levels in this part of the river. “We advise people to find out what toxic algae looks like at

faqs and to avoid it if they come across it while swimming. “We also recommend people keep their dogs on a lead if they are concerned about coming into contact with toxic algae.” If ingested the algae can kill livestock and dogs and contact can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and skin irritations in humans. Monitoring of Wellington waterways and coastal areas is carried out by Greater Wellington Regional Council

and local authorities weekly over the summer months. Results of the monitoring and latest warnings are posted at Other information about toxic algae, including a guide of what to look for and what to do if you are worried about possible contact with toxic algae can be found at

TURNING UP THE HEAT ON WAITANGI DAY Sweltering hot Waitangi Day commemorations were held at the Whakarongotai Marae in Waikanae on Saturday. In baking hot conditions, people enjoyed a calm relaxed day involving powhiri, speeches, activities, singing, hangi, and more. The official MetService temperature gauge at Kapiti Coast Airport recorded 30C, making the district the warmest place in the country. Weather enthusiast Murray Eggers, from Paraparaumu, who recorded 32 degrees, said “It’s unusual for a west coast place to be the warmest, as the prevailing westerly off the sea tends to temper the heat, whereas on the east coast this westerly turns into a warm fohn wind as it comes over the ranges raising temperatures.”

AWESOME: Children entertain in front of the Whakarongotai marae.


YUMMY: Not long to go before people eat sumptuous hangi food. PHOTO: DAVID HAXTON / KAP080216DHHANGI

UNISON: Youngsters entertain.





WASH FROM $4.00 DRY FROM $4.00

5 5 5 5 5 5 5

0B86 3:.<:8 ,;K:68 /<B: 342<68 F$L" 7!BL"<68 7<==$L& (B8%<:8 3KM<86$? GB4L=:.

For 20 minutes (Dry up to 4 loads) Wash & Dry in 1 hour approx

(9,J 9E' > 3*)1+,C FIEH 7G9EH1+,C 9E' 7133IE/

0D- DEG' #@A

PRECISION: Carving teacher Chris Gerretzen creating a wooden mask. PHOTO: DAVID HAXTON / KAP080216DHCARVE

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

KEEP CALM THEREâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S

STILL TIME to enrol

Certificate in Adult Teaching (Advanced) Certificate in Art and Design Certificate in Automotive Engineering Certificate in Automotive Panel and Paint Certificate for Advanced Computer Users Certificate in Beauty Services National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing National Certificate In Beauty Services (Nail Technology) Certificate in Business Studies Certificate in Carpentry Certificate in Computer Graphic Design Certificate in Contemporary Music Performance Certificate in Electrical and Related Trades (Pre-Employment) Certificate in English Language Certificate in Exercise and Sport Performance Certificate in Fashion and Beauty Certificate in Fitting, Welding and Machining Certificate in General Farm Skills Certificate in Hairdressing Practice


Certificate in Hairdressing (Salon Support) Certificate in Information Technology for Business

Bachelor of Applied Management

Certificate in Joinery (Pre-Employment)

Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging

Certificate in Maori Studies

Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design

Certificate in Science & Health

Bachelor of Design and Arts

National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational/Workplace)

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

National Certificate in Beauty Services (Nail Technology)

Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (Applied)

National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing National Certificate in Carpentry

Bachelor of Nursing

National Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care

Bachelor of Social Work

National Certificate in Engineering â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fabrication

Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

National Certificate Farming Skills (Work Ready) National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering


National Certificate in Mental Health (Mental Health Support Work) National Certificate in Security (Site Security)

Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Northland Polytechnic Certificate in Whakairo (Visual Arts)

Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance

NZ Certificate in Cookery

Diploma in Enrolled Nursing

NZ Certificate in Food and Beverage

Diploma in Furniture Design and Making

NZ Certificate in Joinery

Diploma in Information and Communications Technology (Applied)

NZ Certificate in Tourism

NZ Certificate in Baking

graduate & Postgraduate

Diploma in Interior Design Diploma in Performing Arts

Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (Honours)

Diploma in Photographic Imaging

Graduate Diploma in Animation

National Diploma in Science

Graduate Diploma in Information and Communications Technology (Software Development) or (Computer Networks)

NZ Diploma in Architectural Technology

Master of Design

NZ Diploma in Business

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology

NZ Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) NZ Diploma in Construction Management NZ Diploma in Engineering (Electrical Engineering) (Power Specialisation) NZIM Diploma in Practice Management (Health)

Postgraduate Diploma of Design

foundation programmes Certificate in Tertiary Study Skills

Certificate in Vocational Skills

Certificate in Tertiary Study

Free & Easy Computing Course

Check out our website or visit one of our Information Centres to see what programmes are on offer at a campus near you










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Kapiti Cardiac Club

This is a club nobody wants to qualify to join, but if you have had a heart event, heart procedure, or have high blood pressure, angina or high cholesterol we provide a walking exercise programme, meetings, social events, information, Heart Foundation literature, as well as support from others who are happy survivors.

Joan Carr Memorial Walk Join us for a Sunday stroll February 14th

To commence the National Heart Foundation Heart Awareness Week you are invited to join an easy paced walk in memory of Joan Carr around the lagoons and wildlife at Waikanae, Sunday 14th of February. Joan was an inspiritation to many older cardiac sufferers by taking part in the New York Marathon when she was in her 70’s. Meet at 9:45am at the footbridge in the Otaihanga Domain Children are welcome. The 2 routes (roughly 45 minutes or an hour and a quarter are flat and suited to strollers. Sausage sizzle at end. Gold coin donation to the Heart Foundation

For info ph 04 298 2015 04 293 7872 e-mail




FEBRUARY Friday 12th, 19th, 26th Kapanui school hall Waikanae • 7-30 to 9-30pm

Many people join clubs as a way of getting to know people and develop relationships, which is ideal when searching for friends with similar interest. Clubs allow you to socialise at club meetings and training, as well as during enjoyable club events. For those who are nervous when meeting people, clubs can also be a great way of breaking the ice because you already have the conversation starter!

per class



Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Annie Christie 0274804803 or Ray Young 04 2938071

Come and join in the fun at Kapiti GymSports. We’re in the Big Green Building on Mazengarb Reserve! We offer a variety of classes.

Check out our preschool classes. Pre school classes


4 - 5 years (45 mins)









Under’/over 3 (45 mins)



2 – 3 (30 mins)



Toddlers (30 mins)


Babies (30 mins)

10.15 9.30

9.30 12.00

We have plenty of classes for older children too! For 5 years and older we have Kiwi Fun GYM, Incentive Awards Programme, Trampolining, Tumble or Cheer classes. We have fun hosting birthday parties; we run a holiday programme and cater for private group sessions.

Contact us on 04 2987010 or or pop in we’d love to see you! Scaife Drive off Mazengrab Road, Paraparaumu There is a lot going on in the big green building!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016


KAPITI HERB SOCIETY Do you want to learn about the use and value of growing herbs, take part in herb related activities and be enthralled by our informative speakers? All this topped off by refreshing herbal teas and light refreshments! Join us on the second Tues each month at the Senior Citizens Hall, Ocean Road, Paraparaumu at 10am.



Contact Jan Meese 042984151 or email for more info




FOOTBALL? Try Kapiti Coast United, the Kapiti Coast’s biggest football club.

We take junior players from 4 to 14 years. We offer age-appropriate, skills-based football to junior players. Whether your child is looking for fun or for serious football, KCU is the place. Registrations are now open!

For more info, see our website



OTAKI RSA COMMUNITY CLUB 9 RAUKAWA STREET, OTAKI Become a member today Great regular entertainment, Housie, Quiz nights, TAB, Sky Tv, Happy Hour, 18 Gaming Machines A great atmosphere and somewhere for you to belong.

9 Raukawa Street Otaki • Come on down and check us out at the Otaki RSA – Enjoy a lovely dining


open online

through th thro hro roug ughh ou ug ourr We Webpage W ebp bpag bp agee at ag Open NOW and close off on 11th March 2016 so get et your registrations in quick!!! !! For anyone wanting more information or to drop boots/ shin pads off, contact: com or call Fiona on 06 36405233


meal for your group or finger food


please contact Dave or Liz for options.

If you would like to learn a new skill and make new friends, try the exciting card game of Bridge. It can be played by people of all ages socially, competitively or internationally.

For more information call 364 6221 or visit Find us on Facebook



atmosphere …..that is Poppies. • We can cater your function, be it a

We have a Registration day @ our clubrooms, Haruatai Park on Sunday 21st Feb from 1-3pm for anyone needing help to register online, or want to see what it’s all about, purchase 2nd hand boots @ $5 pair (*all boot/shin pad donations accepted now), club socks $12 pair, meet some coaches, have some fun. We NEED Football Coaches & Committee members NOW for both our Football subcommittee & Otaki Sports Club Inc Management committee, to keep our club alive and strong for our community and our future. Our Management committee oversees Tennis, Squash & Football in its entirety and NEEDS MORE PEOPLE ASAP. Contact to lodge your interest as we don’t have a confirmed management meeting date for February yet. Our Junior Sub-committee needs more members to help with registrations, organise teams, gear, prize giving, fundraising ventures, entures, run meetings, communications, newsletters, social media, etc Anyone and everyone welcome that’s willing to give a bit of time. me. The more hands the less work!!



Kapiti has a range of clubs that enable people to share special interests and knowledge. More than just focused on the appreciation of a particular sport, hobby or topic, special interest clubs can help people connect through the sharing of interests. They can also help people acquire new skills and talents.

Kapiti News

Cost is $25 for 10 lessons to be held on consecutive Monday evenings and includes full course notes. On going mentoring provided after completion of lesson. If you would like to know more please call Blair Campbell (04) 293 6765 or email and register. Venue: Waikanae Bridge Club, 27B Elizabeth Street, Waikanae

Player comments“We. enjoy playing Bridge together. We can practice. together at home and further hone our skills at the Club”. “I enjoy playing Bridge at the Club and it is also fun playing with people from all over the world on my computer”. “Bridge is a great game for people of all ages. I enjoy the competitive side of the game. It is also lot of fun trying out new ideas".


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

If you go down to the woods . . . The annual Teddy Bears Picnic at Mazengarb Reserve, Paraparaumu drew thousands of guests on Sunday, on one of the sunniest days of the season. As well as hosting special guest Suzy Cato and cuddly event mascot BJ Bear, the Teddy Bears Picnic saw a popular firsttime appearance from Barney the Dinosaur and children’s

entertainer Matt Time. Children showed off their colourful array of teddies while enjoying picnics with their families, and tucked in to an onsite sausage sizzle run by event sponsor Beach FM, traditional hot foods including fresh burgers and free range chicken nuggets, and the sweet favourite candy floss.

The All Star Victory Cheerleaders also wowed the crowd along with Tamihana Paurini of Jett’s Fitness Paraparaumu, who took guests through an energising dance routine followed by prizes. The usual Best Bear competition was an event highlight, and prizes were handed out for the Biggest Bear,

the Smallest Bear, the Oldest Looking Bear, the Best Dressed Bear and the Best non-Bear. Event organiser Louise Hinto-Dench, who has run the event for the past five years, said this year’s Teddy Bears Picnic was a busy success. “We raised $900 for the Rainbow Charity Trust, an organisation that formed only

four months ago and offers respite care to parents of children who have special needs and disabilities,” she said. “This year’s event was the most entertaining so far, needing crowd control for Barney the Dinosaur!” All of the profits from the gold coin entry to the picnic will go to the Rainbow Charity Trust.

FIRST TIME: Baby Aila Young, of Otaki, with her own special teddy bear. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP090216CWAILAYOUNG

SHOWCASE: Some of the All Star Victory Cheerleaders preparing for their big performance. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP090216CWALLSTAR

BOUNCY FUN: (Right) Sister and brother team Talyessin Sloman, 5, and Adienna Sloman, 10, enjoying the bouncy slide. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP090216CWSLOMAN

HAPPY:(FAR right) Phoenix Speight, 6, sharing the fun with his favourite teddy. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP090216CWPHOENIXSPEIGHT

CUDDLY: Event mascot and friendly face BJ Bear. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP090216CWBJBEAR

FAVOURITE: Picnic highlight Barney the Dinosaur, who drew the biggest crowd of dancers for the day during his first-time appearance at the event. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP090216CWBARNEY

INTERACTIVE: Popular local children’s entertainer Matt Clayton of Matt Time. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP090216CWMATTTIME

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News

Powering your loca communi Every month you can win $1000 for your local school or community organisation* plus $1000 for yourself.

Plus N0 Fixed Term Contracts!

Join the locals an be into win for yo and your commu *Terms and Conditions visit

0800 968 736



Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

No place for gender discrimination Cloe Willetts Well known face Rob McCann, of Otaihanga, has stepped up to voice his “disgust” at plans by a neomasculinist group to hold public meetings in New Zealand and Australia. Mr McCann, New Zealand’s White Ribbon campaign manager, and who was Labour’s Otaki electorate candidate at the last elections, described the “deluded and disgusting”

ideology of internet-based group Return of the Kings as having no place in modern society. “For this group to advocate that ‘rape on private property should be legalised’ is abhorrent. “We don’t need people like this peddling their own version of misogyny.” With New Zealand and Australia having recently rejected the presence of international group the Pick-Up Artists, a men’s movement with the goal of seduction and sexual success to women, Mr McCann

said the public should once again stand its ground. “Most men treat women with respect, but the biggest cause of violence is the belief that men have more rights and power than women. “This group will try and perpetuate that belief, and for that reason alone, we shouldn’t be letting them into New Zealand.” Return of the Kings, formed by leader Daryush ‘Roosh' Valizadeh, shares views that include women not being able to

vote and being biologically dispositioned to follow the orders of males. As part of its first public appearance, the group stated that women, transgender men and homosexual men would not be allowed to attend the meetings. White Ribbon statistics state that fewer than 20 per cent of abuse cases are reported in New Zealand. The organisation’s latest campaign Respectful Relationships, launched in

November last year, focuses on the importance of sexual consent. Children’s Commissioner and paediatrician Dr Russell Wills said the views of the Return of the Kings would be “abhorrent to New Zealand men”. “We are proud to live in a country where women and men are valued equally,” Dr Wills said. “Gender discrimination and stereotyping like this has no place here.”

Finding their voice in rhythm Cloe Willetts A wave of vibrant music came from the Kapiti Shed Project workshop last week, during its first percussion band jam session of the year. Twenty-one budding musicians smashed symbols and hit drums under the expert tuition of Wellingtonbased percussion instructor Andreas Lepper, who has taught music to people with intellectual disabilities since 1979. The enthusiastic turnout followed a two-year vision from workshop founder Denise Wood, who wanted to create a percussion band that enabled group members to express themselves creatively, develop new skills and eventually busk and perform publicly. Aiming to create public awareness for people in the community with intellectual disabilities, Mr Wood said he hoped the creative endeavour would “change public opinion about the value our members have to offer in communities”. “At Shed Project we’re very

much into creating public awareness for people with disabilities and exposing their abilities. “This percussion band shows exactly what they can achieve. “Andreas is a specialist in teaching music to people with disabilities, particularly in percussion, and we’re very lucky to have got hold of him.” Hoping to continue offering the band jam sessions, which take place at the workshop’s Tongariro St-based premise once a week, Kapiti Shed Project is seeking supporters and sponsors to help with continued funding for the service. “We’d appreciate any sponsorship support from local organisations or businesses and would like to thanks those who have already assisted, including Paraparaumu’s Gold Coast Mechanical. “This sort of project is of great value to both the community and the differently abled.” To help as a sponsor or volunteer, contact Kapiti Shed Project on (04) 297-2713 or email

MAKING MUSIC: Mathew Norberg and Daniel Howard, members of the Kapiti Shed Project, having fun during the workshop’s first percussion band jam session. PHOTO: CLOE WILLETTS / KAP030216CWSHEDPROJECT

Young summer reading stars win honours Cloe Willetts Some of Kapiti’s best young readers were honoured at a celebration party at Waikanae Pools last week. The Summer Reading Programme Party, hosted by Kapiti Coast District Council, concluded a four week initiative that saw over 200 local children partake in a school holidays reading programme. Each child who completed last month’s programme received a certificate and free book to encourage their reading efforts, thanks to the generosity of sponsors Friends of the Library and book

SUMMER STARS: Among the young readers honoured at a Summer Reading Programme pool party last week were, from left, Sophie-Ann Ainsworth, 10, Olivia Groube, 10, Eilidh Hamilton, 11 and Ciorstiadh Hamilton, 10. PHOTO: KAP040216SPLWAIKANAEPOOLS

suppliers Baker and Taylor and James Bennett. While some of the children spent the early evening cooling down in the pool and playing on the inflatables and hydroslide, others sat in the quiet shade under trees reading books. The Summer Reading Programme had children check into the library once a week either in person or online, where they shared their personal reading endeavours over the summer break. “We had a number of teen helpers, known as ‘volunteens’, who helped by checking in the kids, talking to them about their reading and rewarding them with a small prize incentive each time,” said council youth services coordinator Pam Coleman. “We feel it’s a wonderful opportunity to engage with children and young people who love reading, as well as to encourage them to continue developing their literacy skills over summer while on holiday from school. “Most importantly for the children, it was all about having fun,” added Pam.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News


e g a P Pet Are you looking for a new best friend? Then come and meet all these lovely cats, some very cute kittens, and other appealing dogs. They are all waiting at the Kapiti SPCA Centre for you to come in and talk to them, and hopefully offer a new forever home.

GUS is a middle aged gentleman who is looking for a new family to love. He is friendly and doesn’t mind the company of other cats. He would so much like to find a new home with someone to love.

MILLIE is a real snuggly girl looking for a forever lap to curl up on. She is about two years old and would be a loving addition to any household.

MAYBELLINE is a quiet loving girl. She would ideally be suited to being an inside cat as in her previous home the neighbours’ cats gave her a very hard time which resulted in abscesses. She is a really a sweet cat and would love to settle in a new loving home.

PUSSPUSS is beautiful - such a graceful young lady. She is super friendly and just loves being fussed over. Being just a year old she is still playful and eager to please.

MARILYN is a beautiful bob tail girl who adores cuddles and kisses. She will make someone a fantastic companion as she is very friendly and greets everyone as they enter the room.

Good responsible homes urgently needed! Kapiti SPCA 04 293 4292 If you are interested in volunteering at the Kapiti Centre please contact us on 04 293 4292 or email | Please visit our website at


Eddie Winkel M: 027 543 1643

Jenny Lawson M: 027 233 3754

Faye Hiko 021 288 8535

Ross Vessey M: 021 213 3050

doublewinkel real estate ltd MREINZ licensed agent


Moira Teono M: 027 222 2804

Phone: 04 293 5930 Proud to support the Waikanae SPCA

A SPECIAL DAYCARE JUST FOR LITTLE DOGS! The Little Dog Lounge is now open in Paraparaumu for daycare bookings. A fully supervised fun filled day with other little dog friends. If your little dog is home alone, a bit bored or missing the companionship of other likesize dogs, they will love The Little Dog Lounge.

Check our website for more information • Freephone 0800 364623 • Spaces limited.



Our hours are Mondays to Fridays from 7am to 6pm and we are situated a short walk from the Paraparaumu Railway Station at 33B Hinemoa St.

Please do not hesitate to ring Kim on 0220247622 for a chat, or email: You can also find us on the web at and on Facebook


Ph Pat 04 2985783 or email


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Make sure you vote in local polls Start thinking of about your Local Authority Elections. There is less than eight months to go before you go to the polls. The reason I raise this issue again is because Local Authority Election turnout has been declining in many areas of New Zealand since the 1980s. Kapiti has a relatively good turnout to other regions, but there is considerable room for improvement. We need to start thinking about who is voting and who isn’t, and why they aren’t voting and what will influence them to vote. A review by Local Government New Zealand found: ■ The total national voter

turnout for the 2013 election was 41.3 per cent. ■ The highest voter turnout in 2010 was in the 70-plus age group (89 per cent) and lowest was in the 18-29 age group (34 per cent). ■ Overall, metro and rural areas saw a five per cent decline in turn out between 2010 and 2013 while provincial electorates saw a three per cent decline. ■ The main reasons people give for not voting is not knowing

enough about the candidates (31 per cent), ‘forgot or left too late’ (24 per cent), ‘not interested’ or ‘too busy’ (each 14 per cent). ■ A number of areas successfully lifted voting turnout in 2013. The biggest rise was Southland District (seven per cent). The biggest drop was Hurunui District (24 per cent). ■ Wellington was the only Metro district to lift voter numbers in 2013 (two per cent). Auckland saw the largest drop (15 per cent). Kapiti Council needs to think about why young people aren’t voting and what can it do to encourage them to vote. Participation in Local Authority Elections is extremely

important, as the members elected will have a profound impact on your community for the next three years. The elected members decide on many important aspects of your life, they get to set rates, investment in community infrastructure, roading, waste and economic development. You need to think how the current team of elected members have represented our community, and have they achieved outcomes that enabled our community to prosper? Ultimately, how well local government performs impacts on how well communities and citizens prosper and succeed,

The Hearing Company are proudly supporting

The Cam p For B aign etter Hear ing

The goal for The Campaign For Better Hearing is to help ALL New Zealanders over the age of 50 get a FREE baseline hearing evaluation and begin monitoring their hearing health. When was your hearing last tested? For too many New Zealanders it was at school when they last had their hearing tested. Hearing loss can be so gradual that others may notice a problem before you do. Early detection may not prevent hearing loss, but it could help reduce the effects. As hearing deteriorates, listening to speech in a noisy environment can be difficult. Advanced digital hearing aid technology locates and effectively reduces unwanted background noise without disrupting your listening experience, helping you to hear conversations more clearly. Hearing aids can be fully automatic with a small and discreet design with active feedback controls which minimises whistling.



Scott Panter

Noel Mason

Ear Canal Che ck Hearing chec k Needs assesm ent Explanation o f results Funding optio ns 16 Ihakara Street, Pa raparaumu Tel: 0800 123513 valid unt il 30/4/16

TEL: 0800 123513

Clinics in Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Otaki, Levin 16 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu

both now and into the future. No only should you think about the currently elected members, it is time to start thinking about encouraging citizens with strong leadership qualities and a passion for their community to consider standing as candidates themselves. Creating a larger pool of skilled candidates should improve local democracy and ensure the value local government delivers to its communities remains high. Democracy is both a privilege and a responsibility. By participating in the local government process and casting your vote you help ensure it rests on the right shoulders.

New PR role for Kapiti’s Chamber Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce has appointed local PR professional Hannah Delaney as their public relations and communications manager. The role, the first of its kind for Kapiti’s chamber, will work in partnership with the board in implementing its 2016 public relations and communications strategy, which aims to increase the chamber’s membership, and provide a voice for Kapiti businesses. Chamber chairwoman Liz Koh said Hannah’s appointment was a significant step forward for the chamber. “We are moving towards playing a much more significant role in the development of the Kapiti district and ensuring that local businesses have the support and regulatory environment they need in which to grow.” Working under her local business DelaneyPR, Hannah actively works alongside local businesses such as Club Vista (previously Kapiti Club and Paraparaumu RSA), Dive Kapiti and Craig Pope Mortgages and Insurance to increase sales, brand awareness and help small businesses increase revenue and grow in a competitive market. “With more than 5000 local businesses on the coast, Kapiti is a thriving centre for SMEs and I am delighted to be a part of the movement that will see Kapiti as a fantastic place to do business,” Hannah said. The Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce is an independent organisation that works alongside Kapiti Coast District Council and other related organisations to promote views on local issues. With a membership of 300-plus, the chamber represents a cross-section of the business community from sole traders through to some of the districts’ biggest employers. The chamber regularly provides its members with a collective voice, opportunities to network and share opinions and ideas, as well as provides a sense of belonging to businesses on the coast. ■ If you are interested in becoming a member of the Chamber visit

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News


Making the bridge safer for bikes BE CAREFUL: The Otaki River Bridge. PHOTO: DAVID HAXTON / KAP110116DHBRIDGE

Can the Otaki River Bridge State Highway 1 be made a lot safer for cyclists and pedestrians? Yes it can. Cycling across the bridge certainly requires you to have your wits about you. With double yellow lines running down the middle, there’s hardly any space between you and traffic. And cycling across a raised walkway needs a lot of focus, especially if a truck goes by and you get buffeted by the wind blast. Falling off a bike while cycling along the walkway could mean ending up in the road, or potentially, falling over a concrete fence [which is about hip height when you’re on a bike] and into the river. A report for the NZ Transport Agency, which was written by Holmes Consulting Group in late 2011, looked into options for a pedestrian/cyclist extension for the bridge, and

recommended a single 1m deep Super T girder founded on new circular columns adjacent to the existing bridge piers. Imagine the price tag. Fast forward to the present day and the agency has installed electronic signage, meaning cyclists approaching

the bridge can press a button which triggers warning signs for motorists to be alert for cyclists. Its says it will make it easier for cyclists, and the bridge has a strong safety record. The Agency has a responsibility to invest

taxpayers’ money at sites with the highest safety risks. Cr K Gurunathan says the Agency is misleading cyclists and heading them through a gauntlet of danger. He advises cyclists to dismount and walk their bikes across. It’s hard not to agree.

Rod Kofoed, an architect who is also on the Otaki Community Board, has recommended the Agency create a clip-on cycleway/ walkway along the bridge, which he reckons would cost between $150,000 and $200,000. The Agency hasn’t entertained that idea, which I believe has merit. The bridge will have less traffic come 2020 when the new Otaki River Bridge is operating a bit further east, to cater for the Peka Peka to Otaki Expressway, but the issues will remain. The bridge isn’t cyclistfriendly at all. People will be asked for their ideasabout the old bridge soon, when the current stretch of highway morphs into a local road. It would be good to see the NZ Transport Agency, which is doing a great job in the district with various projects on the go, address the bridge issue now, once and for all, and really make it cyclist/pedestrianfriendly.

Levin’s lifestyle village takes shape Cherie Taylor It’s all go at the southern end of Levin with Speldhurst Country Estate Lifestyle Village now springing to life. Registration and resource consents now in-hand, developer Wayne Bishop has begun transforming the old Kimberley site into a well landscaped gated community village. The show homes are built — a further 20 homes are soon to be completed with old buildings to be transformed into “beautiful affordable units” for people aged 60 and up. Already the site is transforming into a tranquil place with mature trees at the entrance well tended, making it an inviting place for the first residents ready to pick themselves a prime site. Don’t confuse this village as a retirement village because it’s different — it’s a lifestyle village. Mr Bishop said the project would take 20 years to complete

SPELDHURST Country Estate Lifestyle Village developer Wayne Bishop (right) and sales manager Debra Bishop are pleased to finally have the development underway with homes and units now already for sale. PHOTO/CHERIE TAYLOR from start to finish with around 500 homes and units to be built — 150 in the first stage on the 47 hectare site. It will include one, two and three bedroom modern homes and units. Some of the old Kimberley Centre buildings will be demolished with materials to be recycled while others will be

refurbished and turned into community buildings and “affordable” smaller units. The first residents will be able to move into their homes midway through this year. “It was a very involved process . . . It will be built in stages,” Mrs Bishop said. By the end of the project there

will be a community centre as the hub of the village known as The George, which will include a library, indoor heated pool, fitness room, cafe and social meeting areas as well as a bowling green and outdoor socialising area. “It’s going to be like living on a cruise ship every day,” he said. “There will be something for everyone. With the Horowhenua’s aging population and the new highway being built, this would make the township more accessible and attractive to residents.” “The potential for Levin is high . . . people are living longer today and are looking for places like this for peace of mind. I don’t see this as a stock-standard retirement village — it’s a lifestyle village. A vibrant place to be.” It’s not only providing new housing in the area but jobs locally. Mr Bishop said, as deputy chair of the recently formed Economic Development Board, the project provided opportunities to enact much of the strategic direction that the

board was focusing on like employment, with local businesses pro-actively supporting other local businesses to further economic benefit the district. He has taken on a dozen staff with more staff planned. He said it was important to contract Horowhenua businesses to get the development finished. “It’s important to use local businesses do the job and to supply materials and fixtures for the homes. It’s good for everyone.” Mayor Brendan Duffy said the development was a bold move which would ultimately be good for Levin and the region. “It’s a fantastic, brave initiative that a private developer has embarked on, showing real faith in the potential of the district,” he said. Such developments brought people to the region, boosting the economy and employment prospects, the mayor said. “It’s competitive buying in a unique environment.”

SELLING NOW SHOW HOMES OPEN FOR VIEWING Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm or by appointment

A Disclosure Statement is available upon request by contacting the Village Manager – Debra Bishop

70 Kimberley Road, Levin | Phone 027 367 8004 Website: Email:


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti Properties Ltd MREINZ Licenced under the REAA 2008

25 Pateke Way, Paraparaumu Beach Buyer Enquiry From $695,000 3


Weekly Property Lift Out 133 Seaview Road, Paraparaumu Beach Tender - Closes Thursday 18th February 2016 at 4.00pm, 116 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu (if not sold prior)


REF: K3254

REF: K3256

Family Home Kotuku Park

Section - Paraparaumu Beach - B.E.O $250,000.

This stylish & inviting home is tucked away at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in popular Kotuku Park. A spacious home which flows seamlessly from the open plan kitchen dining & family room through to the separate formal lounge & out to an expansive private deck with tranquil views over the lake. Enjoying all day sun the property also offers 3 double bedrooms (master with walk in robe and ensuite) a study or 4th bedroom plus double internal access garage with large workshop for those keen on their hobbies making it a true family home. Childrens playground, walking/cycling tracks on the doorstep

133 Seaview Road offers a rare opportunity to purchase a 749m2 section in the heart of Paraparaumu Beach among other quality homes . The front of the section offers a flat building platform with concept house plans available and the rear of the section is perfect to landscape. Only a few minutes walk to the beach and shops this really is a fantastic opportunity to secure a prime building site. Tenders close 4pm Thursday 18th February (The Vendor reserves the right to sell prior)

Tonia Kingi P 04 904 4216 M 021 108 4500 E

Tonia Kingi P 04 904 4216 M 021 108 4500 E

Steve Manson P 04 904 4209 M 027 6634 994 E steve

View - By Appointment

Open Home - Sun 11.45 - 12.15pm

5 Rosebank Grove, Waikanae Buyer Enquiry From $479,000

38-40 Puriri Road, Waikanae Tender - Closes Monday 22nd February 2016 at 1.00pm, 116 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu





REF: K3259



REF: K3255



Located in one of Waikanaes' favourite streets. Beautifully presented and positioned well for the sun. Stylishly built out of brick and weather board this is a home you will love. Excellent living spaces with a modern kitchen/ living plus a separate lounge. Lovely picture windows with views into the private. garden. There are three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and good sized double garage. Fabulous flow to the outdoors where mature trees offer dappled shade on hot summer days. The section is fully fenced and the garden is gorgeous. There is a neat shed for pottering away your day.

160m2 3 bedroom house on a massive 2327m2 section. This 1970s house is well constructed with a modern kitchen and faces north to enjoy all day sun. Located on the eastern boundary of the new Kapiti expressway and will only be approximately 1km from the eventual on or off ramp.

Bretta Jarden P 04 904 4208 M 0272317310 E

Open Home - Sun 1.00 - 1.30pm


116 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu, Paraparaumu | P 04 904 5560

The property has a bonus self-contained sleep out perfect for a teenage or extended family.

David Pollock P 04 9044207 M 027 4501342 E

Open Home - Sun 11.30 - 12.15pm

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News


Kapiti Properties Ltd MREINZ

116 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu, Paraparaumu P 04 904 5560

Licenced under the REAA 2008

76 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu Buyer Enquiry From $265,000 2




Meet Our Team.

We will be at our Open Homes this Sunday, looking forward to meeting you and being of assistance.

Brent Longstaff Chris Packer John Sinnett Rose Hu Terry Smith

Bretta Jarden David Pollock Nigel Holmes Sarah George Tonia Kingi

Bruce Sutherland Jill Lampitt Paul Scrimshaw Steve Manson

This weeks Open Homes. For more detail on any property visit Search- Reference number)

Sunday 14th February 2016 KAPITI (PAEKAKARIKI - OTAKI) 11:00 - 11:30

142-144 Te Waka Road

By Negotiation

REF: K3173

11:15 - 11:45

2 Observation Place

BEO $620,000

REF: K3215

11:30 - 12:15

38-40 Puriri Road


REF: K3255

11:45 - 12:15

15 Beckett Lane

BEO $695,000

REF: K3207

11:45 - 12:15

133 Seaview Road


REF: K3256

12:00 - 12:30

10 Tahi Road

BEO $760,000

REF: K3263

12:00 - 12:30

2 Panorama Drive

BEO $445,000

REF: K3231

12:30 - 1:00

42A Hookway Grove

BEO $359,000

REF: K3253

12:30 - 1:00

19 Kainui Road

BEO $795,000

REF: K3103

12:45 - 1:15

37B The Esplanade

BEO $540,000

REF: K3150

1:00 - 1:30

5 Rosebank Grove

BEO $479,000

REF: K3259

1:00 - 2:00

LOT 37- 23 Ferndale

BEO $220,000

REF: K3199

1:00 - 2:00

6 Ferndale Drive

BEO $740,000

REF: K3191

1:00 - 1:30

76 Kapiti Road

BEO $265,000

REF: K3261

1:15 - 1:45

60 Campbell Avenue

BEO $370,000

REF: K3232

1:45 - 2:15

12 Kew Grove

BEO $520,000

REF: K3020

2:00 - 2:30

20 Manly Street

Expressions of Interest

REF: K3224

2:00 - 2:30

107 Cedar Drive

BEO $595,000

REF: K3250

2:00 - 2:30

81 Greendale Drive

BEO $735,000

REF: K3229

4:00 - 4:30

78a Rata Road

BEO $300,000

REF: K3252

REF: K3261 Dual Access, Sunny, Central Beautifully presented, this pretty cottage style town house has double drive on access from both Kapiti Road (with secure garaging with parking to front) and Arawhata Road (parking for 2 more vehicles) plus a further potential parking area for boat etc. Features include: 2 bedrooms, modern kitchen and bathroom, spacious living, heat pump, part double glazing, internal access to garage, established fenced flat gardens and great indoor outdoor flow. Walk to Coastlands, rail station. A great rental opportunity! ( NOTE:- Legal address is 74A Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu )

Jill Lampitt P 04 904 4211 M 027 2477 769 E

Open Home - Sun 1.00 - 1.30pm

66 County Road, Otaki Tender - Closes Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at 4.00pm, 116 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu




REF: K3262 Lifestyle & Income Opportunity! Very privately positioned on around 6.679 acres (may have potential to sub-divide in the future), this substantial family home looks out over flat grazing paddocks, lawned gardens and a small amount of native bush. From the house you can watch your stock/horses as they graze. The flexible floor plan of the house makes it ideal for larger or extended families or potential for rental income. Features 3 or 4 bedrooms, sunny living spaces, 3 bathrooms, a bright modern kitchen, fabulous indoor outdoor flow, 2 car internal access garage/ workshop and utility buildings.

Jill Lampitt P 04 904 4211 M 027 2477 769 E

View - By Appointment


116 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu, Paraparaumu | P 04 904 5560

All welcome, see you there.


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


166 Manly Street

CATCH ME WHILE YOU CAN. Set back from the road this charming 1950´s home ticks so many boxes. Both bedrooms are a generous double size, one with ensuite. Studio, or extra bedroom all with doubleglazing leading out to a fantastic private deck. The open plan kitchen-dining-living flows to a spacious lounge then through french-doors to a sunny sheltered large section. Great for kids and pets. Then there is the garaging - double detached. Plenty of space for all! Situated in a sought after lifestyle location close to shops, supermarket, beach and parks. Move your family into this unique home and enjoy the lifestyle with the opportunity to add value.

Auction 12pm 26 Feb 2016, Bayleys Office,

169 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu View Sunday 12.00 - 12.30pm

Nicola Fisher


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News



4 Arnold Grove


7 Merlin Court


Tender 12.00pm, Thur 18 Feb

SECLUDED SANCTUARY, SUPERIOR QUALITY, SUPERB LIFESTYLE! Architecturally designed and constructed to the highest standards. Winner of the prestigious Master Build Gold Award 2006. Spacious living/ dining flows easily to the landscaped outdoor entertaining. With a chefs kitchen, wine cellar, workshop, three generous bedrooms, master with ensuite. This gorgeous home is complimented by over 8000m² (approx) of beautifully planted and landscaped grounds.

Tender 3pm Thur 18 February 2016, Bayleys Office, 169 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu View By Appointment

Move quickly to secure this great first home or investment property offering three bedrooms, open plan kitchen/dining and living which capture´s lots of light and sun. Situated in a private cul-de-sac across the road from Kenakena School. Short drive to Paraparaumu beach and coastlands shopping mall. Easy care fully fenced section with single garage/rumpus complete this great package.

2016, Bayleys Office, 169 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu View Sunday 2.00 - 2.30pm

Nicola Fisher


Nicola Fisher



165 Manly Street


12 Stella Court

MAKE KAPITI ISLAND YOUR BACK YARD! The absolute waterfront executive home, has been completely remodelled and fully renovated, to the latest standards. Enjoy immediate, intimate views out to Kapiti Island. Designed for luxurious low maintenance living. Entertain in style with a spacious stylish kitchen, flowing through to beautifully presented dining room and lounge. Upstairs living area and master bedroom enjoy spectacular views. Immaculately presented home offering a superior lifestyle.

Tender 1pm Thur 18 Feb

HIDDEN BEAUTY Be surrounded by good quality homes in a sought after location. Move quick to secure this well presented 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that has generous living areas and a chefs kitchen. Comfortable family home that certainly ticks all the boxes. Located in a tightly held cul-de-sac location in Paraparaumu Beach. Very handy to Paraparaumu Beach School and Paraparaumu College and public transport is nearby. Low maintenance and well designed gardens.

Price by Negotiation View Sunday 2.00 - 2.30pm

2016, 169 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu View Sunday 1.00 - 1.30pm

Nicola Fisher


Paul Berryman M 027 252 7484 B 04 212 5280

Lisa Berryman



Kapiti News


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

38 St Laurent Way


THE LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE!! This picturesque Vineyard setting has plenty of space. Near new, affordable, brick & cedar home, is designed for families, professionals or retirees. North facing living areas, beautifully landscaped yard and patio area. Light neutral dĂŠcor throughout with generous sized bedrooms.

MORTGAGEE SALE - CHARACTER HOME Polished floors & character. 3 bedrooms, + an ensuite, open plan dining & living, a separate kitchen & a self contained studio also with bathroom facilities, single garage & double carport, fully fenced section.


12pm Fri 19 Feb 2016 Bayleys Office 169 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu

For Sale $589,000 View By Appointment


Sunday 12.00 - 12.30pm

M 027 252 7484

M 027 252 7484

Paul & Lisa Berryman

Paul and Lisa Berryman




39 Moana Road

4 Eatwell Avenue NEWLY RENOVATED THREE FOUR BEDROOM FAMILY HOME SEEKS YOUR FINISHING TOUCH Ground level open plan living with northern deck enjoys all day sun. Wide central stairway leads to light and airy upper level bedrooms. Dual access from two Avenues.

Tenders Close

12.00pm, Thur 18 Feb 2016, Bayleys Office, 169 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu


Sunday 1.00 - 1.30pm

Ellie Tzimas



13 Rosetta Road THE TRUE ESSENCE OF BEACHFRONT LIVING. Kaikoura, ocean and Kapiti Island views. Open plan, high spec kitchen, vaulted ceilings & skylights. 4 bedrooms - ensuite. Entertain around the riverstone open fire.


1.00pm, Thur 3 Mar 2016, Bayleys Office, 169 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu


Sunday 2.15 - 3.00pm

Ellie Tzimas


Accelerating success.

Reach more people - better results faster.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News



32 Quadrant Heights

BEO $689,000


1 Oak Bay







BEO $415,000






Not only am I quite possibly one of the lightest & sunniest homes available on the Coast. But my future is looking brilliant, with access to the new express way a perfect distance away..... kinda like your preferred distance to your parents....nice & handy but not too close!! Offering 2 generous bedrooms PLUS a large office/bedroom, fabulous open plan kitchen / living area enjoying views of vibrant garden & allowing sunlight to cascade in.

Situated in friendly cul-de-sac & zoned for excellent schools! SEE MORE: COME & LOOK: Sunday 1:30 - 2:00pm

M 027 684 2030 E


....I gotta wear shades!!

Offering 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 living areas, fabulous in built BBQ & there's even a if you are serious about spacious family living, then do not miss Sunday!

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee



With a massive 335sqm floor plan set over 2 storeys, your family's growing needs will be effortlessly catered for here!

Liam Martin


Liam Martin

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee

M 027 684 2030 E

Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008

Paraparaumu Beach

SEE MORE: COME & LOOK: Sunday 2:30 - 3:00pm Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008


40 Te Kupe Road

CHIC KIWIANA !.... with sleepout A solid 1960's weatherboard home with a fantastic mix of charm, comfort & pizzazz!! Large living with woodburner, joined by fresh & contemporary kitchen, which opens out to al-fresco entertainment. Sited on a big hunk of land, allowing your kids to play in the MASSIVE backyard or jump the fence into Te Atiawa sports park. A short stroll to school, shops & of course the beach. There's room for the boat & room for the family!

READ & SEE MORE: COME AND HAVE A LOOK: Sunday 12:45 - 1:15pm

BEO $439,000

Liam Martin

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee

M 027 684 2030 E






CALL LIAM MARTIN 027 6842 030

Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008



Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee Local experts Full service real estate Excellent results REAL ESTATE

Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008

Otaki Beach


6 Dodds Crecent IMAGINE

Imagine-kayaking out to sea from the rear of your section. Imagine-white- baiting at the rear of your section. Imagine-sitting on the deck looking out over your slice of paradise with stream,wetlands and sea views WELL IMAGINE NO MORE here is a rare opportunity to purchase your own slice of paradise in Otaki the 3 bedroom home is sited on a private 1198 sqm section which runs down into river reserve of the Waitohu stream. A very recent registered valuations puts the property's value including chattels $425,000. Viewings by appointment only.



Bram Crysell

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee

M 0224369121 P 06 390 8808 E







Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008

Te Horo

14 Dal Din

909 StateHighway 1


BUY NOW $469,000



Easy Living In The Heart Of Otaki





A sunny and central location close to the Village and Medical center set in a quite cul de sac among quality homes. The brand new 3 bedroom brick home ticks all the boxes that a new home should offer for easy care living : easy care flat section,light and open living spaces and great flow out to north facing deck from living and bedroom, thermostatically controlled gas fire,double glazing, gas infinity hot water and gas hobs. Down sizing when you are not down sizing this unique property lends it self to living in one wing with plenty of room for visiting family or friends in the other.

Bram Crysell

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee

M 0224369121 P 06 390 8808 E



SEE MORE: COME & LOOK: Sunday 12:00 - 12:30pm

Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008

Bram 022 436 9121

BUY NOW $355,000

Affordable in Te Horo








Here is an opportunity to purchase a slice of heaven in the much sort after Te Horo area at an affordable price. With a 4047 sqm section plus a 4 bedroom home has so much to offer potential buyers, numerous out buildings, good flat fully fenced property and centrally positioned between Otaki and Waikanae. An easy drive to the Hyde park Village, Te Horo beach and the much sort after Te Horo School.

Bram Crysell

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee

M 0224369121 P 06 390 8808 E

SEE MORE: COME & LOOK: By appointment

Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News



14 Rewarewa Cres It's All About Location What a beautiful property and the address to go with it! Built with Hinuera stone and cedar weatherboard on a sunny 1090sqm flat site you will be impressed with the many improvements undergone here, including new double glazing, a stunning new kitchen and a new ensuite to name a few. The floor plan includes 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas and an internal entry double garage all just a short stroll to shopping, public transport, gyms, schooling and health centre. It's all about convenience and comfort here. Buyer Enquiry Over $575,000.

READ & SEE MORE: COME AND HAVE A LOOK: Sunday 2:00 - 2:30pm

BEO $575,000

Grant Longstaff

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee

M 027 247 4724 P 04 293 7273 E

Your local award winning agent Kaz Deverill







Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008


6 Matene Place



2015 Top Salesperson of the year Nationwide - Tall Poppy Real Estate* 2015 Residential Rising Star of the Year 2015 - Runner up - REINZ 2014 Top Salesperson of the year Nationwide - Tall Poppy Real Estate** 2014 Top Rising Star of the Year Nationwide - Tall Poppy Real Estate

*Sept 2014-Oct 2015, **Jan 2014- Dec 2014

“Kaz was recognised for her exceptional sales numbers and consistent, outstanding client feedback, being up against the best in the industry Kaz’s integrity and sales ability shines through.”



Armed with an unbeatable flat fee

Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008






"They don't build 'em like they used to" you will soon discover when you visit 6 Matene Place and discover fantastic workmanship, a generous section and so much value!! First home buyers can take advantage and add plenty of value to what is a solid, three bedroom home with plenty of storage and attractive wooden floors. With the recent addition of an awesome wood burner combined with insulation in the ceiling and underfloor, the home is warm and toasty all year round.

Ricky Bartlett

Armed with an unbeatable flat fee

P 04 212 5181 M 0204 SALE 4U (0204 7253 48) E

BUY NOW $219,000

M 027 365 7256 P 04 299 2917 E

SEE MORE: COME & LOOK: By appointment Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy Licensed under REAA 2008

CALL US : 0800 LOWEST FEES 0800 56 93 78



Kapiti News

0800 500 123

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REAA (2008)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News


1950s and all is not well with Carol Movie review Carol (M-SLN) 1hr 58mins – Shoreline Cinema Waikanae

Todd Haynes has turned Patricia Highsmith's novel of lesbian love in Fifties New York into an exceptionally beautiful film, with a career-best performance from Cate Blanchett. Carol is gorgeous, gently groundbreaking, and might be the saddest thing you’ll ever see. More than hugely accomplished cinema, it’s an exquisite work of American art, rippling with a very specific mid-century melancholy, understanding love as the riskiest but most necessary gamble in anyone’s experience. It’s hard to imagine a director handling this project more surely than Todd Haynes, a supreme chronicler of feminine emotional pain - from Safe through Far From Heaven and Mildred Pierce - who reasserts his status in this particular movie as

one of the greats. Everything in this longgestating adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 novel feels weighted to perfection. The film’s a smorgasbord of edible Fifties design which finds meaning in the smallest details. And the acting slays you: Cate Blanchett, especially, somehow leaps over her own highest standards with a subtlety that’s little short of phenomenal. Highsmith’s underground novel, first published as The Price of Salt under a pseudonym, fell out of print in subsequent decades, before achieving its justified reputation as feminist lesbian classic. This screen version is the much-cherished project of screenwriter Phyllis Nagy, who has fought valiantly to get it made since writing her first draft 19 years ago. Many of the most stunning sequences here are inside cars it’s halfway to a road movie, as Carol and Therese escape on a trip West to consummate their affair away from prying, disapproving eyes. Lachman works utter magic when they drive through a tunnel to get off

Manhattan, getting in up close as they flirt, finding a symphony of reflections and hues bouncing off the windscreen, thrilling to their potential together. Haynes makes unhappiness beautiful. It makes sense that he’s a fan of Edward Hopper, whose paintings inform this film

profoundly. In fact, it’s an Edward Hopper picture as surely as Far From Heaven was a Douglas Sirk picture: think of the diners, the angular rooftops, those forlorn people sitting on the edges of beds. If we got a better look at the pensive, glamorous woman

lurking to one side in Hopper’s 1939 painting New York Movie, it could easily be Blanchett, 13 years before Carol meets Therese; and before she’s forced to choose, thanks to the moral taboo of homosexuality and the sexism of this era, between custody of her child and the person she wants to be with. Blanchett resists every temptation to vamp up the role’s melodrama - you couldn’t quite say that of her Oscar-winning Blue Jasmine work - and the emotional place she reaches is wilted, drained to the dregs, and just extraordinary. She has a scene trying to reason with Chandler’s Harge in front of their lawyers, which lays bare the dismay of their lives so honestly and exhaustedly it wipes you out. Once we’ve come full circle to the tea scene, and hear Carol’s next act of pleading, it’s cut off after the three most powerful words in the English language, delivered by an actress who couldn’t possibly say them more powerfully. The scene, like the whole film, is a solar-plexus knockout. - The Telegraph edited

FEATURING THIS WEEK Cate Blanchett in a sublime performance *****

CAROL 11th February

17th February

CAROL (M-SLN) 1hr 58mins THUR: 3:45pm, 8:30pm FRI: 10:45am, 6:00pm SAT: 11:15am, 6:00pm SUN: 10:45am 6:00pm MON: 10:30am, 5:30pm TUE: 12:15pm, 6:30pm WED: 10:15am, 8:00pm THE DANISH GIRL (M) 2hrs THUR: 10:15am, 8:15pm FRI: 12:15pm, 6:15pm SAT: 1:30pm, 6:15pm SUN: 12:15pm 8:30pm MON: 12:15pm, 6:15pm TUE: 1:45pm, 6:00pm THE REVENANT (R16) 2hrs 36mins FRI: 8:15pm SAT: 8:15pm SUN: 8:15pm MON: 8:00pm TUE: 8:15pm WED: 5:00pm SPOTLIGHT (M-LCD) 2hrs 8mins THUR: 10:30am, 6:00pm FRI: 8:30pm SAT: 3:45pm SUN: 3:45pm MON: 8:30pm TUE: 10:00am, 8:30pm WED: 10:30am BROOKLYN (M-SL) 1hr 51mins THUR: 6:15pm FRI: 10:15am, 3:45pm SAT: 4:15pm SUN: 6:15pm MON: 3:15pm TUE: 10:00am, 4:00pm WED: 2:15pm THE BELIER FAMILY (M-OL) 1hr 45mins THUR: 12:30pm FRI: 4:15pm SAT: 12:30pm MON: 4:15pm TUE: 4:30pm WED: 4:15pm ODDBALL (G) 1hr 30mins FRI: 2:30pm SAT: 2:30pm MON: 2:30pm TUE: 12:00pm WED: 12:30pm STAR WARS - THE FORCE AWAKENS (M-SFTV) 2hrs 15mins FRI: 1:00pm SAT: 8:30pm MON: 12:45pm SUFFRAGETTE (M-VL) 1hr 46mins SAT: 10:30am SUN: 10:15am MON: 10:15am TUE: 2:30pm NT LIVE: A WINTER’S TALE (M) 3hrs 20mins THUR: 2:30pm SUN: 2:30pm THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (G) 2hrs 28mins THUR: 1:00pm SUN: 1:00pm OLD VIC: JANE EYRE (M-VL) WED: 1:00pm



10 Mahara Place Waikanae Phone: 04 902 8070


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What’s On Top opera talent at Kapiti concert Waikanae plays host to some of the country’s leading operatic talent this Valentine’s Day, when New Zealand Opera brings star baritone Jared Holt and Dame Malvina Major Emerging Artist Katherine McIndoe to Kapiti for an exclusive summer concert. The winner of the 2000 Mobil Song Quest New Zealand and the Karaviotis Scholarship, Holt studied at the Royal College of Music in London, joining the Vilar Young Artists Programme at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in 2003. Holt has performed at opera houses around the world, combining his performances with his day job as a lawyer. Wellington-born soprano McIndoe was recently selected as one of this year’s New Zealand Opera Dame Malvina Major Emerging Artists. Later this year, McIndoe will perform in the company’s production of The Magic Flute. A graduate of the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University, Katherine was the winner of the 2015 Dame Malvina Major Foundation Wellington Aria Competition, taking first place in three categories. Jared and Katherine will be

Katherine McIndoe accompanied at the Valentine’s Day concert by Bruce Greenfield, New Zealand Opera’s principal repetiteur and vocal coach. Held in the stunning gardens of the Humphries family, the concert features a host of operatic favourites. The two-hour concert begins at 3pm and the ticket price ($75; $65 for New Zealand Opera Friends and benefactors and $25 for those aged under 30) includes refreshments. Tickets can be booked via 0800 696 737.

Sharing culture with food, fun and family Kapiti Community Centre is celebrating Race Relations Day and Neighbours Aotearoa Day by running an international cultural gathering at the centre on Sunday March 20 from 10am to 2pm. “This creates a fantastic opportunity to welcome and celebrate cultural diversity and get to know your neighbours in the wider community,” the centre’s development manager Kae Allen said. Food will be an important feature of a cultural event at the Kapiti “This free event Community Centre. will be a fun, informative and family-friendly day with displays, sharing activities that visitors a koha entry being a plate of food from can join in with and some your own culture to contribute to the big demonstrations. There will also be short shared lunch for all participants and performances by different groups in the visitors at 1pm. main hall between 10.30am and 12.30am. “In all cultures the sharing of food Everyone attending is being encouraged to wear their traditional brings people together and this is what this event is all about. dress to the event. “The theme for Race Relations Day Local schools are being contacted 2016 is Welcoming Diversity, and as and the children will be invited to draw Dame Susan Devoy has said ‘Positive international flags on A4 paper that race relations don’t just live in a that will be used to make bunting to document at the United Nations; they decorate the community centre for this must live in our communities, suburbs event. and lives’.” Kapiti Community Centre is ■ If you would like some space at the Kapiti providing space at no cost and Community Centre to share your culture encouraging groups from different please contact Kelly by email cultures to showcase their culture with or 022 355 6151.

Learn Computing Come to our

OPEN DAY Come, meet our Tutors and see the range of courses and Workshops we offer, for Computers Laptops Tablets & Ipads. T h u r s d ay 11 t h Fe b ru a r y @ L e a rn i n g C e n t re 9.30am - 2pm S a tu rd ay 1 3 t h fe b ru a r y @ L e a rn i n g C e n t re 9.30am - 2pm

Learning Centre

Our is at: 200 Matai Road, Raumati Beach. Ph 04 299 0754

Do you have awesome neighbours? Would you like to get to know them better? Getting to know the people who live around you is a sure way to find the great people and assets in your community. Invite your neighbours for an

Plan a get-together with five or more of your neighbours and we will help you out with ideas, support and a care pack filled with lots of goodies to help create a fun event. Register by 3 March at: for more information email:

Kia ora neighbour You’re invited!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News


Celebrities for Women’s Day panel Kapiti will welcome six New Zealand celebrities for a panel debate celebrating International Women’s Day. The upcoming event, titled Is it all in the genes? jointly hosted by the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce and the Kapiti Rotary Club aims to raise awareness of gender equality and highlight women’s role in business and within society. “The panel discussion aims

to be a lighthearted, fun and provocative debate which will get the business community thinking about our local women in business,” Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce chairwoman Liz Koh said. “We’re pleased to be able to have some big names joining the discussion and are looking forward to hosting this event.” MCing the event will be Radio New Zealand National host Wallace Chapman, with

celebrity panel contributors including former Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast, CEO and founder of PledgeMe Anna Guenther, RNZAF helicopter crewman and former Miss Manawatu Louise Nelson, former MP and politician and Kapiti Rotary Club president Roger Sowry, Rotary District Governor Simon Manning, and sports commentator John McBeth. Mr Sowry says this event

will be a first of its kind for Kapiti. “This is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the role of women in business and the community and provide inspiration and motivation for young women to succeed, which the Rotary Club is proud to be hosting.” The lunch event will coincide with international women’s day on Tuesday March 8, from 12-2pm at

Hot night of tangos and salsa Mulled Wine Concerts are better known for their series of performances by top New Zealand classical artists in the beautiful Paekakariki Memorial Hall. But on Saturday February 20 the hall will be throbbing to a different beat as the Garage Latino Dance Band presents a lively evening of salsa, tango and samba. This is an evening event, so dancing and dress-up in Latino style is encouraged, but not compulsory. Garage Latino are a nine-piece dance band whose members hail from a number of different Latin-American countries, with a top-up of homegrown Kiwis. With native Spanish speakers on vocals, percussion from Spain plus a great line of Kiwi musos in the brass section, Garage Latino gets the party started. The band includes vocalists Roy Costilla (Peru) and Guadalupe Salinas (Chile), guitarist Xavier Quilambaqui (Ecuador), percussionists Miguel Arnedo-Gomez (Spain) and Olivia Campion (NZ), bass guitarist Pablo Garcia (Argentina), trumpeter Daniel Windsor (NZ), trombonist Kaito Walley (NZ) and tenor sax Joshua Simon (NZ). The band is based in Wellington where they started in February 2014 and are in demand to play throughout

JUST DANCE! with Sally Stopforth No Exams, No Uniforms JUST LOTS OF FUN Classes for Kids, Teens and Adults

Ph Sally 2990607 or 0278115179.

Southwards Car Museum. All welcome. Tickets are $47 per person, or $450 for a table of 10. Bookings essential. A portion of the ticket price will be donated to Kapiti Youth Services. ■ Event details and booking information is on The Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce website connect-and-network/eventcalendar/

‘I said hello, we got talking and next thing, I was putting on a concert!’

Mary Gow


LET’S DANCE: Garage Latino Dance Band in action. PHOTO: HARBEC PHOTOGRAPHIE / KAP040216SPLLATINO

the local bars in the capital. The concert in Paekakariki represents a further development in their careers, which they hope will lead on to greater things. Mulled Wine Concerts organiser Mary Gow said she met Roy Costilla (founding member and vocals) while parking her car outside one of Paekakariki’s famous cafes. “I said hello, we got talking and next thing, I was putting on a concert!” Roy learnt to sing at church while accompanying his mother in Lima, Peru. In New Zealand for the last eight years, he enjoys being Peruvian-Kiwi in Wellington playing both music and football while finishing a PhD in

Statistics at Victoria University. The concert is on Saturday Feb 20 at 7.30pm (doors open 7pm) at the Paekakariki Memorial Hall, The Parade, Paekakariki. Wine/beer/softs bar (no BYO). Tickets $20 from organiser Ticket outlets are Lovely Living, Waikanae, Kapiti Mags, Coastlands Paraparaumu, Moby Dickens Bookshop, Paraparamu Beach, Lush Design, Raumati Beach, Magpie, 99 The Esplanade, Paremata. ■ More information: from or Facebook page Mulled Wine Concerts.

OPEN 7 DAYS Dinner Wed to Sat From 5pm


14th February from 5pm • Special Set Menu • Complimentary Bubbles


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Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What’s On

POOL PARTY FUNDRAISER The All Star Victory Cheerleaders’ Level Two Junior team is holding a community fundraiser this month. The Pool Party event, taking place at Waikanae Pools on Saturday, February 27 from 5pm to 8.30pm, invites locals to enjoy an evening of water activity fun. Along with the family-friendly

hydroslide, guests can enjoy in-pool inflatables, a dunk tank, an on-site DJ, spot prizes, a sausage sizzle and variety of other refreshments. Tickets are $5 and available by contacting Jenny on 02102206650. Pre-schoolers are free if they are accompanying an adult with a ticket.

Kapiti C ham you to a ber & Kapiti Ro Celebrit y Panel tary invite Lunch Join us fo panel d r an engaging , provoc iscussio celebra n with six hig ative and ligh th tion of Internah profile men earted celebr an tional W ity omen's d women, in Day



H 20 12 Southw pm to 2pm - 16 ard Ca r Muse $47 um (portion pp or tab of ticket l cost don e of 10 $ 450 ated to Kapiti Yo uth Sup


Panel to include Anna Guenther, Kerry Prendergast, Louise Nelson, John McBeth, Roger Sowry and Simon Manning with MC Wallace Chapman of Radio NZ National

TALENT POOL: The Amici Ensemble sextet, from left, Julia Joyce, Andrew Thomson, Donald Armstrong, Malavika Gopal, Andrew Joyce, Ken Ichinose. PHOTO: KAP040216SPLAMICI




Amici Ensemble to open concert season The ever-popular Amici Ensemble return on Sunday February 21 to open the Waikanae Music Society’s 2016 concert season. Led by the NZSO’s Associate Concertmaster Donald Armstrong, this ensemble reinvents itself each year, sometimes an octet, quintet or quartet, sometimes with wind instruments or a vocalist. This year they will bring a string sextet, performing an amazingly varied selection of works for that combination. Joining Armstrong will be NZSO section principals Julia Joyce (viola), Andrew Joyce (cello), Andrew Thomson (viola), Ken Ichinose (cello), as well as

violinist Malavika Gopal who plays in the first violin section of the NZSO. The concert opens with the Prelude to Capriccio by Richard Strauss. Strauss is renowned for his lush harmonies and soaring melodies and this piece is no exception. In contrast, it will be followed by a new work by one of New Zealand’s most popular composers, Anthony Ritchie. His short piece, titled Ants, is likely to add a little humour to proceedings, based on the characteristics of that remarkable creature, the ant. To end the first half of the concert in toe-tapping style will be the well-known Fandango by

Boccherini. Originally written for guitar quintet, this arrangement is for five strings, with the sixth player on the castanets. The second half of the concert will be devoted to one masterwork, the second Sextet for Strings by Brahms, described as “highly romantic, with a bittersweet melancholy”. ■ The concert, in the Waikanae Memorial Hall, starts at 2.30pm. Door sales will be available, or tickets can be purchased at Waikanae New World, Moby Dickens Books in Paraparaumu Beach and Lush Design Gallery in Raumati. Enquiries phone 04 905 6070 or 04 293 4025 or visit


Place your business in front of thousands of potential clients! Sites Selling fast, book yours now! contact or 06 354 0498 for more details.


A NEW Nail Pamper Zone, NEW Hair Styling Lounge and a NEW Champagne Lounge. Plus the popular Taste Zone, Craft Zone, Goodie Bags & more. Over 140 companies under one roof. NEW EXPO OWNERS

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News


Coast Coachlines

Coming Events & Tours y For Club bookings tour dates can be arranged to suit

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Coast Coachlines & Beachcomber Bar & Cafe Martinbrough Fair - Saturday 6th February and Saturday 5th March 2016 Coast Coachlines will be operating a service to both fairs as follows: Depart: 7:00am Levin (Coach Stop by Farmers), Arrive: 10:30am Martinborough Fair, Depart: 2:00pm Martinborough, 3.30pm Upper Hutt (Afternoon Tea), Arrive: 6:15pm Levin, Pick up from - Levin, Otaki, Waikanae, Paraparaumu, Plimmerton. Depart: 8:00am Wellington, 8.45am Plimmerton, Arrive: 4.15pm Plimmerton, 5:00pm Wellington, Pick up from Wellington, Plimmerton. Cost of Coach - Levin $55, Otaki $50, Waikanae, Paraparaumu $35, Plimmerton, Wellington $35

CUTE FACTOR: Aroha, one of a number of kittens at Kapiti SPCA available for adoption. Aroha means love in Maori. PHOTO: KAP030216SPLKITTEN

SPCA collecting cash, essentials

Kapiti SPCA will be collecting donations outside Otaki New World on Saturday during a Valentines charity checkout day event. Volunteers will be at the store from 9am to 6pm with a raffle kindly donated by Mark and Jackie Kennedy. “For customers who don’t always carry cash, they may like to consider adding an item to their shop,” volunteer Annette Buckley said. “We will be on site with a wish list of

essentials we need to keep the Waikanae centre ticking. “We’re always grateful for food for the animals, but hope the day will result in a supply of non-food basics such as washing up liquid, floor cleaner, soap powder, rubbish bags — all we use daily. The grocery drive is also a good opportunity for us to visit the Otaki community and we’ll be taking along a couple of four-legged volunteers for a bit of a day out.”

DUCK POND DRAINED The duck pond in Maclean Park, Paraparaumu Beach was drained and taped off over the weekend after an oily substance appeared in the water. Council’s parks and recreation manager Alison Law says it appears bitumen used to recently seal the pond, in an attempt to make it more watertight, has melted. “We’re still investigating why this has happened but in the meantime we’ve taken the precaution of draining the pond.” Ms Law says urgent lab tests were carried out on Sunday morning to find out what had contaminated the water and whether it posed a risk to public health.

“We established it wasn’t a danger to people but were concerned it could be a problem for ducks and other aquatic birds so the decision was made to drain the pond and do what we could to mop up the residue.” Council staff drained the pond into a sewer to prevent affecting other waterways. Tadpoles were captured and relocated. Ms Law says the exposed bitumen in the empty pond may continue to melt in the heat so the council is asking people to stay out and to also keep children and dogs away. Council will be talking with contractors this week about why the bitumen broke down.



SAT 12TH MARCH Depart 8.00am Paraparaumu to Rotorua Stop morning tea on the way Taupo for lunch on the way, Taupo Thermal steam pipes lookout, Huka Honey Hive NZ Caterpillar Experience, Lunch, afternoon Tea Lake Rotorua, check in Motel Dinner SUN 13TH MARCH Depart 7.30am Rotorua to Whitianga Steam Paddles Breakfast on to Lake Rotorua Via Mt Mauganui scenic drive to Whitianga lunch, afternoon tea on the way check in Motel, Dinner MON 14TH MARCH Depart 9.00am Whitiangi to Thames stay 2 nights Breakfast, morning tea. Lunch Driving Creek Railway, Butterfly Gardens the treasury, Potteries check in Motel, Dinner TUES 15TH MARCH Thames Breakfast Scenic Drive Attractions, morning tea Lunch afternoon tea check in Motel, Dinner

WED 16TH MARCH 8.00am Thames to Hamilton Breakfast, Gardens, morning tea Scenic boat cruise, Lunch, afternoon tea, check in Motel, Dinner THURS 17TH MARCH 8.00am Hamilton to New Plymouth Breakfast, Glowworm Caves morning tea, Mokau Boat Cruise Lunch, afternoon tea, check inn Motel Dinner FRI 18TH MARCH 8.00am New Plymouth to Paraparaumu Breakfast, Te Whiti Museum morning tea morning tea, Virginia Lake Lunch, Whanganui Lookout, Glass Blowing, Elvis Museum, Foxton Dutch Market, Dutch Café afternoon tea Cost of Trip $1580 share twin, (single room extra) Deposit $600 to confirm your booking Includes Coach, Accommodation, Light Breakfast Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea Caterpillar Experience 2x River Cruises, 1x Lake Cruise, Scenic Drives, Te Whiti Museum, Train Ride, Butterfly Gardens, Museums Glowworm Caves Gardens, Elvis Museums, lookout, other attractions on the way

Call Dave for Bookings 0800827827 | Email | www

Carrington House Gardens - Saturday 13th February 2016 - Carterton Depart: 7:00am Levin (Farmers Coach Stop), Depart: 7:15am Otaki (Coach Stop), Depart: 7:30am Waikanae (Coach Stop Countdown), Depart: 8.00am Paraparaumu Beach (McLean Park), Arrive: 10.15am Carterton (Carrington House Gardens & Morning tea), Depart: 12.15pm Carterton (Paua Shop), Arrive: 01.00pm Greytown (Shops & Lunch), Arrive 02.15pm Featherston (C, EST Cheese Shop), Arrive: 3:15pm Upper Hutt (afternoon tea), Depart: 4:00pm Upper Hutt, Arrive: 4:30pm Plimmerton, Arrive: 5:00pm Paraparaumu Beach, Arrive: 5:15pm Waikanae, Arrive: 5:30pm Otaki, Arrive: 6:00pm Levin, Cost of Trip includes Coach Gardens entry, Morning tea & Afternoon tea, Levin $, Otaki $100, Waikanae, Paraparaumu Plimmerton $75 Art Deco Weekend - Napier - Saturday 20th February 2016 Travel by Coach with Coast Coachlines Held in mid-February every year is the Tremains Art Deco Weekend. Over 200 events are hosted in Napier and at other various locations across Hawke’s Bay, this is one of the largest events of its type in New Zealand. Featuring over the Weekend are hundreds of 1920s and ‘30s cars, aerobatic flying displays, steam train rides, a great Gatsby picnic, dinner dance extravaganzas and free outdoor concerts to name a few. Depart: 7:00am Paraparaumu, Pick up Waikanae, Otaki, Levin, Dannevirke (morning tea), Arrive Napier 11.30am (shops, parade, food & entertainment). Depart Napier 3.30pm, Arrive Paraparaumu 7.15pm Kapiti, Horowhenua, Palmerston North, Wairarapa Call Dave 0800 827827or 0275175021 (Can arrange overnight trips) Cost includes Coach, Morning Tea Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Otaki, Levin, Foxton Palmerston $90 (Day trip only) Newtown Festival 2016 Sunday 7th March Enjoy the smorgasbord of 8 music stages, fairground fun, stalls and international food on the menu in Wellington’s festive suburb. Newtown is a community where everyday you can sample at any time a wide range of the world’s best ethnic foods, shop in the eclectic mix of local shops, or simply enjoy a great coffee in one of Newtown’s cafes, restaurants or bars. Be in the main street of Newtown on Fair Day. nc All day entertainment is provided by community groups, local musicians and Wellington bands. The depth of talent in wider Wellington comes to our community for this once a year street party. Depart: 7:45am Levin, Arrive: 10:00am Newtown, Depart: 2:30pm Newtown, Arrive: 5:00pm Levin. Cost of Trip includes Coach & afternoon tea, Levin Otaki $65, Waikanae Paraparaumu $45

Paraparaumu to Coromandel 7 Day Tour 12th, to 18th March 2016 Cost of Trip $1580 Deposit $600 to Confirm 2 x to a room, single accom extra Sat 12th March Depart 8 00am Paraparaumu to Rotorua Taupo for lunch on the way, Taupo Thermal steam pipes lookout, Huka Honey Hive B/F Rotorua NZ Caterpillar Experience, Lunch, afternoon Tea Lake Rotorua check in Motel Dinner Accommodation, Breakfast Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea Caterpillar Experience 1x Lake Cruise, 2x River Cruises, Scenic Drives, Te Whiti Museum, Train Ride, Butterfly Gardens, Museums Glowworm Caves Gardens, Elvis Museums, lookout, many other attractions on the way

For more information Call Dave for Bookings : 0800 827 827 BOOK NOW Email: coastcoachlines@clear net nz www coastcoachlines co nz

List your events free at or call i-Site

04 298 8195 Te Atiawa Ki Whakarongatai taonga exhibition

Fri 22 Jan - Sun 14 Feb • 10m - 4pm Mahara Gallery 20 Mahara Place Waikanae Treaty of Waitangi Commemoration exhibition

Sat 23 Jan - Sun 14 Feb • 10am - 4pm Mahara Gallery 20 Mahara Place Waikanae Mates In Bowls

Wed 27 Jan - Wed 24 Feb 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club 9 Toru Road Paraparaumu Stirling Sports Kapiti 5km series 2015/16 (8 race series)

Mon 01 Feb - Mon 14 Mar • 6:15 pm Various Locations Kapiti Coast Go By Bike Day – Kapiti

Wed 10 Feb 2016 • 6:30 am Paraparaumu Library Ivor Trask Place Paraparaumu

New Zealand Tour with Alt-Country Musician ‘Stretch’

Fri 12 Feb • 8pm Raumati Social Club 24 Poplar Avenue Raumati South Medieval Market

Sat 13 Feb • 9pm - 4pm Wenches, fighters, horse skills tourney, up to 200 craft and food stalls. Kids Free, adults $5. Levin Showgrounds Paekakariki Road Races

Sun 14 Feb • All Day Paekakariki Beach Road Paekakariki

Joan Carr Memorial Walk

Sun 14 Feb • 9:40am Otaihanga Otaihanga Domain Paraparumu I love Paris!

Tue 16 Feb • 11am - 1pm Southwards Theatre Otaihanga Road Paraparaumu Deco Delights Express

Sat 20 Feb • 6am - 10:30pm Paekakariki Railway Station Tilley Road Paekakariki


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Membership under microscope Salima Padamsey, from Paraparaumu Beach, who keeps a close watch on council matters, gives a potted history of a case involving Councillor K Gurunathan and the council. ■ In early 2014 mayor Ross Church decided that only members of the council’s Chief Executive Performance and Employment Committee’ (CEPEC) would be entitled to attend meetings. This was at the chief executive’s request. ■ This meant that five of the 11 members of the council would not be entitled to participate in discussion on the chief executive’s performance — which of course includes the performance of the organisation as a whole. ■ This was during a period of significant problems with some council decisions, such as the coastal hazard LIM issue, the proposed district plan, the Standen tree prosecution and the loan guarantee for the failed Clean Tech Trust — all of which were subject to independent reviews which concluded that Council performance had been less than

adequate. ■ Cr Gurunathan and two other councillors (Jackie Elliott and David Scott) wished to attend CEPEC meetings and raise their concerns. ■ On three occasions in 2014/2015 they attempted to do so and were required to leave CEPEC meetings by the mayor. ■ On the last occasion — in January 2015 — Crs Elliott and Scott refused to leave the meeting, and the mayor adjourned the meeting and waited until they had left. ■ It was then that Cr Gurunathan advised the council that, in his view based on legal advice, he had been entitled to attend the meetings and that there was no lawful basis for his exclusion. ■ He stated that if the council did not accept this, then court proceedings would be commenced to resolve the issue.

■ There were then discussions between the lawyers for both parties. ■ The council lawyers accepted that Cr Gurunathan had been entitled to attend the relevant meetings. A draft statement from the mayor was prepared acknowledging this. However, the mayor never signed this statement. ■ The court proceedings were filed in February 2015 challenging both the exclusion from meetings and the withholding of relevant reports, minutes and information. ■ Council defended the claim on the basis that Cr Gurunathan had not been excluded from any meeting nor had any information been withheld. ■ From a relatively simple legal issue of whether or not any councillor has a legal right to attend any meeting, the issues inevitably morphed into

credibility (the mayor’s) and integrity (Cr Gurunathan’s). ■ Council then agreed to settle the claim in September 2015. ■ Lawyers for both parties sent a joint memorandum to the court asking for declarations ‘by consent’: these included declarations that Cr Gurunathan had been unlawfully excluded, that all councillors were entitled to attend CEPEC meetings unless there was some specific lawful reason for excluding him/her, and that all councillors were entitled to relevant information. ■ The judge in this case refused to make the declarations jointly requested by the council and Cr Gurunathan. His brief ‘minute’ gave no reason for this. ■ The hearing on October 7 then went ahead, and the Judge then explained his concern with the proposed declarations. ■ He was not convinced that the

Local Government Act does allow councillors to attend any meeting. As the council (based on advice from all its lawyers) and Cr Gurunathan had agreed prior to the claim that such a right does exist, the case had to be adjourned for written submissions on the issue. ■ Rather than settling the matter, the council decided to change its mind and argue that the right of attendance does not exist. ■ The judge received the written submissions in December and requested a hearing, scheduled for yesterday. ■ If the judge decides that there is no general right of attendance, this will have repercussions throughout local government. It will allow small majorities (as in KCDC) to effectively exclude ‘minority’ councillors from any important decision-making and access to relevant information.


ating opportunities for a Cre personal farewell.

Don't leave the stress and worry to your family members. Request a free funeral kit and plan your farewell today. Complimentary “My Life, My Funeral” kits.

Simply call and we will happily send one out to you.


Phone: 06 368 2954

Eco Funerals The topic of environmentally—friendly farewells “eco-funerals” covers a wide range of issues, from full “natural burials” in specially designated areas, to simple choices made throughout the funeral arrangements that will minimise the environmental impact and carbon footprint of someone’s funeral. Common areas of focus are embalming, the preparation of the deceased and caskets.

chemicals induced through medications during the later stages of illness. Techniques such as EcoPrep resolve both these issues. For more information on eco friendly options now developed we suggest you contact your local funeral home to find out what type of eco- friendly options they can provide.

Caskets: There are many Eco friendly caskets available, in fact so many that funeral homes can’t carry them all in Embalming: stock. But most catalogue items can be obtained Modern embalming is now the usual way of within 48 hours. preparing the deceased in New Zealand, with approximately 80% of deceased persons being The three most used are: embalmed. The ‘Willow Woven Casket’ - This is a specialised But when thinking of an environmentally—friendly woven willow casket sourced in New Zealand. This is funeral most people believe that doing nothing, and more expensive than plain pine. certainly not embalming, is the most natural state for The ‘Plain Pine Box’, known as a Settler. This is made the deceased. However, this does not recognise the accumulation of seconds Pine and supplied with rope handles. of toxins or chemicals that build up in one’s body The ‘Crafted Pine’ –This is made from 1st NZ pine and during life, or drugs that may be introduced during a supplied with finely crafted wooden handles that are final illness. These often leave the body in an comfortable to carry with. anything but natural state. As mentioned above, there are many more eco So simply doing nothing to the deceased does not rid friendly caskets available including bamboo, ply and the body of harmful toxins in the body or remove the woollen. By Andrew Malcolm

Incorporating Kaitawa Crematorium

Graeme & Loris Rolston and Lloyd Dacombe

“A truly environmentally friendly green approach to deceased preparation” The Avenue Crematorium

0800 ICMARK ~ (06) 368-8108 545 - 547 Queen Street East, Levin 197 Mill Road, Otaki

Telephone 293 6844

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News


Parents need to unplug their kids


ERSUADING children to turn off the TV or computer is more difficult than getting them to do their homework, go to bed or take a bath, a UK poll suggests. Almost one in four mothers and fathers (23.1 per cent) found it difficult to control the amount of time their son or daughter spent watching television or playing on computers, tablets and phones, according to the Action for Children survey. In comparison, just one in 10 parents (10.3 per cent) found it difficult to get their youngsters to do their homework, while 17.5 per cent struggled with getting them to bed, 10.5 per cent had trouble getting their child out of bed and ready in the morning and 4.6 per cent found it difficult to encourage their offspring to take a bath. The poll, which questioned around 2000 parents, also revealed that healthy eating is an issue for some mothers and fathers,

TRAGEDY: Spending too much time with the TV and computer is ruining children’s lives.

with nearly one in five (18.6 per cent) admitting that they found it difficult to get


their child to eat the right foods. The findings come amid continuing concerns that youngsters may be spending too much time online or watching TV, with some experts previously warning that pupils can turn up to school tired after spending time in front of a screen late at night.

Church Guide

Carol Iddon, managing director of operations at Action for Children, said: “Technology is an often necessary part of the lives of children and parents alike, but it’s important to maintain a balance with other activities and quality family time. “We know from our extensive work with families

SUNDAY SERVICES RAUMATI CHURCH Cnr. Weka & Raumati Road 10.30am UNITED@9 All Age Informal Worship 9.00am WAIKANAE BEACH Cnr. Ngapaki & Taiata St 9.00am ST JAMES PAEKAKARIKI Ocean Road 10.30am Minister: Rev. Cornelia Grant Parish Office 04 902 5809 | | Like us on Facebook

that strong relationships with parents build resilience in children, making them less susceptible to bullying or abuse outside the home and encouraging them to speak to their parents about any fears or concerns. “As well as the conscious effort to cut down on screen time, some parents benefit from additional support, such as dropping in for a chat or attending support groups at children’s centres, to learn how to better connect with their children.” The children’s charity has published a series of tips to help parents to get their children to “unplug” from their TV and computer screens. These include planning family activities that do not include technology, and creating a weekly schedule based on the idea of one hour of technology use equalling one hour on other activities.


Revd Tim Bustin Tel: 904 3018 ST LUKE’S, ELIZABETH ST SUNDAY: 8am – Holy Communion 10am – Connect Family Service FRIDAY: 10am – noon – Healing Rooms

Te Ope Whakaora

The Salvation Army Kapiti Corps 41 Bluegum Road Sunday 10:30am Helping people find and follow Jesus

ASH WEDNESDAY (10 February) 10.30am – Ash Wednesday Service ST MICHAEL’S, RANGIHIROA ST SUNDAY: 9.30am – Sung Eucharist All Welcome

Food for the heart

57 Himemoa St, Paraparaumu

Summer Service Times Every Sunday during the school holidays

10am Service with Communion



Creche available for those under 3 Holiday activites for ages 3-12 Please note: Kid Zone & Rock Solid are in recess until the start of term 1

SUNDAY SCHOOL 10am SUNDAY WORSHIP 11am MEN’S BIBLE STUDY 7.30pm Monday WOMENS BIBLE STUDY 10.30am Thursday 54b Ocean Road, Paraparaumu Beach Pastor Tom Reesor Phone (04) 902-4826 A Christ exalting family fellowship

ASH WEDNESDAY (10 February) 7pm – Ash Wednesday Service ST ANDREW’S, REIKORANGI SUNDAY: 9.15am – Holy Communion

CAFÉ CHURCH (Waikanae)

Sunday 10am We meet in local cafes and homes. For information please phone:

902 3895 • 904 3606 Email: Member of Acts churches NZ

Phone for information Phone 04 293 6900 or 04 297 2723

— PA

Minister Rev. Peter Jackson Phone 06 3648759 or 021 2079455 SERVICES WAIKANAE (Ngaio Rd) 9.15am

OTAKI (Mill Rd)

11.00am Cafe Church 2nd Sunday Church Office - Waikanae Mon-Fri 9am - 12 noon Phone 04 293-6987 Email:

UNITING PARISH Minister Rev. Cornelia Grant Tel: 902-5809 Ngapaki Street 9.00am Service: Playgroup Fridays 9.30am


Pastor Nigel Scott Tel: 293-6810 286 Te Moana Road SUNDAY SERVICES 9am & 10.30am

Children’s programme with 2nd service Office open: Tues to Fri 9am -12 noon Website: Enquiries:

905 3391


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

>> localclassifieds > > say it. sell it. buy it. Employment Vacancies

Firewood DRY pine, 3.3m cubed $200. Please call 027 248 9378.


FIREWOOD available now. Phone (04) 298 8774 Composting NZ Limited.


Business Opportunities MR Green lawn mowing business for sale, existing ride on, run approx $25,000. Call Ian 021 738 819.

For Lease

OFFICE to lease Levin CBD, $80 p/w. Phone 027 545 2744.

Trade Services 0800MRCHIPPER 0800(672447)


PHONE: JEREMY Computer Services NEED COMPUTER HELP? Skilled prof avail $30 p/hr. No help no chge. Phone 298 1575 or 021-069-9131.

We require a Technician or Graduate to join our team and assist with our residential and commercial projects.

You should have at least one years experience in practice and a proficiency in Revit, an ability to use SketchUp would also be an advantage. A thorough understanding of the NZBC and NZS3604 is essential as is a positive attitude and self motivation. WWW.SPACEARCHITECTURE.CO.NZ


• Fast Paced, exciting multi-media sales leadership role • Excellent prospects for advancement within NZME one of New Zealand’s largest media companies • Proven, professional sales leader sought. NZME is New Zealand’s premier integrated media company, with a portfolio of market leading newspaper, radio, digital and magazine titles that engage with 2.9 million people every week


Whanganui farms recover from floods

Current to Friday January 22, 2016 – Issue No 194 View online:

Wanganui Marton Waverley Taihape Raetihi Hunterville Bulls Patea Hawera Waiouru Mangaweka Sanson Feilding Halcombe Ohakune


PLUS Radio personality Dominic George DECEMBE

issue twentR 2013 ysix



your photos

New Mazda Single Cab, Xtra Cab, Double Cab 4x2 or 4x4, Manual or Auto

- heart of


our region



Stewart Payne 027 779 9575 | 349 0930 e Muster, Hallowee ANUI | Dave (Ohakune) 06 385 8256 Tony (Taihape) 06 White Ribbon n, Huntervill Proudly published e Shemozzl March and e, much more by

Mc Donalds


Professional Services


Celebrating nearly 30 years of community news

Bringing back ack the th raft race



and Castlecliff Hotel battle with wit flour bombs in the 2002 raft race on the Whanganui River. PICTURE / KRISTY BALLAR




Wanganui Chronicle Friday, March 6, 2015


BRIDGE OPENS... 110 YEARS LATE January 23, 2016




P4 $1.50 (Mon–Sat home delivery $7.60/week)

Relay for Life brolly good fun!

Wanganui Chronicle

2015 Ford

Although the staff at the Wanganui branch of NZCU Baywide have been busy settling into their new premises in Guyton St this week, they have found time to raise $1215 for their Relay for Life effort this weekend. Manager Lynda Matoe, with co-workers Melissa Smith, Bronwyn Crow and Trudie Geerkens, will be walking in the event at Cooks Gardens from noon tomorrow until midday on Sunday. “We have roped in various husbands and children to be part of the team as well, so we won’t be doing it all on our own,” said Ms Matoe of the challenge. She said the team was inspired to join the relay by a friend who was fighting cancer. The team are prepared for any weather with their distinctive orange umbrellas that will keep sun or rain at bay as they join hundreds of others for the weekend’s marathon Cancer Society fundraiser.

Wanganui Motors

RAIN OR SHINE: The NZCU Baywide team of Bronwyn Crow, Melissa Smith and Lynda Matoe are ready to Relay For Life.


Music Maximises Potential Anne Pengelly AmusA ATCL, AIRMT Enrol for 2016 now Adults Welcome Phone P’ram 298 5646

Are you a Sales Superstar? Looking to work in the Horowhenua-Kapiti region?


Wanganui Chronicle Wanganui Midweek Captured The Land Property Guide




>> localclassifieds >>

Publishers of

Legal &


In the first instance please contact Glenn Owens at

Kevin hit the nail on the head when he advertised his building services in Local Classifieds

Employment Vacancies

Lawn Care

Legal Aid available.

is looking for an advertising sales person for two magazines that we currently design and print. This would be commission based only and would suit somebody with some print advertising experience.

say it. sell it. buy it.

Pedicures $30 Home Visits $40 Angela 293 5611

Kerry Ann Jacobs Phone 021 155 1950 or 905 5658

Please email or call into Stresscrete, Main Road South, Otaki between 7.30 and 4.00 Monday to Friday to complete an application form

If you are looking to work in a design focused practice with a friendly and supportive team, apply to


FAMILY lawn mowing service, free quotes Waikanae - Raumati South. Phone 297 9437.

Stresscrete is a family owned precast concrete manufacturer. We are experts in our field and have pride in our quality and Health & Safety. We are seeking strong and experienced concrete placers/finishers.

Space Architecture Studio is a boutique architecture and interior design practice in Mana, with a studio soon to open on the Kapiti Coast.

Tree Services Hedges, Mulching Stump Grinding Free Quotes

The Print Room


Petrol attack on horse By Melissa Wishart A miniature horse has been burnt after someone poured petrol on to its cover while the owners slept.

Wanganui woman Kenesha Carlyle went outside to see 15-year-old Twister and prepare him for a horse show the next day — but when she took off the cover she saw patches of his flesh had been burned off.

“I could see where it’s melted,” Miss Carlyle said. “With him having a cover on and his body heat we think it’s combusted.” A vet confirmed Twister had burns on his back and gave Miss

Carlyle antibiotics and a special wash and cream to treat it. “He was really touchy and just wasn’t nice to be around,” she said of the horse. “He isn’t himself — he used to be really trusting.”

Miss Carlyle, who lives at Marybank just off State Highway 3, discovered what had happened on Saturday morning, and said she felt “sick” seeing it.

■ Continued p3

■ Weather: High 25, Low 14 —more, p26 ■ Family notices— p21 ■ Puzzles — p20 ■ Television — p27




4.0L, Automatic, Air bag bags, gs, Towbar, Roof racks, Only 175,000kms

Enquiries welcome 06 348 1500

Hospital, Resthome & Respite Beds Available Enquire Now

Beauttiful relaxing gardenss and stunning views make choosing St Johns Hill Healthcare eal choice for the ide your loved one.

2 Virginia Rd . St Johns Hill Wanganui .

12 month Protecta warrenty included

TODAY ONLY Retail $5,000 Dep from only $500 - $40 per week


44-50 Dublin Street, Wanganui (06) 345 0233 |

The Wanganui Chronicle is the dominant news provider for the Whanganui district with 43,000 readers over a typical week. Digital advertising revenue continues to grow as the Wanganui Chronicle has the most popular local website averaging 100,000 hits and 21,000 unique browsers visiting each week. Media in Whanganui is in an exciting phase with NZME unique in its ability to offer clients integrated media solutions including print, radio, digital and Grabone. No other media organisation can match our reach and penetration into the Whanganui district including the city. Whilst media sales leadership experience at a senior level would be an advantage, the key pre-requisite is a candidate who can present a proven track record in mentoring and leading successful sales teams in a competitive and fast paced sales environment. You’ll enjoy devising innovative plans and strategies and be result driven to ensure team sales targets are met whilst at all times being client focused delivering smart, innovative and creative solutions to our valued and loyal customer base. An attractive package including company car and other benefits awaits the successful applicant. To apply please send your CV and covering letter to: Confidential enquiries can be made to Andy Jarden 021 463 623 Applications close Monday 22nd February, 2016

NZME offers outstanding integrated multimedia advertising solutions across our On Air, On Line, Digital and Print platforms – We are looking for a Radio Account Manager The outstanding candidate will have a positive “can do” attitude and engaging personality who thrives on success. You will have the ability to be an astute solutions provider and know how to develop a thorough knowledge of the client’s business and their needs within the market with our legendary radio brands. The ideal candidate will have • Experience and success in a sales career and will have evidence of an ability to establish business relationships and networks • Be able to deliver exceptional customer service • Have experience in negotiating with clients • Be compelling, creative, strategic and pro-active • Be goal focussed and be driven to achieve your goals • Want to work each day as if they own the business and a self-starter • Has excellent computer skills This role is full time – 40 hours Note that to apply for this position you must already be permitted to work in New Zealand and be available for face-to-face interviews if required. Applications close: Friday 19th February Please Email or Phone 06 366 0259

Property Management

We’ll do the HARD WORK for you Ray White @ The Beach

Offering full property management and casual letting services on the Kapiti Coast Steinmetz Property Management Ph (04) 293 8020 – 14a Marine Parade, Paraparaumu Beach

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News

Employment Vacancies

Public Notices


Carpenters & Hammerhands

email CV to:

Kapiti Coasts largest construction project requires carpenters and hammerhands for an immediate start, please call or text

Qualified Sous Chef with a passion to succeed Day, night and weekend work

Labourers – long term work in Whitby

This project will offer steady work, long hour days, and great rates of pay, along with real opportunities to upskill and grow your work experience! Potential for long term work for right candidates. We are looking for:

Liam on 021 278 6823


Now hiring labourers – largest civil construction project in the area. Big hours, fantastic rates; long term project work available.

to arrange an interview.

Situations Wanted

Halford Horticulture Ltd require pickers for the pear season, beginning approx early to mid March, up to four weeks work in the Otaki & Ohau areas. Apply to PO Box 15046, Otaki 5542 or email for an application and information sheet. No phone calls accepted.

• Labourers • experience in construction or civil work is a plus! Successful applicants will: • have their Class 1 licence • have reliable transport • pass a pre-employment drug test & random drug tests. Call 0508 40 40 40 to speak to the Tradestaff Wellington Team.

CHILD minding and general household duties, full or p/time, suit prof couple. Phone 04 299 1676 or 021 0285 5042 after 5pm.

Kevin hit the nail on the head when he advertised his building services in Local Classifieds

>> localclassifieds >>

★★★ ★★★ ★★★ Public Notices

Electra owns and operates the electricity lines and distribution assets in the Kapiti-Horowhenua region. Electra invoices these prices to Electricity Retailers, who then include these in your regular electricity bill. Electra Electricity Network Prices from 1 April 2016 compared to existing prices (excluding GST)

44,118 F 40,036 A 23,875 M 2,558 C 581 N 2,001 B 1616 DN DD 776 TN TP

Fixed Price - Low User Options Uncontrolled (formerly Anytime) Controlled 20 (formerly Managed Saver) All Inclusive (formerly Combined) (closed) Night (formerly Super Thrifty) Night Boost (formerly Thrifty)


Line Function cents / unit Existing New 5.00 5.00 9.49 9.74 2.32 2.32

Transmission cents / unit Existing New 10.00 10.00 2.80 3.26 1.10 1.28

Total cents / unit Existing New 15.00 15.00 12.29 13.00 3.42 3.60

All All As required

cents/day cents/kWh cents/kWh

As required








Export Street Lighting Community Lighting

2300-0700 2300-0700 1300-1600 2100-0700 0700-2100 2300-0700 0700-1100 1700-2100 1100-1700 2100-2300 All Timetable Timetable

cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh

0.75 0.94 0.94 0.90 10.36 0.75 12.28 12.28 1.27 1.27 0.00 6.83 8.31

0.75 0.94 0.94 0.90 10.63 0.77 15.12 15.12 1.56 1.56 0.00 7.01 7.01

0.21 0.21 0.21 0.21 2.81 0.21 2.72 2.72 1.10 1.10 0.00 2.78 2.78

0.24 0.24 0.24 0.24 3.28 0.24 3.17 3.17 1.28 1.28 0.00 3.24 3.24

0.96 1.15 1.15 1.11 13.17 0.96 15.00 15.00 2.37 2.37 0.00 9.61 11.09

0.99 1.18 1.18 1.14 13.91 1.01 18.29 18.29 2.84 2.84 0.00 10.25 10.25

Community Lighting Maintenance Fee

Each Fitting








Day/Night Time of Use (formerly Triple Saver)

TO 223 EX U U

Time Zone On

Night Day Night Peak Off peak

178 S

Fixed Price - Standard Option

178 SN SP

Standard (formerly Standard Industrial)


If you fancy giving singing a go, come along and sing along with us on our open night. No audition, no reading music, all faiths and none, we just love singing gospel. Thursdays starting 11th February 7 - 9 p.m St Peter’s Hall, Paekakariki $80 per term waged / $50 unwaged (no charge for newcomers first night) Contact : or Fiona Walker 905 8492/ 027 451 4289

NOTICE BY ADVERTISEMENT In the Family Court at Porirua To: Formerly of:


Janice Gordon aka Wilson Kapiti

• Sean Seamus Wilson has filed an application against you for the following order/s or declaration/s: A copy of the application, with a notice containing information for you, may be obtained from the Family Court office at Porirua. If you do not file a Notice of Response to the Application on or before 21 days following the date of Advertisement, the application may be dealt with in your absence. If you do not file at least one of the following documents, the case may proceed without you being heard: • A Notice of Defence, on or before 21 days following the date of Advertisement • A request for an appearance, on or before 29 February 2016 • A request for a hearing, on or before 29 February 2016. Any person knowing the whereabouts of Janice Wilson is asked to bring this notice to her attention.









Night Peak

2300-0700 0700-1100 1700-2100

cents/kWh cents/kWh cents/kWh

0.70 8.63 8.63

0.70 8.63 8.63

0.21 2.88 2.88

0.21 2.88 2.88

0.91 11.51 11.51

0.91 11.51 11.51

Off peak

















Power Factor Premium This applies to commercial customers. Where the power factor is less than 0.95 Electra reserves the right to impose a power factor premium. The premium will be based on a multiplier of 2% of the monthly total Network price for every 0.01 power factor below 0.95 lagging.

Deputy Registrar 26 January 2016

Lost and Found

Public Notices


Public Notice Of Application For On-licence


Electricity Network Prices Kapiti Coast and Horowhenua: Effective 1 April 2016

Price Option Component


S68 Orders Relating to Contravention of Parenting Order

say it. sell it. buy it.

Users Price Price (Est) Code Option


Beautiful white female cat

Ph 06 3646591



at Raumati Beach 24th January.

Ph 04 9057085

Get Ready Get Thru

Section 101, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 Southward Museum Trust has made application to the Kapiti Coast District Licensing Committee for the issue of an On-Licence in respect of the premises at Otaihanga Road, Paraparaumu known as Southward Car Museum. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is Theatre and Event Centre. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is (or is intended to be) sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday 8am – 12 midnight. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Kapiti Coast District Licensing Committee at 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu 5032. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the issue of the licence may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee at: The Secretary Kapiti Coast District Licensing Committee Private Bag 60601 Paraparaumu 5254 No objection to the issue of a new licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 105 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the first publication of this notice.

Price Option Naming Some price options have been renamed to conform with standard industry terms. In the table above the previous names are shown in brackets beside the new names. All Inclusive Option The All Inclusive option is no longer available except to existing users. Existing users must have electric hot water which, if required, is able to be controlled by Electra, plus either a Night or Night Boost meter.


Classified Advertising Deadlines

Time of Use Option This option (formerly Triple Saver) had previously been only available to customers using more than 25,000kWh per annum. vvIt is now available to any customer.

Line Ads – 9.30am Tuesdays Boxed Ads – 5pm Monday

Export For those who are generating electricity on their premises and exporting some or all of this into Electra’s distribution network. Sales Discount A Sales Discount will be credited to the current customer at each metered supply point (ICP) at the discount date of 31 January 2017. The discount will be $30.00 plus 13% of the ICP’s total fixed and variable Line and Transmission prices for the previous twelve months Network Losses

Network Losses

Loss Factor Code

Loss Factor




Sally gave herself an A+ when she advertised her tuition services in Local Classifieds

>> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


need it.


Get independent advice

Phone 04 2983335 Mobile 027 5561735 Email -


TechMan your Waste Management Supporting community in recycling 0800 10 10 10

Includes 60L recycling bucket



022 315 7018


Keeping it Kiwi - Keeping it Local Bathrooms, Plumbing & Gas

Bachelor of Construction, Diploma in Quantity Surveying Waikanae

AL SERVICES PROFESSION. Schedules Estimates tract Management ies, Con ions Feasibility Stud surance Valuat Replacement In

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PROPERTY PROUD Your local PROPERTY MAINTENANCE AND HOUSE WASHING specialist Forr an obliga ation on fre ree e quo ote e ca alll Sc cottt on:: 08 080 00 564 654 • 021 1 112 28 23 33

EXCLUSIVE KOWHAI ROOFING AGENTS FOR PORIRUA & KAPITI • Roof Restoration & Coating • Re-Roofing Specialists • General Roof Repair • Roof Clean & Moss Kill • Gutter Replacement, Repair & Cleaning • GutterGuard Protection

Gwil & Kelly Hughes 021 027 23477 | 0800 KOWHAI 35 Years Service To Kiwi Households

E :


PAINTER Phone Brian on 0277843568 or Christine on 0273881523

Qualified Tradesman 30+ years experience

Kapiti Websites


Semi Retired lifetime member of the Master Painters Association looking for small to medium sized work in the Kapiti area.

Pa ainterr & Decorator Greg Stout

0800 862857 857 021 862

Construction Cost Consultant

Des Hoskins

NEED HELP WITH YOUR WINDOWS 10? Call us for Windows Apple Mac, Wired and Wireless Networks, Printer setup, Security, Virus and Malware removal plus any other technical support. The best advice at the best price, and no callout fee on the Kapiti Coast. SuperGold Card Holders get a 10% discount

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E-Commerce Online Marketing Mobile Apps


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Google Analytics SEO Adwords


KAPITI 56 Amohia Street (SH1) Paraparaumu PH 04 296 4000 FAX 04 296 6999 EMAIL


* Terms and conditions apply

sort it.

• Wellington, Kapiti & Palmerston North Airports • Door To Door Shuttle Service • Corporate Chauffer Service Available • Friendly Local Service With Professional Drivers • Available For Social Functions, Weddings • Private Hire


Gary Foote 131 Belvedere Avenue, Waikanae 04 905 8518 0274 535 709

find it.

ROOFING DTM ROOFING LTD Specialists in new roofing, re-roofing and repairs

For a free measure and quote Ph Daniel Morgan 027 9253231 Email:


YourBusiness Here! To find out how phone Pat TODAY 04 04 298 298 55783 783 or email

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Kapiti News




Kapiti Clock Repair & Maintenance “Crunch”…the last sound a vehicle owner wants to hear.

Colling and Gray – Otaki Collision Repairs … is the first name that should come to mind when you hear that sound.

“There is no exception when it comes to the quality maintenance and safety of every vehicle.

“We are continually updating our systems Business partners Michael Alderton Is your favourite clock in need of a revamp? I go back, it does!” he says. “S Simply call me on 06 368 6483 and lett’s make and reskilling the and you Simon Taylor and their team are It is Trevor’s Maybe have found a beautiful antique reliable, fuss-free approach that has a time to visit you and your clock. I’m happy to because wethe Kapiti Coast. bargain a little love to get it tickingrepair him inteam demand up and down givve you a quote and to answer any panelrequiring beating and automotive clock-repair inquries.” again? Whatever your clock fixing needs, expert Trevorwant is situated in Levinour and comes to the to know experts. Their experience in car horologist Trevor Dellow has the skills, dedication Coastcustomers on Fridays for always drop offs and pick-ups. “I repairs, spray visit your home and take the insides out of your and patiencerebuilding, to restore yourwelding, individual timepiece. Trevor Dellow get the best results,” With clock repair maintenance painting andandrust removalexperience ensures clock and leave the case there. I fix the insides, your home and put them dating back to 1962, Trevor has extensive then Michael bring them back your vehicle’s dents major back in their case.” knowledge about the dings, ins and outs of allor alarm, welcoming customers from “We work hard to cuckoo, mantle, wall and grandfather No Trevor’s expertise rests on fixing and maintaining damage are repaired to theclocks. highest make sure you’re back in your car throughout Horowhenua and Kapiti. matter the age orand condition youraligned clock – Trevor standards theyofare with clocks as ancient as three hundred years old. can find the spare parts to bring your clock “You as can soon still findas thepossible right parts today to fixhave five but we all to the insurers. back life.major “Just like anything else mechanical, clocks that are two hundred three hundred courtesy cars so to we can keep you on For more information on Colling and clocks also need servicing occasionally.” years old,” he says. “The reason my focus is on Gray’s panel beating and automotive the road so your business or family By using repairproblem assessment Trevor says thedigital most common in clocks servicing clocks and not watches is because lifeday continues interruption.” repair services or to book your car in, istechnology the build up of dirt andcan dust,deliver which longmodern watches justwithout aren’t as replaceable they term can result in your clock needing complete as old clocks, surprisingly. People tend to throw phone 06 364 7495 or call in to specific and dependable road and Gray to be a restoration. “I love that when I first go to awayColling broken watches insteadisofproud fixing them.” reliability results. Otakihebusiness 3 Arthur Street, Otaki. someone’s house their clock doesn’t work. When “Mostcommunity-minded clocks were made to go forever,” says.

Clock Repairs

Panel Beating

Grouting Services

Plumbing Services

Restoration of old Timepieces






For all your

Insurance work • Spray Booth • Chassis Machine Furniture + Marine + Automotive • Plastic welding • Motor bike repairs • Rust Repair Ask for Mike • Crash Repair or Simon Ph: 06 364 7495 3 Arthur Street, Otaki

FREE pick-up and delivery


75 Tiro Tiro Road, Levin, 5510 06 3686483 • 027 2880111


Computer Services


(06) 364 5252

Trevor Dellow, Horologist

Architectural Design


P: 04 905 7380



M: 0275 114 744

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Vet Homecare In-Home Euthanasia Veterinary Hospice Care Compassionate Pet Care Call or e-mail us today for more information P: 027 341 4899 E: W.

PARAPARAUMU STAIRS AND JOINERY Solid Timber Kitchens Interior & Exterior Stairs including straight and winders Balustrades made to measure

Over 30 years experience

Andy Stuart 021 674177

Printing, Sign, Design

experts in

• • • •

Business Cards Magazines Labels Banners

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Packaging Magnets Posters Signage

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Lawns & Gardens Garage Doors • Hedge trimming • General gardening • Weeding and spraying • Section clearing/maintenance • Tree pruning & removals • Security checked & fully insured • Free/online quotes, local operator • Franchise opportunities available

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New doors: standard and architectural Local manufacturer... ”Keepin‛ it Kiwi” Doors for the Coast. 10 year warranty Doors need annual maintenance. Get onto our scheduled service plan. Stop those springs ricochetting around the garage. Keep them in place with The KISSR system. We are MERLIN PLUS agents

“NO, MISSUS. I DON’T THINK A WEE SQUIRT OF C.R.C WILL HELP” Kapiti Garage Doors 2979201 or 027 297 9201


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


TIGHT CONTEST The first night of the Mitre 10 Mega business house tennis competition began last Wednesday night in Paraparaumu. There were four very tightly contested matches. Jennian Homes played Harris Builders and won 4-2, Finman Services beat Gil-Plans in another 4-2 result, while on the other courts Precise Print were pipped at the post, the match finishing 3-3 but with a difference in one game in a

count back, Raumati Fish Supply won. The best match of the night could have gone either way, with Solarzone just missing out to The Builders. “It’s way too early at this stage to determine who the early favourite for this years title will be but one thing is for certain, it will be as eagerly contested as it has been in the past,” competition coorganiser Chris Packer said.

Road race for running or walking The 10th running of the Paekakariki Road Races takes place on Sunday at 9am. Hosted by the Kapiti Running and Tri Club, the races follow a scenic and undulating 5.35km lap around the streets of Paekakariki and into Queen Elizabeth Park.

There is a choice of three distances for the run and two for the walk. Following the races there will be a complimentary morning tea in the Paekakariki Memorial Hall and a short spot prize draw. It would be a great warm up

for the Round the Bays. The 10.7km run is the Don Melrose Memorial Race and there are trophies for the men’s and women’s winners of this race. If the winners of the Don Melrose race break the existing course records (men — Dougal

prizes. Other spot prizes can be claimed when you return you race number to the hall. Enter online kapitirunningandtriclub and then click on the ‘our events’ tab.

Van Dyk speaks at sport awards

MEDAL TIME: After one session of the Manawatu champs, from left, Emma Neal, Sophie Neal, Phoebe Lee, Desiree Grout (crouching), Stevie Shipman, Tori Grout, Noah Ireland-Spicer (crouching), Leila Phipps Thomas, Hannah Huria, Robin Shen, Caitlin Huria (crouching), Matthew Johnson PHOTO: KAP020216SPLSWIM

Raptors’ huge medal haul Raumati Raptors have had a huge medal haul at the Manawatu age group swimming championships in Palmerston North. “It was a great follow-up championship meet after our great outing at Wellington regional championships for our swimmers to post national qualifying standards, and also take medals,” coach Jon Winter said. “Having my swimmers take 105 medals from another centre

Thorburn 35m 25s, and women — Gabrielle O’Rourke 41m 19s) there are cash bonuses of $100 each to be won. Stirling Sports Kapiti and Fishermans Table Paekakariki are assisting with spot prizes. You must be present at the prize draw to win the larger

is always a joy for me. . ” Total team medal count was 41 gold, 32 silver, 32 bronze. Results — Desiree Grout three gold, three silver. Tori Grout one gold, three silver, two bronze. Taine Hartnett four gold, one silver, two bronze. Caitlin Huria three gold, two silver, two bronze. Hannah Huria 12 gold. Noah Ireland-Spicer four gold. Matthew Johnson three gold, four silver. two bronze. Phoebe Lee one silver, five bronze.

Thomas Lee four bronze. Eli Litten one silver. Keely McKnight one gold, eight silver. Tommie Milne one gold, two silver. one bronze. Zoe Muir Clarke two bronze. Emma Neal two bronze. Sophie Neal one gold, two silver. one bronze. Robin Shen five gold, three silver, one bronze. Stevie Shipman three bronze. Jack Skelsey one gold, five bronze. Art Woodley Hanan two gold, two silver.

Former Silver Fern Irene van Dyk has been confirmed as guest speaker at the Pak ‘n Save Kapiti Sportsperson of the Year Awards in May. When asked to be guest speaker by Kapiti based, Sam McIntyre, director of Tall Poppy Real Estate, (a sponsor of the awards), Irene wasn’t initially available but after some discussion about the dates a comprise was found. Lions Club of Kapiti organising committee chairman Bill Pearson said Irene’s appearance will be a great added attraction to what has become a well-attended and widely respected event. Nominations are currently open for the 11th anniversary of the Kapiti Sportsperson Awards. Reminders are being sent to clubs and individuals and Air New Zealand have provided an early bird incentive where all nominees lodged by February 29 will go into the draw to win a domestic return Air NZ flight from Kapiti. Nominations close on April 1. “So we are calling all sportspeople, coaches, administrators, officials, volunteers and clubs to get their nominations in for the awards,” said Event manager, Kirsten Kilmister, of Scopevents “Anyone can submit a nomination including clubs, officials, individuals, friends,

COMING TO KAPITI: Irene van Dyk will be the guest speaker at the Pak ‘n Save Kapiti Sportsperson of the Year Awards. A_070414NZHCCNETBALL22

family and team-mates. Some excellent nominations have already been received from Paraparaumu and Kapiti colleges featuring students who were successful in the recent College Sport Wellington awards. “There are a lot of deserving people in our region who should be recognised, so now’s the time to shake off the holidays and get the nominations in online via or by picking up a form from Pak ‘n Save Kapiti, district libraries or the Coastlands customer service desk.” There are great incentives to seek recognition this year. Sponsors have donated prizes and the supreme award winner will receive $1000, $500 for themselves and $500 for the Kapiti-based club, code or sport of their choice.

Otaki juniors do well in competition The Otaki Surf Lifesaving Club juniors, with six participants, took part in the recent Central Regional Junior Championships in Oakura recently, where they finished fourth overall and were first overall in the clubs from the Wellington region. Both the juniors and the senior team have been training intensely under the coaches Nape McFedries, Neale Ames and Kirsty Doyle, in preparation for the Surf Lifesaving Nationals to be held in Mt Maunganui in March. During the meet the team walked away with eight gold, five silver and one bronze over the various events, which included board racing, open water swimming and rescues. For some of the swimmers it was their first away competition

and the contest was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Neale Ames, president of the Otaki Surf Lifesaving Club was proud of the team. “The kids have been training hard for eight months and all the hard work is starting to pay off. “I’m very proud of them and they deserve their success.” This sentiment was echoed by coach Nape McFedries who said it was unbelievable. “They believed in themselves and have done themselves proud.” Some are rookie members of the Otaki Surf Lifesaving club, and use the training and events to build up their surf lifesaving skill set. Many have been on duty over the school holidays and have had to fit training and competing around patrols.

TEAM EFFORT: Some of the Otaki Surf Lifesaving Club did well at the Central Regional Junior Championships. From top left Nape McFedries, Taimana van Beek, Jade West, Damien Doyle, Alex Lundie, Neale Ames, Tom van der Sman. Bottom left Isla West, Cadence McHugo. PHOTO: KAP010216SPLSURF

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News

Junior players do well in Kapiti tennis Local tennis players fared well at the Stirling Sports Kapiti Junior Open tennis tournament. The annual tournament attracted around 95 tennis players aged from seven to 17 years. Hosted by Paraparaumu Beach Tennis Club in conjunction with Waikanae Tennis Club, the four-day tournament went smoothly in near-perfect weather. Notable performances by locals included: ■ Paraparaumu Beach Tennis

Club junior Amy Kieboom, 11, won the 12s girls singles and doubles. She also reached the semi-finals of the girls 14s singles and doubles. ■ Maia Reid, 14, from Waikanae, comfortably won the girls 14s singles and doubles. She was top seed for both events in a large draw of 23 players. ■ Other good results for Paraparaumu Beach Tennis Club members included Samuel Kingi reaching the semi-finals of the boys 14s doubles; eight year old Greer Atkinson reaching the

semi-finals of the girls 10s singles, and Isabella Saint, 12, who won the 12s girls consolation. “There was some excellent tennis played throughout the four days, and apart from our winners it was also good to see some juniors who don’t normally enter tournaments expand their experience,” Paraparaumu Beach Tennis Club junior convenor Donna Kieboom said. “This tournament is a big event in the Kapiti tennis season and we greatly appreciate the


DOUBLE WHAMMY: Amy Kieboom, right, and Laura Powlesland celebrate winning the girls 12s doubles for the second year in a row PHOTO: KAP010216PSPLTENNIS

ongoing sponsorship from the local Stirling Sports, which provides the prizes.” Paraparaumu Beach Tennis Club much appreciated the joint effort this year with Waikanae

Tennis Club, which hosted half the events due to the rebuilding of Te Atiawa hard courts. Funds raised from the tournament subsidise the club’s junior coaching.

Young athletes do well at Colgates

SUCCESSFUL: Some of the successful Paraparaumu Track and Field Club who took part in the Colgate Games. Front left Piripi Bercic, Ben Lambert, Zane Yeo, Oscar Kreuzer, back left Louis Northcott, Hannah Reynolds, Maddie Feaunati, Therese Mettrick, Lauren Goodman. Absent Ted Northcott. PHOTO: KAP010216SPLATHLETICS

Paraparaumu Track and Field Club did well at the recent North Island and South Island Colgate Games. A team of 38 athletes aged seven to 14 competed at the North Island Colgate Games in Palmerston North and a smaller team of seven athletes completed at the South Island Colgate Games in Nelson last month. Medalists in the North Island Colgate Games were: Gold: Piripi Bercic grade 10 race walk Boys grade 10 4x100m relay (Zane Yeo, Piripi Bercic, Oscar Kreuzer, Ben Lambert) Silver: Ben Lambert grade 10 100m and 200m Ted Northcott grade 12 race walk Bronze: Louis Northcott grade 14 discus Girls grade 13 4x100m relay (Hannah Reynolds, Lauren Goodman, Maddie Feaunati, Therese Mettrick) Other athletes through to

finals at the North Island Colgate games were Erin Leeksma-Redmond, Bria Fitzgerald, Tessa White, Lauren Goodman, Maddie Feaunati, Hannah Reynolds, Therese Mettrick, Oscar Kreuzer, Francis Mettrick, Daniel Cooper, Daniel Rosario, Daniel Cunningham Medalists in the South Island Colgate Games were: Gold: Maddie Feaunati grade 13 400m Lauren Goodman grade 12 200m Ben Lambert grade 10 discus Silver: Ben Lambert grade 10 100m Bronze: Lauren Goodman grade 12 100m Maddie Feaunati grade 13 200m Ben Lambert grade 10 200m Other athletes through to finals at the South Island games were Amelia Feaunati and Zara Feaunati. Younger athletes aged seven to nine were also successful at both games.


Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Class of 2015 CAR OF THE YEAR




car car compact



Mazda CX-3


car small




Mazda MX-5

suv Mazda CX-3

Imagination is the world’s most valuable resource, because if we can imagine it, we can create it. It’s this same spirit that has inspired our award-winning new generation model range – our class of 2015. We would like to thank all of our Capital City Mazda customers for their continued support and being a part of this special year. Finishing up as the most awarded manufacturer, Mazda was also the Kapiti Coast’s number one selling passenger brand of 2015.* Imagination is also a window into the future, so join us and see where it takes us next.

CAPITAL CITY MAZDA 160 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu 04 297 1000

CAPITAL CITY MAZDA 97 Taranaki Street, Wellington 04 802 6270

*Disclaimer: 2015 figures provided by the New Zealand Transport Agency – retail sales by dealer territory. Excludes direct, rental and central government sales.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kapiti News



Summer Deals HOLDEN COMMODORE SV6.. LOW KS! RED!! 2010 $21,995

• Alloys • Cruise Control • Full Body Kit • Steering Wheel Controls

Kapiti’s only on


• Alloys • Turbo • Downhill Brake Control • Reverse Camera

Merchandise stockists Merchandi

• Remote Locking • Engine Immobiliser • iPod Dock • MP3 Player

• Alloys • Cruise Control • Bluetooth • Steering Wheel Controls.


• Alloys • Spoiler • Bluetooth • Steering Wheel Controls

• Keyless entry • Alloy Wheels • Full body kit • Roof rails • Cruise control


• Alloys • Engine Immobiliser • Leather Interior • Steering Wheel Controls













To order call our parts department – 04 297 2343

• Leather Seats • Parking Sensors • GPS/Satellite Navigation • Heated Front Seats

We also do Vehicle Registrations and Road User Charges

Plus Many More To Choose From…........



Kapiti News

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

AT THE RIGHT PRICE MTF finance arranged.



SOL 2007 Mazda MPV 2.3c,

Automatic, pearl white, dual sliding rear doors, keyless entry with 2 keys, factory alloy wheels, black interior, 8 seater, tinted windows, hard to buy these cars, AA certified and serviced, odo certified MTF finance arranged.


2010 Nissan March

1200cc, Economical, Automatic, Dual Airbags, ABS, AA Serviced and Certified.

MTF finance arranged.


2011 Nissan Cube

1500cc, Automatic, ABS, Eco Mode, Push button start, Dual Airbags. AA Certified and Serviced!

MTF finance arranged.




MTF finance arranged.


MTF finance arranged.


MTF finance arranged.

Priced at only



2007 Toyota Corolla Feilder Aerotourer, 2008 Nissan Dualis 2.0

1.8, - tiptronic, airbags, body kit, tinted windows, keyless entry, popular model, 64,000kms AA certified and serviced MTF finance arranged.



2010 Nissan Note 1.5

Automatic dual airbags, ABS brakes, 5 star fuel economy, 5 door hatch back, alloy wheels, little stunner AA certified and serviced MTF finance arranged.



2004 Toyota Ipsum 240s

Automatic, 7 seats, 72,000kms, factory alloy wheels, ABS brakes, remote locking, AA certified and serviced, very tidy example, MTF finance arranged.

Great value at


Automatic, 64,000kms, silver, remote locking keyless entry, factory alloy wheels, ABS brakes, glass sunroof, very popular, won’t last long, AA certified and serviced MTF finance arranged.



2008 Suzuki Swift 1.2 XG

MTF finance arranged.


5 Speed Manual, 1500cc, Dual Airbags, Eco Mode, 2wd, AA Serviced and Certified. Great Drivers car.



2009 Volvo V50 Wagon 2.0

Automatic, 64,000kms, fitted with front side and curtain airbags for maximum safety, ABS brakes, stability control, remote central locking, reverse camera, parking sensors fitted. MTF finance arranged.

Automatic, airbags, tinted windows, 5 star fuel economy, 5 door hatch back, keyless entry, AA certified and serviced, smart looking car

2011 Subaru Impreza Limited

Automatic, air bags, electric windows, alloy wheels, ABS brakes, factory body kit, tinted windows, keyless entry AA certified and serviced. MTF finance arranged.

2008 Nissan Tiida 1.5



MTF finance arranged.

Priced to sell at


2007 Nissan Lafest 2.0

Automatic, airbags, ABS brakes, tinted windows, AA certified and serviced.

MTF finance arranged.



SAVE $455

2001 Toyota Corolla 1.6 XL

Automatic, NZ new car very tidy and reliable, remote locking, airbags, economical motoring, hard to find in this tidy condition.

MTF finance arranged.



2007 Ford Escape XLT 2.3, 4WD, Automatic, fitted with front and side air bags, ABS brakes, factory alloy wheels, keyless entry, driving lights, AA certified and serviced, stunning in black.

2014 Suzuki SX4, 1.5

Automatic, travelled only 10,000kms, like a new car, fitted with airbags, ABS brakes, keyless entry with immobilizer, pearl white, reverse camera, factory alloy wheels.

2005 BMW 330i

2008 Mazda Demio Sport 1.5

Automatic with sport mode, full black leather interior with electric front seats, cruise control, factory alloy wheels, stunning car with performance as well, 8 air bags, 64,000kms.

Automatic, with sport mode, factory alloy wheels, ABS brakes, keyless entry, airbags, traction control, 5 star fuel rating, AA certified.


MTF finance arranged.

1998 Mazda MX5 ..1.8 6 speed with hard top, gold 2006 Toyota Mark X ................................... black, 2.5 SOLD 2005 Toyota Caldina ZT.....................2.0 auto, black. 2006 Toyota Caldina ZT.....................2.0 auto, pearl. 2007 Toyota Rav 4 .................................5 door, Black 2006 Mazda Bounty SDX ..............double cab Diesel



2 to choose from

2004 Toyota Corolla Feilder 1.5 VVTi

Automatic, dual airbags, ABS brakes, great fuel economy and Toyota reliability, remote locking, loads of room, AA certified and serviced.

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