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WORLD’S WO RLD’S L LARGEST AR GEST INDOO INDOOR R ANTI ANTIQUE QUE SH SHOW OW T he The Th ORI RIGINAL R IG I N A AL L MIIAMI A MI BE EACH EA ACH AN NTIQUE TIQ T IQU QUE SH HOW OW Steve Newm an Fine Art s February February bru bruary bbr ruuuaaary arryy 22-6, 2-6, 2-6 6 2012 22000112 12 THE T HE MIA MIAMI M I BEACH CO CONVENTION NVENTI O N CENTER AB Levy Galleries Charles Cheriff Galleries Yafa Signed Jewels www.Mia www MiamiBeachAntiqueShows m miBea chAntiqueSSho h com 1901 CONVENTION CENTER DRIVE | HALLS C & D AND BALLROOM D 0-4/ 0- |&%"25!29 s 0-4/ 0&%"25!29  s Greenwald Antiques

2012 Original Miami Beach Antique Show Directory

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