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COMPLIMENTARY COPY ™ Published Weekly By Joel Sater Publications VOL. 44, NO. 36 FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 Country Americana, Glass And Ceramics Lead Garth’s Fall Auction Schedule s summer winds down and kids head back to school, Garth’s, of Delaware, Ohio is prepping for two solid auctions in back-toback weekends at their main gallery, 2690 Stratford Road. Kicking off Garth’s fall schedule is the Friday and Saturday, Sept. 6 and 7, Country Americana auction. Filled with a spectacular array of painted surfaces on furniture, folk art and accessories, the annual auction has come to be known as the Labor Day Weekend Auction (although it occurs on the weekend after Labor Day). Among the over 830 lots is a sampling of the extensive antiques, country store and advertising collection of the late J. Garland Warren of San Marcos, Texas, (with more of the collection to follow in upcoming fall sales); additional items come from the collection of the late Helen B. Porter; and a handful of remaining pieces are from the A $4,000-$8,000. A superb Soap Hollow blanket chest by John Sala (18191882) and one of the earliest documented cabinetmakers of the Soap Hollow group will be a highlight of the Friday session. Inscribed “JS 1868” and “Manufactured by John Sala,” it retains the original red and black paint on a case with two drawers and stencil decoration, including a melon basket. Sold at Mishler and Associates (Pennsylvania) in April 2005, it brought over $22,000, but a conservative estimate of $12,000- mate $2,000$4,000). Ceramics lovers should enjoy the bounty of choices in the sale. Of the stoneware, a ten-gallon crock by Eagle Pottery, Diamond Street, Pittsburgh, Pa., is adorned with A rare New York pitcher labeled for Charles Cartlidge “ A m e r i c a n Porcelain” has molded corn decoration with gilt accents and an American shield (estimate $1,000-$2,000). cobalt decoration of two eagles and is inscribed “W.D. Cooper & Son” (estimate $2,500-$4,500). A rare New York pitcher labeled for Charles Cartlidge “American Porcelain” has molded corn decoration with gilt accents and an American shield (estimate $1,000$2,000). The colorful catalog cover shows one of the twelve gameboards in the sale, a vibrant fivecolor Parcheesi board estimated at $600-$1,200. A selection of 44 advertising and trade signs to be sold are artfully illustrated on the The Haan Collection (selling Sept. 13) includes clear and color pattern back cover of the catalog. glass, pattern glass oil lamps, and Gaudy Welsh plates, teacups, Promoting the sales of everything bowls and pitcher with basin. Estimates range from $25-$250 from “groceries and provisions” to for each lot. “umbrellas and rain capes” to “Emerson Vehicles” and even Dick and Sue Studebaker $18,000 accom“homes furnished complete,” Collection of Quaker Hill in panies it in the the varied styles and colors catalog. Dayton, Ohio. ensure something for every Garth’s Labor A fine tall-case clock with savvy country Americana colmovement by Luman Watson, Day weekend auclector. Some of the staff Cincinnati, and case by A. Read tion has been favorites include examples for and Company, Xenia, Ohio, circa known for good the “Royal School of Music” 1825, is the first lot of the week- paint, and this year painted by the “Harold W. end. The curly maple and crotch will not disappoint. Chamberlain Sign Shop, cherry case with broken arch ped- Ten drysinks in a Athens, Ill.,” measuring iment and quarter columns variety of paint 122.5” long (estimate $800encloses a 30-hour wooden colors can be use$1,600); a “Maple Syrup movement with its original dial ful in many interiWarehouse” sign humorously marked “L. Watson Cincinnati” ors. A child-size marked both “Public” and “Keep and is expected to reach $4,000- example measuring Out,” measuring 96” wide (esti$8,000. Of the nine stepback cup- just 23.5” tall with a mate $400-$800); and a “Welch’s boards in the sale, a two-piece single drawer and Stoves, New & Used Furniture”, example with elaborate scroll cut two paneled doors 65” wide (estimate $600-$800). decoration over eight paneled carries an old red-bitRounding out the sale are doors and an elaborately scroll tersweet paint and an more than a few lots that should cut skirt retains an old cream estimate of $500entice some competitive bidding. paint on the exterior and old $1,000. A more An oval, bentwood box, probably cream and blue on the interior. unusual example is by Heinrich Bucher (Berks The 86” high cupboard should the dry sink cupboard County, Pa.), retains the original fetch $6,000-$9,000. A with an upper cuppainted flower basket decoration Pennsylvania example of good, board, which only (estimate $1,500-$3,000). A small size and the original red spans one-third the Sandwich glass openwork fruit and black paint decoration (sold width of the base and basket (estimate $1,000-$3,000) has old at Sotheby’s from the Alice and overall with sixteen staves atop a rayed Murray Braunfeld collection in Spanish brown and base and hexagonal foot is simiJanuary 2004) is likely to reach yellow paint (estilar to examples in “The Glass In the hierarchy of cases made by the prolific firm of Industry in Sandwich, Vol. 1” Amassa Read and Company, this clock case represents by Barlow and Kaiser. A copthe top tier, made from highly figured maple and conper full-bodied running horse trasting figured cherry. For a discussion of the case weathervane with zinc head maker and its output, see Richmond, “Equal in Goodness: Ohio Decorative Arts, 1788-1860,” pp. 104-5. mounted atop a wooden post According to a 1936 letter that accompanies this clock should easily reach $2,500(with movement by Luman Watson, Cincinnati, and esti$4,500. mate $4,000-$8,000), the original owner was Fred Idel of A whimsical painting of a Gordon, Ohio, and he bequeathed it to his sister. Walker’s grey cat with a red bow in a Antique Shop of Covington, Ky., purchased it from her wooden travel crate by estate. What fun would it be to buy a home completely furnished? Not much for die-hard collectors, but this early 20th-century trade sign for Rosebury and Son, Bay City, thought that was just what people wanted - “Houses Completely Furnished.” Such convenience! Measuring 36 by 72 inches, this well-illustrated single-sided sign is estimated at $400-$800. This early 20th-century American advertising sign for “Emerson Vehicles” touts quality forged steel vehicles made by the Emerson Carriage Co., of Rockford, Ill. With the original gilt and sanded surface, the 19-by-75-inch sign is estimated to reach $1,000-$1,500. Gaylord is sure to tempt many a folk art collector. At just 8.75” square, the oil on board is estimated at $10,000-$15,000. Just as whimsical are the varied pattern names of the seventeen quilts in the auction. A neatly pieced “Blazing Stars” quilt with double diamond borders is estimated at $1,000$2,000, while a classic Amish “Diamond in the Square” quilt composed of rich green, deep purple and precise and closely worked stitches is estimated at $1,500$2,500. One of several Amish quilts to be sold, this Lancaster County, Pa., “Diamond in a Square” pattern mixes precise hand-quilting and closely worked stitches to include designs of wreaths, a diamond grid and vining plumes. It is mounted in a custom plexi-glass frame and carries an estimate of $1,500-$2,500. In reflecting on the selection within the auction, Garth’s CEO Jeff Jeffers commented, “This is a classic Garth’s Americana sale for bidders: a diverse auction of quality, affordable objects. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt and finding the next treasure, and it’s fun to feel everyone back at it after the summer.” For further information, contact Garth’s at 740-362-4771 or visit This single-board Parcheesi game measures 16.5 by 21.5 inches and vividly represents the feel of the Sept. 6 and 7 Country Americana auction at Garth’s: color, color, color! Estimate $600-$1,200. Joyce and Vernon Haan of Lake Geneva, Wis., will celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary on Sept. 2, and they have spent most of that time together satisfying their passion for collecting. It’s serendipitous that just 11 days later on Sept. 13, the Haan family will commemorate the occasion again when Garth’s sells the Haan 40-year collection of glass and ceramics in an online auction. Comprised of over 200 lots of Gaudy Welsh, Gaudy pearlware, English transferware, Early American blown lamps, fluid and whale oil pressed and pattern glass lamps, pattern glass candlesticks, Sandwich glass lamps, Bohemian glass, lacy glass cups, plates and dishes, Rockingham, Bennington pottery, yellowware, redware, stoneware, ink bottles, Bargeware, Pittsburgh tumblers and tasters, and more, the catalog has been live online since Aug. 23. While the dispersal of a beloved collection is always a tough process, Joyce Haan stated, “We knew we could trust Garth’s to sell our treasured collection.”

Antiques & Auction News 09-04-2013

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