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Contents Summer 2013 FEATURES DIVERSIONS ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE PRETTY ABSTRACT 29 When two artists combine creative forces, the decor is bound to be distinctive. ART IS EVERYWHERE SPECIAL DELIVERY 54 Rio de Janeiro is poised to accept the international spotlight in many aspects— including as an arts hub. BOSTON UNCOMMON 38 Periodicals in the form of objects? That’s right—learn more about an unconventional San Francisco-based quarterly. TEAM EFFORT 88 26 In Atlanta, a young artist hones her painting skills while also broadening the scope of her work. 42 The offbeat and beloved contribute to a home inhabited by a designing duo. An event designer plans a party for a dear client: his own staff. AN ARCHITECT’S EYE 98 A stylishly modern Manhattan apartment provides the perfect backdrop for a collector. A design historian’s earliest art memory continues to influence her personally and professionally. PERSONAL HISTORY 68 LIGHT AND LIVELY 106 Art as well as crafts play a prominent role in a young Utah family’s airy abode. PORTRAIT OF A PARTY 114 A supper party in her studio marks a Nashville painter’s foray into a new genre. HOMEWARD A TEXAS TREASURE TROVE 47 Myriad collections come together in a warm and often whimsical Dallas dwelling. STROKES OF BEAUTY 71 An artist shares a painterly interpretation of her residence. MASTERPIECE DESSERT 78 A San Francisco pastry chef ’s art acquisitions serve as the basis for a trio of desserts. IN EVERY ISSUE EDITOR’S LETTER 2 | CONTRIBUTORS MAKING THE MAGAZINE 10 | SHOPKEEPERS’ PICKS MARKET REPORT 14 | 129 | 12 CONVERSATION Rebecca Rebouché SCREEN PLAY BY THE BOOK 9 24 | RESOURCES 16 127 PRIZED POSSESSION Autumn de Wilde 132 3

Anthology Magazine Issue No. 12 Preview

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