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INHABITED 3D PARK SITE SURVEY LOCATION:WILLESDEN JUNCTION POSTCODE:NW2 BOROUGHS:BRENT,EALING,HAMMERTHMITH&FULHAM LANDOWNER:RAIL NETWORK Existing situation 1:7000 The space is situated on the North-East of London, being forgotten between 3 boroughs: Brent, Ealing and Hammerthmith&Fulham. Main problem of the area is a huge gap in urban fabric, dehiscing on the body of a city. Grand Union Canal(Paddington branch) goes right in the middle of the site. It could be the PEARL OF THE AREA, but it is isolated from londoners by railways and industrial objects,sides of the canal are covered with waste.I want to fix it. 4. 1. WILLESDEN JUNCTION STATION Trains require big space to turn, so big areas between curved railways are abandoned or ineffectively used for warehouses. and open air stores. At the moment the site is extrimly pedestrian-unfriendly. perimeters of “ISLANDS ON INACCESSIBILITY” reach 3 km. Even though inhabitants of the area are probably avare of the harm of cars to the invironment- nobody would walk such distances every day, so “islands of inaccessibility make the site unsustainable. ST'MARY'S CEMENTARY Site is sitting on a grand union canal, so it has potential of being a part of LEISURE-CULTURE LINE along the canal that could be a part of preparation for Olimpix 2012, as canal is connected to Olimpix site. Cold wet weather makes riverside of Themes unpopular. I think that canal can take the part of a “most pleasant place in London”. It has long history, it has life to watch (boats, birds) , it has connection to landmark places of London: big transport junctions :St Pancras and Paddigton, Regent’s park, Camden-town and goes up to Hayers, Droyton and West Hyde. Public area along the canal (or instead of river as in Valencia) has an advantage of being continuous, as traffic goes above it by bridges. LITTLE SCRUBS WORMWOOD SCRUBS PARK SITE EXISTING ADJACENT HOUSING Unique park in east-central London is a necessary landmark for the area of solid rows of terraced houses and industry.On the map of green areas of London we can see that Willesden junction is unfairly empty. EXISTING HOUSING ON THE SITE 2 3 Location Map 1. Site plan Scale 1:500 2. Grand Union Canal, Paddington branch. 3. Park in “green net” of London. 4. Schemes. 5. Photos. 5.

Inhabited 3Dpark

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