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FRAME News Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments Editor: Anne Jeffery No. 66 April 2011 FRAME BATTLES ON A number of FRAME’s keenest commercial sponsors have, unfortunately, merged or ceased to trade in the last few years and therefore their support has been lost. Some generous legacies during the financial year to 31 March 2011 have ensured that FRAME can continue its work for a while longer, but the charity cannot rely on that happening again this year, so it is important to take steps to increase income from other donors. In common with many other charities and businesses, FRAME is facing tougher times as financial pressures grow. The cost of maintaining FRAME, its services and its research, is increasing as prices rise. At the same time, FRAME’s supporters are facing their own challenges and are finding it more difficult to maintain the level of donations they have previously made. The Trustees are looking for ways to save money in all of FRAME’s activities, for example, by finding more costeffective production and distribution systems for its scientific journal ATLA (Alternatives to Laboratory Animals), and trying to identify new sources of income as well as securing existing ones. FRAME receives no Government grants and is entirely dependent on gifts and corporate sponsorship. Meanwhile, FRAME hopes to maintain its momentum in searching for alternatives to the use of animals in medical and scientific research and in promoting the Three Rs in chemicals and product testing and in education. As can be seen within these pages, FRAME is continuing to meet its existing aims, but it is not clear how much longer that can be maintained. FRAME News INSIDE... A letter to the Prime Minister 2 APPFG to be revived 3 EU cosmetics testing FRAME viewpoint 3 FRAME poster successes 4 8th World Congress in Canada 5 News from the FAL 6 FRAME annual lecture 7 Vivienne Hunter (1955–2010) 8 FRAME training school 8 ATLA wins award 9 New EU directive: FRAME viewpoint 11 FRAME worldwide 11 How you can help FRAME 12

FRAME News 66

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