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FRAME News Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments Editor: Anne Jeffery No. 67 October 2011 The Continuing Campaign During FRAME’s 40th anniversary year, the question was asked whether FRAME had served its purpose and was no longer needed. The organisation had already achieved a great deal: the introduction of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986; development of validated toxicity tests; promotion of the Three Rs in the UK; and much more. Even though there was apparent progress it was generally agreed that FRAME still had a role to play. Today, with many changes taking place in research and legislation, it seems that FRAME is needed just as much as ever. Despite years of campaigning, the number of procedures carried out on animals in UK laboratories is increasing every year. Home Office statistics for 2010 show a steep rise. (see pages 6 and 7) New rules being introduced by the European Union aim to improve welfare and care for laboratory animals and level out disparities between Member States but some parts of the new legislation fall short of existing UK standards. (Page 10) A long-awaited review of the use of nonhuman primates in UK laboratories revealed that 9% of projects involving them between 1997 and 2007 brought no significant scientific or medical benefits. (Page 8) So FRAME is continuing its vital work in promoting the Three Rs, involving politicians (Page 10) and educating new researchers about the importance of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. (Page 11) The FRAME Alternatives Laboratory (FAL) is continuing to develop new ways to investigate diseases and potential treatments without the need for animals. (Page 2) FRAME Research 2 News from the FAL 2 The World Congress in Canada 3 Trustee changes 4 Animal testing on household products 4 The Dorothy Hegarty 5 Award 2010 Latest Home Office statistics 6 Primate News 8 FRAME Staff continue to take part in conferences and scientific meetings to spread the Three Rs message. (Page 3) FRAME Annual Lecture 10 The scientific journal ATLA continues to build on its international reputation for publishing key research into alternative methods and to attract new readers. (Pages 5 and 12) FRAME and Parliament 10 Training schools update 11 Botulinum toxin testing 11 ATLA’s role in promoting the Three Rs 12 As long as animal experimentation goes on FRAME will continue its campaign. FRAME News INSIDE...

FRAME News 67

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