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Horse Sale Catalogue CARSON'S 2010 SPRING DRAFT HORSE SALE Friday & Saturday, 15th & 16th, April 2011 Starting on Friday, April 15th at 9:30 A.M All the tack and equipment will sell. Preview of horses will start at 1:00 P.M. plus there will be a Confirmation Judging Clinic run by the Ontario & Canadian Clydesdale Club at 2:00 P.M. Saturday, April 16th @ 9:30 A.M. All HORSES SELL Horses will sell in catalogue order. LOT 1 SCA TOP GUN'S PARIS HILTON Consigned by: Shamrock (Clydesdale) Acres REG. CLYDESDALE - MARE Feb 22 2005 Born: Reg. NO: F71944 Thistle Ridge Eaton Victor SIRE: TWIN CREEK VICTOR'S TOP GUN M33175 Centreview Top Girl Commander Mark Argyll DAM: TAYLORDALE ARGYLL DIAMONDF69409 Taylordale Major Lucky Bay. Face white, bay spot above left eye, white mark on both sides of jaw, forelegs white to knees, hind legs white to above hocks. If you were to follow the characteristics of a clyde - this is it abundance of hair, broad flat bone, large open foot, beautiful long pasterns, well sprung girth, short back, nice open eye, gentleness, moves like poetry in motion with her hocks close behind. A born cart horse and enough perfection to be your finest broodmare. She was 4th at the world show out of the greatest number of Clydesdale fillies assembled at any show in history. This filly was no mistake her pedigree talks for itself with a handsome line of champions behind her. Take this 3 in 1 package to the 2011 World Show and feel what it's like to experience the greatest pride a clyde breed can. Paris Hilton will have a foal by her side by sale time bred to Top Gun Commander Caffey who's sire Commander McDuff was Supreme Champion at the Royal Winter Fair as a foal. She will be bred back the same way. Breeding information will be announced. Page 1 of 37

Carson’s Spring Draft Horse Sale 2011

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