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MW RLD The Journal of the American Management Association Volume 12, Number 4 Winter 2013-14 Two Steps to More Powerful Collaborations OTHER ARTICLES 7 Ways Collaboration Builds Greater Resiliency Blinders and Hidden Biases: Recognizing Our Response to Feedback Building a Collaborative Organization Eric Lowitt is an authority on collaboration and advisor to CEOs worldwide Assembling an A-Team for Acquisition Why I’m Deeply Paranoid About Good Customer Service How Millennials Will Rewrite the Rules of Management Why Companies Ignore Billion-Dollar Category Creation Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last: Empathetic Leaders Outperform Others When Culture Allows Own the Room: Shape Your Organization’s Conversation About Presence COMMENTARY GLOBAL STRATEGY OUT OF THE BOX OUR VIEW “The Arsonist”: Are You Burning or Building the Bridges of Collaboration? Drucker’s Most Valuable Lesson Spans of Influence: Isn’t It About Time? Together We Can Do So Much

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