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Sports AHS Ladybugs softball team wins three games on the road Page 8 News Democrat leaders visit Alva, share vision Page 15 Today’s weather Partly sunny, windy High near 95 Page 3 Alva Review-Courier Vol. 121 No. 70 Sunday, September 1, 2013 - $1.00 620 Choctaw, Alva, OK 73717 Washington Elementary Fire Drill Council to hear proposal for new private prison By Marione Martin Due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday, the Alva City Council will not meet until Tuesday, Sept. 3. The meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers of City Hall. Following votes on approval of minutes and claims, the council will hear the business manager’s report. There will be discussion and action on pursuing the development of a private prison as economic development. Mayor Arden Chaffee will ask the council to acknowledge his appointment of new Ward 2 council member Jessica Kreigh to the finance committee, the personnel committee and the sanitation committee. There will be discussion and action on approving Resolution No. 2013-064 amending the annual budget by $4,474 for an Oklahoma Department of Forestry Rural Fire Department Operational Grant. The council will also discuss and vote on approving the purchase and financing of an LP-15 V2 Monitor/Defibrillator for the ambulance department in the amount of $42,521.44. Time will be allotted for remarks and inquiries by council members and citizens. The Alva Utility Authority will meet after the council adjourns. The only items on the agenda are action to approve minutes and claims. The Alva Economic Development Authority will then meet. Besides action on minutes and claims, the trustees will discuss and act on the Alva Recreation Center Board’s recommendation to purchase a new tractor and loader off the Oklahoma State Contract in the amount of $22,450. Be alert to expensive, probably needless, deed letter By Lynn L. Martin Woods County Courthouse officers are receiving inquiries about a “notice” being mailed to some land-owners offering to sell them a copy of their property deed. There’s nothing illegal about that. The problem is the price is outrageous. In a sample letter supplied to the newspaper, the “document fee” is $83. The same deed copy can be purchased at the courthouse for $1. The copy on the “Deed Processing Notice” reads in part, “Record See Deed Page 3 Parents of newborn with broken leg, skull fractures, charged with felony child abuse Nearly everyone will remember fire drills from their public school days. Now the fire drills have several twists. The first exercise was to exit the building as if there were a fire. The second occurred after they returned to the building for an “intruder” drill where all classroom doors were quickly locked and the students huddled in the safest part of the room. A third drill was a “lock-down” drill where all outside doors were quickly locked. At Washington, only one door is unlocked during the day — the front entrance — so the lock-down was quickly achieved. In a few days, the school will conduct a tornado drill. Some students may go to a safe room near the gym, but others will likely be taken across the street to the basement of the Alva Public Library. Red tape has been added to the drills. They now must be reported to the federal Homeland Security office. Video frames by Lynn L. Martin By Marione Martin An Alva couple has been charged with child abuse after taking an injured 20-day-old baby to the hospital. According to affidavits, on Aug. 22 hospital personnel notified the Alva Police Department about the baby, who had been brought to the emergency room at Share Medical Center. They told Alva Police Officer Jade Cardenas the infant was being treated for a broken leg and the injury was from non-accidental abuse. Cardenas notified Steve Tanio, a District #26 District Attorney’s office investigator. Tanio spoke to the emergency room clerk, who said Rachel Madderra arrived at the ER at 8:16 p.m. with the 20-day-old child. The clerk said Madderra told her about 3 p.m. she was with the baby at Apartment #12, Country Club Apartments, in Alva. She told the clerk she placed the baby on some pillows on a couch and went to the bathroom. She said when she returned, the baby had rolled off of the pillows and the baby’s leg was distended. Madderra said she waited to bring the baby to the hospital because she See Abuse Page 3

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