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Connoisseurs’ Marketplace Official Program Guide Inside this issue Connoisseurs’ Marketplace Connoisseurs’ Marketplace official program guide July 21-22 Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park Inside: Festival Highlights - 3 t Music - 4 t Directory of Artisans - 6 t Festival Map - 7 t Chef Demos - 10 Presented by the Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce T H E H O M E TOW N N E W S PA P E R F O R M E N L O PA R K , AT H E R TO N , P O R TO L A VA L L E Y A N D WO O D S I D E J U LY 1 8 , 2 0 1 2 | VO L . 4 7 N O. 4 7 W W W. T H E A L M A N AC O N L I N E . C O M Which way did the food truck go? Grand jury recommends random inspections, but inspectors say trucks are hard to find Page 5

The Almanac 07.18.2012 - section 1

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