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S E C T I O N 2 Community Stories about people and events in the community. ALSO INSIDE Woodsiders preserve log cabin while building modern farmhouse next to it R E A L E S TAT E 29 |CLA SSI F I E D S ■ November 2, 2011 33 F rom the street, the first impression is what an odd, but charming, couple. A formidable old log cabin sits squarely in the front yard where it was built more than a century ago. Directly behind it stands a sleek new modern farmhouse that looks like something out of “Architectural Digest.” Continued on page 27 Almanac photos by Michelle Le By Kate Daly Special to the Almanac On the cover: A view from the front of the Werbes’ property on Albion Avenue in Woodside. The Werbes restored the 1904 hunting lodge (front) and built their modern home behind it. Above: The first floor of the cabin is used as an office and hangout spot. Right: Tom and Jennifer Werbe stand behind the Dutch front door in their new home. November 2, 2011 N The Almanac N25

The Almanac 11.02.2011 - Section 1

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