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16#-*$"/%13*7"5&4$)00-4 IN THE AREA Las Lomitas School District 1011 Altschul Ave., Menlo Park. Superintendent: Eric Hartwig. Enrollment: 1,338. The district operates two schools for children who live in parts of Menlo Park, Atherton, Woodside and unincorporated areas, including Ladera. Board members: John Macdonald, president 650-368-5689 ; Maria Doktorczyk, 650-234-8092; Ann Jaquith, 650-561-9960; Jay Siegel, 650-233-1121; Richard Ginn, 650-329-9613. ttXXXMMFTELDBVT La Entrada School 2200 Sharon Road, Menlo Park. Principal: Larry Thomas. Enrollment: 622. Grades 4-8. ttXXXMMFTELDBVT Las Lomitas School 299 Alameda de las Pulgas, Atherton. Principal: Sue Sartor. Class Size: 20. Enrollment: 621. Grades K-3. ttXXXMMFTELDBVT Menlo Park City School District 181 Encinal Ave., Atherton. Superintendent: Maurice Ghysels. Enrollment: 2,652. The district operates four schools: Laurel, grades K-3; Encinal, grades K-5; Oak Knoll, grades K-5; Hillview Middle School, grades 6-8. Spanish immersion program available at Encinal and Laurel. Board members: Maria Hilton , president; Jeff Child; Terry Thygesen; Laura Rich; Joan Lambert. t tCPBSE!NQDTEPSHtXXXNQDTEPSH Encinal School 195 Encinal Ave., Atherton. Principal: Allison Liner. Class Size: K-3: 24 NBYJNVNHSBEFT&OSPMMNFOU Grades K, 3-5. t tXXXNQDTEPSH DMJDLPOiTDIPPMTw Hillview Middle School 1100 Elder Ave., Menlo Park. Principal: Mike Melton. Class Size: Maximum 26. Enrollment: 682. Grades 6-8. t tXXXNQDTEPSH)JMMWJFX Laurel School 95 Edge Road, Atherton. Principal: Linda Creighton. Class Size: Fewer than 24. Grades K-2. California Distinguished School in 2008. ttXXXNQDTEPSH-BVSFM Oak Knoll School 1895 Oak Knoll Lane, Menlo Park. Principal: David Ackerman. Class Size: 20-26. Enrollment:. Grades K-5. t tXXXPBLLOPMMTDIPPMDPN Portola Valley School District "MQJOF3PBE 1PSUPMB7BMMFZ Superintendent: Timothy L. Hanretty. 1PSUPMB7BMMFZ4DIPPM%JTUSJDUPQFSBUFT two schools for elementary-school TUVEFOUTXIPMJWFJO1PSUPMB7BMMFZ UIF unincorporated areas of Los Trancos Woods BOE7JTUB7FSEF BQPSUJPOPG8PPETJEF BOE along parts of Skyline Boulevard. 1PSUPMB7BMMFZCPBSENFNCFST8JMMJBN Youstra, president; Steven Humphreys; 4DPUU1BSLFS3BZ7JMMBSFBM+PDFMZO4XJTIFS  XXXQWTEOFUtQWTCPBSE!QWTEOFU &OSPMMNFOU Class size: 20 or fewer in grades K-5; 25 or fewer in grades 6-8 Corte Madera School"MQJOF3PBE  1PSUPMB7BMMFZ1SJODJQBM$BSPM1JSBJOP Enrollment: 390. Grades 4-8.. t FYU tXXXQWTEOFU Ormondale School 200 Shawnee Pass 3PBE 1PSUPMB7BMMFZ1SJODJQBM+FOOJGFS 8BSSFO&OSPMMNFOU(SBEFT, t FYU tXXXQWTEOFU Woodside Elementary School District Woodside Elementary School 3195 Woodside Road, Woodside. Superintendent: Beth Polito. Enrollment: 458. The district has one K-8 elementary school. Board members: Bettina Pike, president, &MMFO"CMPX  Ginger Bamford, 650-851-5666; Wendy $SBOEBMM .BSD5BSQFOOJOH  650-363-6119. t tXXXXPPETJEFLDBVT Photos by Michelle Le Public schools Lauren Mohrman, left, and Katherine Flessel, right, pick olives during harvesting season at Sacred Heart Prep. Sequoia Union High School District 480 James Ave., Redwood City. Superintendent: Jim Lianides. Enrollment: 8,200. Operates four high schools, a continuation school and a Middle College program in partnership with CaĂąada College for students living in the southern and central portion of San Mateo County. Board members: Don Gibson, president, -PSSBJOF3VNMFZ  0MJWJB.BSUJOF[ "MBO Sarver 650-592-6129. Chris Thomsen,  ttXXXTFRPSH Menlo-Atherton High School 555 Middlefield Road, Atherton. Principal: Matthew Zito. Enrollment: 2,049. ttXXXNBCFBSTPSH Woodside High School 199 Churchill Ave., Woodside. Principal: David Reilly. &OSPMMNFOU  ttXXXXPPETJEFITPSH tXXXTUBOGPSEOFXTDIPPMTPSH Everest Public High School 890 Broadway St., Redwood City. Principal: Jon Deane. Established in 2009. Class Size: 25 students maximum; 16-to-1 student-teacher mentor ratio. Enrollment: 205. Everest’s mission is to prepare a diverse student population for college and to be thoughtful, contributing members of society. t tBENJTTJPOT!FWFSFTUQITPSH tXXXFWFSFTUQITPSH Summit Preparatory Charter High School 890 Broadway St., Redwood City. Director: Todd Dickson. Class Size: 25 students maximum; 16-to-1 studentteacher mentor ratio. Enrollment: 422. Established in 2003.  ttJOGP!TVNNJUQSFQOFU tXXXTVNNJUQSFQOFU Charter schools Private elementary and middle schools East Palo Alto Academy High1PQF4U  Menlo Park. Principal: Yetunde Reeves. Class Size: About 20. Enrollment: 300. A charter school since 2000, now a professionaldevelopment school with Stanford University School of Education. All charter school teachers have or are pursuing National Board certification. t Beechwood School 50 Terminal Ave., Menlo Park. Principal: David Laurence. $MBTT4J[F&OSPMMNFOU5VJUJPO NPOUIXJUITDIPMBSTIJQTBWBJMBCMF This private school offers a traditional academic program. Enrollment is restricted to students who live within the boundaries of the Ravenswood City School District in East Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Grades: KinderPrep-8. Extended 215-day school year for KinderPrep and grades K-3.Admission: Application, interview, student screening. t tPĂłDFBENO!CFFDIXPPETDIPPMPSH tXXXCFFDIXPPETDIPPMPSH Bowman International School 4000 Terman Drive, Palo Alto. Head of School: Mary Beth Ricks. Class Size: 10:1. Enrollment: 220. Tuition: $21,015.K-8 program with a Montessori approach. Individualized, self-directed learning is offered through a flexible day and year-round program. Admission: Application form, $100 application fee, parent and child interview required. ttJOGP!CPXNBOTDIPPMPSH tXXXCPXNBOTDIPPMPSH German-American International School &MMJPUU%SJWF .FOMP1BSL)FBEPG School: Peter Metzger. Class Size: 16-18. &OSPMMNFOU5VJUJPONPOUIUP  ZFBS1SFTDIPPMUIHSBEF$MBTTFT in this coeducational school are in German and English. Students should speak German by first grade. t tXXXHFSNBOBNFSJDBOTDIPPMPSH Girls’ Middle School 180 N. Rengstorff Ave., .UO7JFX)FBEPG4DIPPM%FC)PG$MBTT Size: 16-18. Enrollment: 150. Tuition: Current: $19,660 Next year: $20,450. GMS promotes intellectual curiosity and disciplined study habits through a stimulating curriculum WWWTHEALMANACONLINECOMs)NFO-ENLO0ARK s 27

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