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S E C T I O N 2 Community June 23, 2010 ■ News of local people and events A LSO INSIDE C A LE N DA R 22 |C in the community. LA SSI F I E D S 24|RE AL ES 26 TAT E EARTHLY DELIGHTS of WOODSIDE Photo by Michelle Le/The Almanac The Putnam family grounds and gardens, planted and tended by mother and daughters, are among those featured in this weekend’s Master Gardeners’ tour By Renee Batti Almanac News Editor T o coax living plants from bare ground requires only a few fundamentals: seed and soil, water and light. Anyone, it seems, can be a gardener. But to create a grandly vibrant, aweinspiring garden, another ingredient is essential, and that’s passion. Sisters Lisa and Kathleen Putnam can tell you a thing or two about passion for gardening, and while doing so, it won’t take long for them to mention the name of their mother, the late Mary Lou Putnam. “I am eternally grateful for the love of gardening she gave me,” says Kathleen, who lives in San Francisco and travels frequently to her family’s Woodside ranch off Canada Road to care for the ornamental plants and trees on the grounds. Her sister Lisa is the “edibles” gardener, and credits her mother entirely for her love of planting, tending and harvesting a bountiful garden. Since Mary Lou Putnam’s death in September 2007, the two women have taken over the gardens their mother established during nearly two decades at the site. (The Putnams lived on Mountain Home Road for about 20 years before moving to the current family grounds in the early 1990s.) Lisa had been living in Marin when her mother became ill, and moved back to the ranch to be with her. She, her husband, and their two young children stayed on, and created “a kind of mini farm” out of what was formerly her mother’s kitchen garden, she says. In overseeing the ornamentals on the Clockwise, from top, red poppies flourish on the Putnam estate; red cabbage is among the edibles in the organic garden; Kathleen Putnam, left, and her sister Lisa Putnam make their way through the vegetable garden. On the cover Lisa Putnam, left, her daughter Jennifer Carlsmith, and sister Kathleen Putnam, pose in the sun-dappled Putnam family garden in Woodside, which is on the June 26 Master Gardener tour. See GARDENS, page 19 June 23, 2010 N The Almanac N17

The Almanac 06.23.2010 - Section 2

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