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S E C T I O N 2 & New restaurants, recipe ideas, and profiles of local chefs. N June 2, 2010 A LSO INSIDE C A LE N DA R 26 |CLA SSI F I E D S 29 |R E AL ES TAT E S 32 Frozen yogurt face-off S pring flowers aren’t the only things popping up in Menlo Park this season. The frozen yogurt craze has finally made its way to Menlo Park. Three new stores — The Mix, WildBerry and Miyo Yogurt — have opened, joining the Yogurt Stop, which has been in business here for 25 years. This is the second time around for frozen yogurt frenzy. The original craze began in the 1980s, then like hula hoops and bell bottoms, faded away. The resurgence began in the early 2000s. The Red Mango frozen yogurt chain originated in Seoul, Korea, in 2002, according to a 2008 article in the New York Times. Korean Americans Shelly Hwang and Young Lee opened the first Pinkberry in West Hollywood in 2005. Both these chains have multiple stores, especially in New York City and Southern California, and continue expanding rapidly. When frozen yogurt first appeared in the 1980s, it was touted as a low-fat alternative to ice cream. However, most of the early versions of frozen yogurt contained very little yogurt, according to the National Yogurt Association. Today’s frozen yogurt is a tart, decidedly de Las Pulgas in West Menlo Park, as, yogurt-flavored swirl. not just a yogurt shop, but a While the frozen dessert is family-friendly gathering itself low-fat and low-cal, spot. “We are striving it usually comes with for a cafe feeling,” toppings. Some are says Ms. Albright, healthful, some noting the shop not-so-much. A also serves Blue cup of yogurt Bottle coffee with fresh and baked berries is goods. a healthBoth ful snack. women live When it’s in Menlo smothered Park with with Cocoa their families. Pebbles, Each earned chocolate an MBA from chips, GumBy Jane Knoerle Stanford Unimi Bears and Almanac Lifestyles Editor versity and folmarshmallow bits, lowed a career in not-so-healthful. Michelle Le high-tech. Ms. Schein Almanac Photographer is a former president of the The Mix Las Lomitas Education FounOwners Jamie Schein and Susannah dation and current president of the Las Albright see their new venture, The Mix, a Lomitas School District’s governing board. Frozen Yogurt Treatery, at 2536 Alameda Ms. Albright has served a president of the Is this town big enough for four yogurt stores? Peering through the glass, Luke Jonson, left, and Owen Bertine ponder their topping choices at The Mix on Alameda de las Pulgas in West Menlo Park. Oak Knoll Parent Teachers Organization, and as president of the P.T.O. Council. How did two such high-powered women decide on a yogurt shop? “I was interested in starting a business of my own and had several ideas in mind,” says Ms. Albright. She discussed her ideas over lunch with Ms. Schein, who liked the yogurt shop concept. After a lot of research and many visits to other yogurt shops, they were ready to go into business. The Mix has an inviting interior decorated in silver and blue. Customers sit at three tables or perch on silver stools. The display of 32 toppings is immaculate. There are several kinds of fresh fruit — strawberries, mango, pineapple and kiwi — as well as such sweet stuff as Butterfinger, jimmies, and Gummi Worms. “Gummi Worms is our most popular topping,” says Ms. Schein, with a laugh. See YOGURT, page 23 June 2, 2010 N The Almanac N21

The Almanac 06.02.2010 - Section 2

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