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LSO INSIDE C A LE N DA R 24 |CLA SSI F I E D S in the community. 25|RE AL E S TAT E 2 9 Behin d Barbara W Photo by the c u rta i n There’s more than meets the eye in Woodside Community Theatre’s production of ‘Fiddler’ By Barbara Wood B Special to The Almanac S f done right, a theatrical production, such as the current Woodside Community Theatre production of “Fiddler on the Roof,” appears effortless. The actors move seamlessly from scene to scene; the stage sets change without being noticed; the orchestra, hidden, is a pleasant backdrop. Behind each scene, however, are many unseen faces, and countless hours of volunteer work. By the time auditions for “Fiddler” took place in late August, the producers and directors had already spent many hours plotting the show’s look and sound. Then, as the actors practiced their lines, their movements and their songs, more work began. Costumes were researched, borrowed or sewn, then fitted I Photo by Atom Biggs From top: Model of the stage sets designed and built by Akio and Steve Patrick. Diane Carr, a real estate agent from Woodside, painting sets. And, from left, Jessie Marguet and Julia Hansen of Woodside warm up with chorus director Kerie Darner. Photo by Barbara Wood S E C T I O N A ood 2 November 11, 2009 ■ News of local people and events See page 23 SHOWTIME S There will be three m ore per form of “Fiddler a n ces on the Roo f” this wee k e nd. ■ Where: Woodside High Scho Per formin ol’s g Ar ts Cen ter, 199 Churchill A ve., Wood side. ■ When: Friday and Saturday, and 14, at Nov. 13 7:30 p.m.; Sunday, N 15, at 2 p ov. .m. ■ Ticket prices: All seats are reser ved. Adults, $2 2; children $15; senio , rs, $20. ■ Box off ice and in formation WoodsideT : or 529-48 28. November 11, 2009 ■ The h Almanac l ■ 21


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