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Sunday, february 26, 2012 health & business Cosmetic dentist Mark Kamel of Uptown Dental sits with samples of Botox and Juvederm, which he was licensed in August to inject. — Sarah Stultz Mending more than A just teeth s a family and cosmetic dentist, Marko Kamel of Uptown Dental is interested in more than just people’s teeth. Trained to perform tasks such as extractions, teeth whitening, denture making, along with other techniques to enhance a smile, Kamel in August expanded his training and became licensed to perform Botox and Juvederm injections. He’s one of a handful in the state able to do so. “We care about the teeth, but we care about the area around the teeth, too,” Kamel said. Botox and Juvederm temporarily improve the look of lines on the face that often come with age. Botox, a prescription drug used to stop excessive movement of facial muscles that cause wrinkles, can be injected in the forehead, between the eyebrows and on the outsides of the eyes — the area commonly referred to as crow’s feet. The drug works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. Juvederm, a gel filler underneath the skin, most often is injected in the folds around the nose and mouth, the area known as the smile lines. Though the popularity of the treatments still is gaining steam, Kamel said little by little — mostly by word of mouth — area residents are starting to find out about what’s offered locally. 4Continued on Page 2 Lakeview Park Not far from Edgewater Park, Lakeview Park features two soccer fields, a soccer court, a modern playground and rain garden. In the winter, it has an outdoor ice rink and warming house is open. Lakeshore Drive Not part of the Blue Zones Walkway, walkers and bicyclists often take a detour along this path. It is paved in some places, rocky in others. Cars travel oneway from the west end. Hatch Bridge Between the Oakwood Peninsula and Shoreland Heights, Hatch Bridge was reconstructed in 2005. It offers views of Edgewater Bay and the main body of Fountain Lake. Brookside Park This park features the Brookside Boathouse, a boat landing, Brookside Education Center and a 70-plot community garden. The start of the paved 0.75-mile trail to Pioneer Park also begins here, switching from sidewalk to paved trail. A stroll around The Blue Zones Walkway St. Theodore Catholic Cemetery Lakewood Cemetery Pioneer Park With scores of mature oak trees, this popular park features a picnic pavilion with kitchen area, restrooms with running water, a modern playground and the start of the paved trail to Brookside Park. City Beach A sandy beach on Fountain Lake, City Beach features a sand volleyball court, a bathhouse with restrooms and changing rooms and picnic tables. Nearby is a skate park, public dock and boat fuel concessionaire. Fountain Lake Dane Bay Bridge Fishing continues to be a hit near this bridge. It allows Lakeview Boulevard to cross the outlet connecting Dane Bay to Fountain Lake. A footbridge exists on the other end of Dane Bay. Katherine Island Connected to New Denmark Park is a weathered steel footbridge that crosses over a portion of Fountain Lake to Katherine island. The bridge was installed in 2007. The island has three benches and is a popular fishing spot. Dress Island A footbridge leads visitors from the walkway to Dress Island, also known as Monkey Island and Hanson Island. There are benches on the island and more on the shore. Fishing is popular here. Faville Park A corner parcel at the intersection of Lakeview Boulevard and Grace Street. History of the walkway Albert Lea’s five-mile walking, jogging and biking route around Fountain Lake was named the Blue Zones Walkway in December by the Albert Lea City Council. It honors Blue Zones’ founder Dan Buettner, who brought the AARP/Blue Zones Vitality Project to town in 2009. The route is made up of sidewalks and trails that loop around Fountain Lake, going through neighborhoods, parks, downtown and past the local hospital. City officials plan to install kiosks around the walkway identifying the “Power 9,” or nine principles for improving health and longevity featured in “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.” A grand opening ceremony of the walkway is being planned for the spring with Buettner in attendance. Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea Albert Lea’s largest employer, Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea is home to a hospital, a clinic, Fountain Lake Treatment Centers and a cancer treatment center. Fountain Lake Park On the lakefront of downtown, Fountain Lake Park features a large gazebo, public dock, asphalt overlook and children’s garden. The park is the site of many weddings. Albert Lea City Hall Nestled into downtown Albert Lea, City Hall is home to city offices, the public library and the fire department. The City Council meets here. New Denmark Park A picturesque place, New Denmark Park and its views of Fountain Lake are made into postcards representing Albert Lea. It features a Little Mermaid statue, a statue and wading pool commemorating Danish immigrants, and four benches. Nearby are the fountains of Fountain Lake. — By Sarah Stultz and Stacey Bahr

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