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SAG-AFTRA SAN FRANCISCO-NORTHERN CALIFORNIA LOCAL INSIDE THIS ISSUE Executive Director Report 2 National Board Report 2 Broadcast Notes 3 Day In the LifeFrni Beyer KCBS Editor 6 Legislative Corner 8 Contract Corner 9 Committee Reports 10 H&R Update 11 Of Note 12 Photo Gallery 13 In Memoriam 15 Season Greetings 17 W I N T E R 2 0 1 2 Co-Presidents’ Report Maria Leticia Gomez and Kathryn Howell SAG-AFTRA SAN FRANCISCO 350 SANSOME, STE 900 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94104 P:(415) 391-7510 FX:(415)391-1108 Facebook EDITOR: KAREN H. LIPNEY Looking back on 2012, it would be an understatement to say it’s been a year of change. Most notably, after years of trying, AFTRA and SAG merged to become an entirely new labor organization: SAG-AFTRA, the largest performers union in the world. It took a lot of hard work and patience to bring the two organizations together. Post-merger, a lot of hard work and patience is still required. Your Local Board has spent a lot of time after merger analyzing changes, looking for opportunities for the membership (both in organizing and outreach) and preparing for the future. We've changed the name of our local to the San Francisco-Northern California Local to reflect the majority of the areas we service. Internal logistical changes, including integrating the legacy AFTRA Board and legacy SAG Council, changing stationery and organizational email addresses are being implemented. On a national level, we are continuing to work on the design of a logo and website for the new union. 2012 has also seen an upsurge in violence targeting news crews. The San Francisco Local staff has responded quickly, reaching out to Bay Area broadcast employers to implement safety measures designed to protect those who gather and report news so they can continue to do their jobs and keep the public informed. Looking forward to 2013, we see the momentum gathering for outreach, organizing, communications, and a change in the Board which will occur as the first post-merger elections get underway. We also see commercials contracts negotiations which will result in the firstever major SAG-AFTRA contract. Here’s looking at you 2012. Bring it on 2013!

SAG-AFTRA San Francisco Local Newsletter

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