Issuu on Google+ Volume 121 No. 40 $1.00 BREXTON REALTY Brexton REXTON R B rEALTY ealty SERVING & SUPPORTING THE COMMUNITY SERVING & SUPPORTING THE COMMUNITY ______________________ WWW.BREXTONREALTY.COM ______________________ WWW.BREXTONREALTY.COM MAY 11, 2013 - MAY 17, 2013 On Mother’s Day, A Grandmother Celebrates a New Relationship By Andrea Crews Special to the AFRO Charles Ramsey Photo courtesy Cleveland Call and Post ‘Dead Giveaway’ By Alexis Taylor Special to the AFRO Charles Ramsey never imagined he’d be thrust into the national spotlight from the yard of his Cleveland home much less called “hero” for, of all things, rescuing three women from who’d been kidnapped. However, that is exactly what happened on May 6. “I heard screaming. I was eating my McDonald’s. I went outside and saw this girl throwing nuts trying to get out of her house, “ Ramsey told ABC News affiliate WEWS. Clad in a plain white tee and flashing a less than perfect smile, Ramsey explained how he rescued Amanda Berry, 27, Continued on A6 INSIDE A4 Washington View Race in the DMV Races B2 Character Education Essay Winners Hear the AFRO on The Daily Drum, Wednesday at 7 p.m. Your History • Your Community • Your News 47105 21847 Evelyn Crews admires a photo of herself and her late husband. Photo by Andrea Crews Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in District Black Banks Face Challenges The Popeye’s on Eighth Street Southeast sells the typical fare of fried chicken and biscuits, but the space upstairs from the fast food restaurant will soon sell something a little more unusual and a lot more green. A mere two miles from the U.S. Department of Justice, Metropolitan Wellness Center, one of three medical marijuana dispensaries preparing to open in the District within the next few months, will sell dried cannabis, edibles and paraphernalia to qualifying individuals. Proponents say medical marijuana can help patients manage pain and deal with other symptoms of diseases such as cancer. But marijuana is still illegal under federal law. “It’s hilarious, isn’t it?” said Vanessa West, Metropolitan Wellness Center’s general manager. “It’s funny, the public has it in their heads that people are going to be up here smoking and then going downstairs to eat chicken.” Medical marijuana was approved in the District in 1998, though Congress, which controls the city’s budget, blocked implementation until recently. Despite pot’s illegal status federally, 19 states, most recently By Zenitha Prince Special to the AFRO By Ethan Rosenberg Capital News Service Maryland, have passed legislation allowing the distribution of medical marijuana. Voters in both Colorado and Washington state approved ballot measures in November allowing the recreational use of pot. Maryland’s law, which Gov. Martin O’Malley signed Thursday, will allow academic medical centers, designated by a commission within the state’s Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, to distribute marijuana to patients who have received a recommendation from their physician. The law will take effect Oct. 1, although the bill’s sponsor, Del. Dan Morham (D-Baltimore County), has estimated it will take a couple of years before treatment will become available. Marijuana has had its place on the federal government’s Schedule 1 listing of illegal substances without a known medical use and a high potential for abuse since 1970 as part of the Controlled Substances Act. “The fact that the District of Columbia can pass it legally, and the District of Columbia is in the land of the federal government ... is a contradiction and it speaks to the fact that federal law needs to sort of get on board with what more states are saying,” West said. See more at Stop the Music! “All we do is care for Medicaid folks”–Michael A. Rashid, President & CEO Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Anne Morrissey and Executive Director Karen Dale outlined the important changes that went into effect on May 1. As AmeriHealth District of Columbia “I’m very excited to continue to be here takes over for D.C. Chartered Health Plan serving a population that has a lot of need,” this month, the top level managers are said Dale, who was Chartered Health’s homing in on one health care element– chief operating Medicaid for officer and is 100,000 D.C. now overseeing residents. a staff of more “All we than 150 do is care experienced for Medicaid Medicaid folks,” said workers under Michael AmeriHealth A. Rashid, District of president and – Executive Director Karen Dale Columbia. chief executive “All of this officer of additional ACFC. “We support and expertise is only going to help are focused and we believe that any time us do tremendous good in changing the lives you focus on something, and that’s your mission, you’re going to do it better than if and the health of our members.” you don’t focus.” With the AmeriHealth takeover, D.C. Rashid’s remarks came during a recent area Medicaid recipients, effective May 1, conversation with the AFRO as Executive Continued on A4 By Albert Phillips Special to the AFRO 2 Join the AFRO on Twitter and Facebook The once-towering stature of the Black bank has diminished. After almost 125 years of serving the underserved, the Black banking community has been brought low by a shrinking clientele, questions of relevance, competition from big banks and the fluctuating fortunes of its traditional client base— churches, small businesses and lower- and middle-income Blacks, who have borne the brunt of the economic recession. “The state of Black banks is bleak,” said Paul O’Connor, Continued on A6 AmeriHealth District of Columbia Brings Medicaid Expertise to D.C. 17 7 The sweetest joy of my life has been getting to know my grandmother. I never knew her well growing up. Grandma Evelyn lived in Greensboro, N.C., so I only saw her on occasional visits. There were few chances to hug her, sitwith her or laugh with her. I learned from my limited contact with her that she was a woman who did not smile often, had the gnarled hands of someone who worked hard, had a commanding bearing and always kept her home pristine from the baseboards to the ceiling. I learned around Thanksgiving that she was Continued on A6 “All of this additional support and expertise is only going to help us do tremendous good in changing the lives and the health of our members.” AP Photo/ Evan Agostini/Invision Beyonce attends The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute benefit celebrating “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” on May 6, in New York. Copyright © 2013 by the Afro-American Company

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