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PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY EDITION Volume 121 No. 14 NOVEMBER 10, 2012 - NOVEMBER 16, 2012 A7 Election 2012: An Electorate Divided by Race America’s Choice A4 Election Day Photos A8 87-YearOld D.C. Resident Votes for Her 12th President A9 Looking Beyond the Election Your History • Your Community • Your News The AFROAmerican Newspaper Prince George’s County Edition is Published weekly as an E-edition. Notification is sent to you via email. You can opt-out of receiving this by selecting the unsubscribe option at the bottom of each email notice. Join the AFRO on Twitter and Facebook AP Photo The Nation Reaffirms President Obama Black Expectations for Second Term By Avis Thomas-Lester AFRO Executive Editor Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. That’s the item at the top of the Black political agenda for the next four years. Throughout the recent recession African Americans have outpaced other groups in joblessness. The most recent data show that, while the general unemployment rate continued to decrease, reaching 7.9 percent in October, Black unemployment jumped to 14.3 percent. Reducing foreclosures in the Black community and addressing persistent disparities in the justice system are also some key issues that require attention. But political analysts and African-American leaders are divided on the possible fate of the Black agenda under another four years of the Obama administration. President Obama, the nation’s first AfricanAmerican commander-inchief, won re-election on Nov. 6 from an electorate that had been battered by one of the most contentious presidential campaigns in recent history. As he stood before a crowd of 10,000 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Lakeside Continued on A8 “Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward.” —President Obama By Zenitha Prince Special to the AFRO Copyright © 2012 by the Afro-American Company Continued on A7

PG Nov 10

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