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S3 S7 S6 S5 S13 MARCH ALÍ BEY S21 S22 S8 S20 S10 AV N1 ON AL U12 S12 k30 m55 e23 S14 Q31 M C17 H16 F9 p47 M8 f15 M15 C16 c36 C14 J20 J13 i24 C20 K4 IA L ESCO R M N9 TR AV ES SE RA M c31 N28 Q27 C18 U13 e19 CRISTÓBAL DE MOURA J12 PLAÇA J OANI C DE GR À U6 c49 BERNAT h27I METGE PARAGUAI U24 Q24 K1 D5 j26 F8 MM17 U22 VERDI O M ROSSELLÓ PERÚ I7 M16 m56 H12 N9 m46 M34 C24 PLAÇA DE GAL·LA PLACIDI A T O R R E N T D E L ’O L LA AMIGÓ I4 l38 GRA N DE GRÀ CIA DE GR ÀC IA DE D N9 f16 i26 C13 C23 Q33 H15 H15 AV N17 Q32 c30 c32 U2 C15 C3 .D IAG M ON AL J8 O4 r i P17 M J17 k30 S11 S26 S19 I12 m43 H11 U9 PARÍS H8 d20 H5 i28 BUENOS AIRES Q29 M .D IAG m42 M i21 M7 L U14 M S9 AD M27 H7 N9 m50 M A R IÀ C U BÍ TR AV ES SE RA F4 T R AV E S S E R A PG. DE SANT JOAN AUSIÀS RR H18 D11 R AM ON D E PE NYA PASS EIG DE GRÀC IAF O R T IA ID ER .M AV S1 S2 NA P18 EN JO A DE T V. GRAN VIA DE LES COR TS CATALAANES BERLÍN P SE TA J18 J19 A NT M S4 K7 TM L11 PLAÇA MOLINA m59 PLAÇA DE F RANCESC MACI À M i14 M ADRAZO l30 PLAÇA LESSEPS H13 RAMBLA DE CATALUNYA MARINA M3 EN N IC A R A G U A PLAÇA DE LES GLÒRIES CATALANES S M5 ARIBAU DE M6 L EL AS h24 l39 H4 I8 l31 BALMES 9 788496 954182 Q34 l29 m47 Barcelona MODERN ARCHITECTURE GuiDE l37 L17 M35 MUNTANER ÈS F4 SELVA DE MAR .M DIPUTACIÓ P19 QU AV M ER F1 AR j27 EN TE N ÇA ID IA CONSELL DE CENT M L’ EQ U A D NA OR l36 I7 J15 I2 CAL VE T GA N C IA NU MÀ Manuel Gausa, Marta Cervelló, Maurici Pla, Ricardo Devesa L18 I10 l40 TA L13 l28 H6 RAMBLA DE PRIM T TUSE O ER UX ND IÀ DR RR A document that, in addition to being a conventional guide, also offers a reflection of how the city of Barcelona has changed, grown and tackled the urban planning, social and cultural D3 to the start of the 21st. challenges that it has faced from the end of the 19th century up M20 S BA C H J. S . L14 AL U L12 l27 . F LE A . S MI AV This updated and revised guide to Barcelona features an extensive selection of architecture dating from the period begins with the architectural manifestations of modernisme and noucentisme through the more innovative proposals from the Modern Movement, rationalist works, the major projects built for the Olympic Games, and the Universal Forum of Cultures, until the consolidation of Gran Via and the Diagonal, and the two major urban DIA transformations undertaken in the city around the 22@ district and the Plaça Europa. GO L19 N G J16 D NG L7 U i22 ENRIC GRANADOS A L1 SANTAL Ó IA LE P5 V Q23 L15 CANTÀBRIA l34 FGC LL j30 Barcelona MODERN ARCHITECTURE GuiDE L22 L4 Manuel Gausa, Marta Cervelló, Maurici Pla, Ricardo Devesa M34 M J11 C12 F6

Barcelona: Modern Architecture Guide

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