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 TIPS ABOUT STAYING SAFE ON AND OFF CAMPUS………2 IS SU E 2  REAL S TUDENTS TRAVELING ABROAD……….. 4  GET INFORMED ABOUT LOCAL ACTIVITIES…………. 6 THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS ADULT & COMMUTER STUDENT SERVICES V OL UM E 8 O CT 2010 Adult & Commuter Connection The World at Your Door Imagine backpacking through the lush landscape of Costa Rica or taking wine tasting classes in Italy all while earning college credit. If this sounds great, look no further than the University of Memphis’ study abroad program. Chrystal Goudsouzian, study abroad program advisor, explains to learn more about study abroad programs take a trip to the office. “Usually coming in is the best way to find out where students can go, what their financial situation is, and what the best fit is going to be for them,” she said. Goudsouzian then compiles a list of places that would be a good fit and the student applies. Some places listed are even popular for non-traditional students like France and Costa Rica. Cheryl West, a former non-traditional student at U of M who received her masters in French, explained why France was a popular option for her. “I chose a program in a remote [part of France] and hardly anyone spoke English. It was a chance for me to be totally immersed in the culture.” “All students pay into a scholarship fund. It’s called the International Experience Scholarship fund and everyone pays $10 a semester,” said Goudsouzian. “Last year we awarded, I want to say, roughly $440,000 away in scholarships. And U of M is one of the only schools with this Students are not limited to the places they fund that uses it entirely for scholarships.” can visit based on language aptitude, their course of study, or the amount of time The scholarship fund doesn’t provide full they want to spend overseas. “If they have financing for the trip, yet the reward kids or jobs, we can even do short term money gives students some assistance. trips,” Goudsouzian said. “You can go for The amount one spends on a study abroad a semester. You can go for an entire year.” program, however, is nothing compared to the amount of opportunity gained. The over 200 places one can visit may sound exciting, but the thought of financ- “I was gone for 9 weeks so I was a little ing the trip can be nerve-racking. Howbit apprehensive,” West said. “But having ever, what may not be known is students the support of family and having my goal at the U of M have already started financ- was good. My goal was to be a high ing their study abroad program through school teacher and now I have a job at St. enrollment fees. Benedict High School teaching French.” Want to hear more study abroad stories? Check out our Student Spotlight on pg. 4 Real Heroes Among Us The tragic events of September 11 launched a war on terrorism sending many American men and women overseas to protect the U.S. Although still in the midst of a war, the climate in America has evolved. Some troops have begun to return to the states and pursue educational goals. A few of these American heroes have even landed at the University of Memphis. Mary Jean Nelms, coordinator of veteran affairs at U of M, said, “Our [veteran] student numbers can change a lot but currently, looking at all the VA educational program chapters, we have three hundred ninety-six veterans, not including dependents of veterans, enrolled this fall as << Harry Niewald III, U.S. Navy (L) & Jonathan Bratcher, U.S. Marine, at the mobile USO event on of September 7.”Veteran students get financial support for college coursesthe campus of University of Memphis To learn more about the heroes among us continue to pg. 3

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