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The University of Memphis Inside this issue: CSA/ASA Events & Information 2 Safety Tips 3 Holiday Recipes 4-5 Homecoming Recap 5 Final Exam Schedule 7 Volume 6, ISSUE 3 A d u l t & C o m m u t e r C o n n e c t i o n November/December 2008 PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP Did you miss out on the recent ACSS workshop, Personal Financial Management? Don’t worry; we’ve got a recap of some of the most important information right here! Mrs. Cynthia Hampton of Clearpoint Financial Solutions gave students smart tips to stay financially sound: • When deciding whether a purchase is necessary, ask yourself the following questions: * Do I really need it? * Do I really need it today? * What would happen if I don’t buy it now? * Can I meet this need less expensively? • Always review your bank and credit card statements to remind yourself where your money is being spent. • Get the most from what you already own before you buy more. • Do the math on small luxuries. For example, if your daily coffee and muffin cost only $20 a week, that comes to $1,040 a year. • Take advantage of student discounts. Watch for special deals on anything you need and are planning to buy: airline tickets, books, restaurants, entertainment, and clothes. • Be careful with credit cards. Remember, that’s not “your” money—it’s money you have to repay. Consider getting just one card with a low interest rate and a low spending limit. Use it for emergencies or planned purchases only. • Tiger Technology seminar • Limit the cash you carry and shop with your budget in mind. • Off-Campus Housing Website • Avoid eating out as much as possible. Special Areas of Interest: • Important Dates & Deadlines • Memphis Literacy Corps “ ” STUDENT QUOTES “I think what she said about the stock market was good, because I’ve always been nervous about trying it, but it’s a really good way to earn money. Now I’m not as nervous about it.” Leon Tatum “I think what she said was real smart, like about credit cards and not buying stuff you can’t afford. I think a lot of people buy stuff they don’t need.” Courtney Clarke “It was very helpful.” Rory Norwood

Adult & Commuter Connection newsletter Nov/Dec 08

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