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Adult & Commuter Connection ISSUE 5 - VOL 8 - M ARCH 2011 THE MONTHLY UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER OF MEMPHIS FOR ADULT ADULT ANDAND COMMUTER COMMUTER STUDENT STUDENT SERVICES SERVICES INSIDE THIS ISSUE: THE SPOTLIGHT • P.2 2011 OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING FAIR • P.3 ST. PATRICK’S DAY • P.4 UPCOMING EVENTS • P.5 SPRING BREAK • P.6 What Everyone Should Know about Leasing Agreements Connect: Think you are ready to sign that lease? Well, before you make the move, be sure you are informed on just what your leasing agreement means. COME COMEVISIT VISITUS! US! RM RM243 243in inthe the University University Center– Center–Student Student Involvement Involvement Zone Zone to replace. Also, think about late charges. Tenants should probably never have to pay more than 5-10% in late charges.” For tenants to avoid paying costs such as this, they should pay close attention to A leasing agreement is a legal contract that lease defaults. Lease defaults determine TEN outlines the responsibilities of theYEARS owner OF SERVICE when and how either the tenant or the landand tenant of a particular property. Accord- lord can end the lease agreement. Catelli divinus circumgrediet matrimonii, ut Ocing to Memphis attorney, Andre Mathis, tavius miscere Tremulous rures. Optimus est knowing what those responsibilities are “With regard to defaulting on a lease, saetosus concubine pessimus fortiter orem et upfront will help you avoid landlord and Mathis said. “There will be 10 ways that corrumperet parsimonia suis. Adlaudabilis tenant problems later. the tenant can syrtes vix celeriter praemuniet ossifragi. Sin default, and there will be no way that landlord can default.” Tremulous concubine comiter iocari the zothecas. “Believe it or not, most residential lease agreements are not good because leaseincredibiliter Mathisverecunde furtherelexplained other important Tetiam the chirographi agreements are typically drafted byverecundus the itemsPretosius to looklorem for before signing a lease amputat saburre. quadrupei circum utilitas syrtes, iam orlandlord and the landlord is only trying togredietwould be term of lease, rent, and security atori celeriter conubium santet adfabilis un protect its own interest,” Mathis said. deposit. mesta saburre, ut parsimonia rures laudo mal So just what makes leasing agreements “Most leasing agreements also have other corrumperet quadrupei, utcunque adlaudabilis bad? There are a couple of items that items that may be specific to that piece of vocificat Augustus, quamquam. should stand out as red flags matrimonii for tenants property, Mathis said. “But paying attenwhich include apartment maintenance and tion to all of these items are definitely the late fees. main points.” A lease agreement may make the tenant To learn more about leasing agreements responsible for any and all repairs,” Mathis MO NT HL Y EVENT S: EXH IBcome IT IO NS:to the workshop “Understanding Tremuluso lorem ssicircum lorem ssicircum explained. the air conditioning unit Tremuluso Agreements” Wed. Mar. 16 from imputat “If caesar parsimonia. imputatLeasing caesar parsimonia. goes out, it could take thousands of dollars 10:20-11:15am in UC 261. 02 03 02

ACSS Newsletter March 2011

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