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THE MONTHLY UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER OF MEMPHIS FOR ADULT ADULT ANDAND COMMUTER COMMUTER STUDENT STUDENT SERVICES SERVICES INSIDE: The Spotlight • P.2 Seminar Highlights • P.3 St. Patrick’s Day • P.4 Student Activities• P.5 Spring Break Fun• P.6 Connect: COME VISIT US! RM 243 in the University Center In the Student Involvement Zone Or call 901-678-2644 Adult & Commuter Connection ISSUE 9 - VOL 3 - M ARCH 2012 Things to Know About Living Off-Campus Living in a university environment can be a very rewarding experience. Yet, there may come a time when a student living in a university’s residence hall may want to try living off-campus. Before making the transition, there are a few things students should know. 1. Understand your leasing agreement. When moving into a new place a document must be signed specifying obligations as a lessee. Make sure to read the document thoroughly and even having an attorney look over it is not a bad idea. 2. Define the best area of town to live in. Defining the perfect area of town to live in can be based on various criteria including proximity to school, family, friends, and work. Once an area of town has been identified that suits your personal needs, research statistics about the area such as demographics and crime rates to see if that area is still the best fit for you. 3. Is the move really cost efficient? Surprisingly, not everyone “saves” by moving offcampus. Some apartments require additional fees along with paying the monthly rent. For example, some apartments require trash pick -up fees, a separate water fee, or even a required cable television fee. 4. Pick roommates wisely. One of the first approaches to dealing with the new fees from moving off-campus is to get a roommate, but make sure to find the right roommate. Even if you decide to stay with someone who was a dormmate does not make them a good roommate. Remember there are now bills that have to be paid and agreed upon that was not a factor as a dormmate. Make sure to discuss living and financial expectations with a possible roommate prior to signing a lease. 5. Renter’s Insurance. An apartment complex may have insurance for damages that could possibly occur for a building, but this does not always cover personal belongings. There are ways to find reasonable renter’s insurance and you can start with asking a potential landlord about insurance companies they would suggest. To learn more about living off campus, The University of Memphis and ACSS is hosting a Centennial Off-Campus Housing Fair which offers students the opportunity to talk directly to leasing agents. The event is March 21 from 9am-2pm in the University Center Ballroom and is open to the public. Sources:

Adult and Commuter Connection March 2012

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