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In This Issue: pg 2 Director’s Letter pg 3 Student Spotlight pg 4 Upcoming Events Volume 05 Issue 004 January 2014 SPRING 2014 ORIENTATION: New Year, New Beginnings New student orientation is a way for colleges to welcome and introduce first-time or transfer students to the campus through events, workshops and other activities. “It is the transition piece that students need to be successful in introducing them to a new campus and new people,” said Kate Howard, senior associate director of admissions, recruitment and orientation. Most colleges and universities hold their orientations during the summer for students who are entering in the fall. However, the University of Memphis decided to host its first ever spring orientation. According to Howard, the university chose to host a new student orientation because there are a great number of first time students who enroll in the spring and they haven’t had any mechanisms to help them transition. Jessie Wortham, coordinator of recruitment and orientation added that the students weren’t getting the same exposure to the resources on campus as others who attended orientation during the summer. Summer orientation sessions follow an immersive 2-day format, so there are more resources and activities that the university is able to provide. The students also stay the night in a residence hall where they can immediately begin building relationships and connections with others. “Because of the timing, spring orientation is brief and paired down to make sure we hit the basics and that we look at key things to see what students need to be successful,” Wortham said. She also said that the office of admissions, recruitment and orientation wanted to focus on programs that students really needed. Some of the departments who participated were Parent and Family Services, Student Leadership and Involvement, Adult and Commuter Student Services, Multicultural Affairs, Campus and Police Services, Residence Life and Dining Services and Student Financial Aid. The University plans to continue spring orientations. They will use feedback from attendees to make improvements, and provide additional features and resources as needed.

January 2014 Newsletter

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