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 BRUSH UP ON YOUR SKILLS. TIME TO HUNT FOR A SUMMER INTERNSHIP............ 5 IS SU E 4  NEED A PLACE TO LIVE? ATTEND OUR OFF-CAMPUS HOUS ING FAIR ................. 5  LEARN HOW TO BUY A FULL BOX OF GROCERIES FOR ONLY $30 ......................... 6 THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS ADULT & COMMUTER STUDENT SERVICES V OL UM E 7 J ANU ARY 2010 Adult & Commuter Connection Classes, jobs, family issues, money problems, relationships, ugh! Students have so much to deal with but we know that suicide is not the option. Memphis STEPS is a campus-based program that can help . Suicide prevention - Let’s talk about it “Suicide is a problem year round. It can happen at any time,” said U of M Coordinator of Outreach Dr. Okwumabua. There are a number of reasons that might lead students to entertain the thought of suicide, she said. “They tend to feel hopeless. They start to think that nothing can be done about their problems.” Okwumabua points out at a recent study by the big ten Ivy League schools that shows a higher number of suicide rates among students 25 and older due to more stress and more issues they face compared to younger students. “Our challenge is to find al- ternatives to reach those students,” she said. The Memphis STEPS is a service that provides suicide training, education and prevention. It aims to increase awareness regarding suicide prevention and intervention resources. It also develops and implements training in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of suicidal individuals. Although the number of reported suicides among U of M students has been very low, Dr. Okwumabua highlights suicide warning signs that should not be ignored: depression, withdraw from friends and family, con- stant talk about being stressed and having a difficult time in life, anxiety, impulsive aggressive behavior and recent severe stressors among other factors. Dr. Okwumabua advises people to talk to their friends or relatives if they are displaying those signs.“People are often afraid to, but they should ask if friends are considering to harm themselves and if there is anything you can do as a friend to help.” On campus, both the Psychology and the Counseling Centers are open to students needing support and resources to move forward. The Crisis Center in Memphis can also help. NEW YEAR, NEW LOCATION We are counting down the days to our move to the new University Center! We will have a bigger lounge and more available resources for you. The new UC will feature pockets of quiet study areas that we hope you will take advantage of and enjoy. Please remember that both lounges (500 Wilder and 208 Brister) will be closed once we move to the new area.

Adult and Commuter Connection

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