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The University of Memphis Volume 6, ISSUE 2 Adult & Commuter Connection October 2008 How much sleep do you need? Inside this issue: CSA & ASA Updates 2 Halloween Activities 2 Campus Voices: School Spirit 3 U of M Trivia 3 Campus Events 4 If there’s one thing most college students don’t get enough of, it’s sleep. All too often, we find ourselves sitting in classes with heavy eyelids and muddled minds, regretting how late we stayed up again last night. This could be a dangerous thing. How much sleep you get every night affects much more than just how tired you are the next day. Sleep is necessary for our health. The recommended amount of sleep per night for adults is eight hours. Receiving less than you need has some serious consequences. Special Areas of Interest: During sleep, important processes occur. New memory information is encoded and stored in the brain. Emotional and social brain activities slow down, resulting in better alertness upon waking. The nervous system restores itself. Sleep deprivation dulls motor skills and alertness. It causes difficulty waking up in the morning and lack of concentration. Also, mood swings, irritability, depression and anxiety all result from lack of sleep. Some studies have found that sleep deprivation can also increase your risk for diabetes, weaken your immune system, and cause weight gain. Studies have shown that people who sleep at least eight hours per night are better problem-solvers and more creative. They also tend to perform better on tests—even better than those who pull all-night cram sessions. Healthy sleep habits are just as important as healthy diet and exercise regimens. Make time for sleep in your daily schedule. You will be amazed at how awake you feel. • Student Health Fair • Personal Financial Management seminar • Off-Campus Housing Website • Homecoming Week Activities STUDENT HEALTH FAIR Free health info & screenings! Wednesday October 8, 2008 10 am - 2 pm Many exhibits! Freebies & food! Student Activities Plaza Door prizes ! LOOK FOR THE BIG TENT BY THE FOUNTAIN!

Adult and Commuter Connection October 2008

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