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O SH FAR The Ne wspa per of A Z A & BBG We hope that you enjoy reading all of the articles ranging from new initiatives such as SpeakUP and further globalization of BBYO to exciting interviews with song leader Rebecca Ungerman and members of BBYO’s International Office staff. Sincerely, The 2010-2011 BBYO Teen PR Team Netta Ben-Hashal Southern Region – Atlanta Council Daniel Fanaroff Northern Region East – DC Council Michaela Gilmer, Evergreen Region Roxie Goldberg Mountain Region Andrew Greenberg North Florida Region Zoe Jablow Greater Jersey Hudson River Region Jaimie Maxwell Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region Brittany Ritell Connecticut Valley Region Nate Strauss Michigan Region The Teen PR Team is an initiative created by the BBYO International Office to give teens interested in marketing, communications, journalism and public relations the chance to gain real world experience in these fields while promoting BBYO in their local communities. The team meets on monthly conference calls in which they learn actual marketing tactics and then implement their new skills locally. For more information on the Teen PR Team, please email Avery Budman, Marketing and Communications Manager, at From the Godol & N’siah pages 4-5 Life at 2020 K page 8 SpeakUP has proven to be a successful program in several communities. Many chapters, councils and regions run programs directly related to the cause. In Baltimore Council, monthly meetings now educate teens on different advocacy methods. In Mountain Region, several Israeli recipes were distributed and members engaged in a blue and white clothing campaign. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that AZA and BBG both came before the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. However, Israel advocacy and strong support for the Jewish People have been a large part of BBYO for almost seven decades! Without Israel and our support around the State, BBYO would not be what we are today. Many international groups have embraced the Jewish homeland in the past, but few have made such an impact as BBYO’s new campaign, SpeakUP. In relation with the International Chair Network’s Israel Chairs, SpeakUP is maintained by Julianne Simson (NFR), Alyssa Baron (GCR), David Baer (MR) and Ben Adler (SR: Dixie). O Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on this issue! page 3 W i nt e r 2 0 1 1 / C h o r e f 5 7 7 1 Brought to you by the BBYO Teen PR Team For the fourth year in a row, this Shofar Newsletter is brought to you by BBYO’s Teen PR Team. For more than 8 decades, The Shofar has truly been a publication for AZA and BBG teens, by AZA and BBG teens. New look at Build a Prayer SpeakUP, BBYO’s new initiative that redefines the way teens advocate for Israel, is uniting teens with a wide range of Israel knowledge and experiences. SpeakUP allows teens to engage themselves and understand why Israel needs our help. “Teens that have been to Israel and even those whom haven’t [been to Israel] have been creative with programming to help develop opinions about what is occurring in our homeland,” Julianne Simson said. In October 2010, BBYO members traveled to Washington, D.C. and participated in the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) High School Summit. At the summit, teens learned the purpose and importance of advocating for Israel. With BBYO’s delegation being the largest in the summit, it is no surprise that BBYO teens are becoming more passionate and inspired to advocate on Israel’s behalf. “As an American, advocating for Israel is important because of our shared values. As a Jew, advocating for Israel is important because as the generations before us know all too well, there may be a day when we have nowhere else to go,” David Baer said. To get more involved in SpeakUP, please talk with your regional director. Panim el Panim – Take the Journey to Washington, DC! By Roxie Goldberg, Mountain Region Join BBYO for the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to join dozens of teens from across the country in becoming inspired and effective Jewish activists. Panim el Panim, a program of the PANIM Institute of BBYO, has engaged over 16,000 students during the past twentytwo years in various social action and public policy programs. Each year, hundreds of teens from all walks of life gather to explore the way Judaism is connected with the greater world. Focusing on specific, relevant issues, BBYO teens receive the tools to make a difference in their communities and the wider-world. Whether your passion lies in poverty, relieving hunger, environmental sustainability, or immigration policy, there is a PANIM program for you. Last summer more than seventy teens traveled to the “city of opportunity”, Washington D.C., for the “Poverty, Bread, and Justice (PB&J) Seminar.” In only five days, BBYO members traveled to Kayam Organic Farm, a Virginia farm which embodies and inspires social and ecological responsibility through hands-on Jewish agricultural education to practice community service; explored D.C.; and participated in simulations, learning about the reality of hunger around the world and in their own communities. The four days of activities and community service acted as preparation for the climax of the seminar—a day of lobbying on Capitol Hill. Each of the 72 delegates met with a congressional member from his or her state to lobby in favor of “Meals on Wheels,” a program which ensures lower income families do not go hungry. stars as magical, when “everyone got really close and we formed our own bond.” my community and really utilize it and get people active,” Ariel Amaru from Boulder, C.O. said. No matter which PANIM program you embark on, the lessons learned, knowledge gained and journey partaken, the end result is Grand Aleph Godol, Jeremy Sherman, was also at PB&J in the summer of 2010 and was astounded to see first-hand “the power we have as a group of teenagers,” and to discover, that we can accomplish so much when we organize together towards one goal. “A lot of times we’re called future leaders but here they called us the leaders of now,” Alex Metzman from Cotton States Region said about his Panim el Panim experience. “It’s not everyday when you’re a sophomore or junior in high school and also lobbying Congress,” Tracy Schnoll, a PB&J delegate from Greater Jersey said. always the same—empowerment. Rebecca Pinsky from Richmond, VA says it best. “Panim el Panim is definitely something every teen should try.” Panim el Panim is not purely about political activism or social justice. Like any other BBYO program, the cornerstone of Panim el Panim is developing new friendships and creating undying bonds. Schnoll’s favorite part of her Panim el Panim experience was not lobbying or participating in the group activities, but rather Havdallah at the Lincoln Memorial in DC. Schnoll describes her experience singing under the It is about being transported outside one’s comfort zone, and into a new city with a specific goal at hand. The program gives BBYO members a chance to be a part of a diverse group of teens who are all striving to make a difference in not only their communities, but also in the greater world. “I’ve gained the ability to bring back what I’ve learned here into Panim el Panim is about being transported outside one’s comfort zone and into a new city with a specific goal at hand. Panim el Panim gives BBYO members a chance to be a part of a diverse group of teens who are all striving to make a difference in not only their communities, but also in the greater world. Take the next step and let your voice be heard— learn more about Panim el Panim at! It will change the way you think about the world; it will change the way you think about Judaism; it will change the way you think about yourself.

Shofar 2011

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