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SEE INSIDE .... Shah Rukh's detention: US apologises, India talks tough 1,3 ./012-03#45 -453678#)%9:* ;;;<6=>?@6?<>4<AB +,!-.#/012, !!!"#$%&'(#)"%*"+, !!!"#$%'-#'"%*"+, !"#$%$#&&'(#)&(* For report see page 26 VOL 40. ISSUE 50 80p Let noble thoughts come to us from every side First & Foremost Asian Weekly in Europe 21st April to 27th April 2012 Asian companies shine in Britain Seven Asian-owned companies among fastest growing Seven Asian-owned companies were among Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastestgrowing profits. This was revealed in the latest Sunday Times PwC Profit Track 100, published recently. Second in the list is Auden Mckenzie Group Pharmaceuticals. Amit Patel founded this pharmaceuticals manufacturer in 2001, making only one drug. Today, Auden McKenzie sells 65 licensed products in Britain, 15 in continental Europe, and one in America. The northwest London firm’s products are used for pain control, epilepsy and cardiovascular problems, and sold to pharmacies and health services, including the NHS. Despite sensitivities in its profits, Patel says the firm’s healthy +,-./012#23#454674.676289 India’s Home Minister P. Chidambaram with Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh (C) during the Chief Minister's Conference on Internal Security in New Delhi. (Report on page 24) margins are key to funding improvements in products and technology. The company’s profits rose 168% a year, from £820,000 in 2007 to £15.8m in 2010. Twenty fifth in the list is Sun Mark Consumer products distributor, which received Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Sun Mark was established in 1995 by chairman Rami Ranger and distributes household foods to supermarkets in emerging markets, mainly the Middle East and Africa. It makes and distributes own ranges, and distributes on behalf of clients including Unilever, Heinz, Premier Foods and Johnson & Johnson. The firm attributes its growth to a diversified portfolio, strong cost control, tailoring its approach to each country, and building relationships with local contacts. Profits for the West London company grew 81% a year, from £1.3m in 2008 to £7.5m in 2011. On 33rd in the list is Accrol Papers Paper converter produces more than 1.25m toilet rolls and 500,000 kitchen rolls a day. Founded in 1993, familyrun Accrol Papers makes Amit Patel Punjabis celebrate Vaisakhi at 10 Downing Street English cricketer Monty Panesar with PM Cameron at 10 Downing Street Rupanjana Dutta Dr Rami Ranger and distributes tissue-based products, including napkins, toilet paper and kitchen towels. Its big clients include discount retailers, hygiene-services firms and supermarkets. Accrol attributes its growth to investing in technology that drives down costs, including £6m in 2011 on new machinery, and the growth of discount retailers. Continued on page 26 The British Prime Minister David Cameron threw a gala party at the 10 Downing Street on Monday 16th April to celebrate the annual Punjabi festival Vaisakhi. Around 50-60 guests gathered at the PM’s residence wearing their best attires, each carrying an e-invitation and a photo id. As they approached that famous black door, they were overwhelmed with joy as they posed for photographs in front of that historical building. Inside the building, stairs led up to a huge hall where people gathered as they sipped their favourite drinks and munched on some delicious canapes. As they approached familiar faces, they hugged, shook hands or nodded to silent ‘sasriyakals’ (greetings/namastes) and exchanged business cards as they networked with others. The two hour event began with a short speech by Cameron, followed by a musical performance by Channi Singh and his daughter, one of the first pioneers of Bhangra in the UK. Last year, while the first time in history Downing Street organised Vaisakhi, it was George Osborne who met the guests on behalf of PM Cameron. Continued on page 2 ?@L?< L6P012#QP3R S'&! =?,<#,B;=?JB,#CKKB;BL#KC;#?@L?<M#JN?@<M#OB@A< :;<=>?@# ,:A>B CD0E#*#F48G#4#H00I !"!#$$%&#$!!'#(##!"!#$&)'#!!** !"#$%$&'(")'*$+("+,-."/ !"#$

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